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Apr 1, 2011

Trust your training....

8 miles on schedule today and finished 8 miles.  My legs have felt surprisingly good this week even with the added mileage.  I have a rest day tomorrow but I'm feeling strong even just after my run so I'm looking forward to my long run on Sunday.  All running this week was outside!  Yeah!  What I have learned from this process so far.....Trust your training.  The training plan I have followed has really helped me excel.  It's good to have a plan and stick to the plan.


Here's my re-cap for the month of March:

Running:  135 miles of running - my longest distance yet!

Biking:  only 30 miles of biking - (missed one 10 mile workout due to resting after half marathon)

Weights:  7 weight workout with Bowflex(missed one due to resting after half marathon)

Stretching/foam rolling:  about 20 hours; this has made a huge difference in my recovery after running!

Year to date:  351 miles of running and 81 miles of biking.  My goal for the year is 1,000 miles of running.


Question of the day?  For you coffee drinkers, do you put your coffee in the night before and set the timer on the machine?  If so, does the coffee still taste good after sitting out all night?

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!


  1. Wow, congratulations on a strong 8 miles after already putting in all the mileage! ::high fives:: I am so impressed!

  2. Great stats and what a way to start off April!
    To answer your question, my hubs and I usually only drink coffee at home on the weekend. He sets it up before we go to the gym but even if it's the night before, it's usually great. Our machine has a grinder though, which helps. It's awesome.

    Enjoy your rest day; hope the long run is great!

  3. You are doing great! Keep it up!

    I always set my coffee pot the night before. I have not noticed a difference in taste, although how could I when I set it on the weekends too? I will try not setting it tomorrow morning and get back to you!

  4. Nice job! My training plan is all messed up. Need to fix.

    As per the coffee. Get a Keurig already! ;)

  5. i usually just put the coffee in the maker when i'm eating breakfast post-run and then actually brew it when i'm showering. hopefully i get a french press soon so all i have to do is boil water!

  6. Training plan... what a concept ;-) Nah, just kidding... I am so glad you've been pleased with yours and it's working well for you :)

    I'm supposed to do 10 tomorrow and I haven't been very good about my plan and so I'm scared. lol Really.

    I'll bet you make that 1,000.

  7. Thanks Steph - let me know.

    Kerrie - I have a Keurig too but as you know they are expensive so I limit it to just when I'm in a hurry during the week. I figured if I set a timer for a coffee machine, I could have my coffee AND save money.

    marathonmaiden - never tried a french press before.

    XlMIC - thanks; I'm hoping for 1,000 but then I'm not training for two marathons so the mileage will come down after.

  8. I make my coffee the night before and set the timer. It is extra tasty because when I get up I smell it brewing & it is ready for me. It's the small things in life that make me happy!

  9. I almost always set mine the night before. I haven't noticed a difference but I drink cheap coffee and drink it weak so I am not what you would call a connoisseur.

    Just found your blog and followed, hope to read more soon. I lived in Detroit for 7 years before moving to Atlanta - all my family still lives there. I hope to see some things that remind me of home :)

  10. Definitely trust your training! You are rocking it, Jeff!! Keep it up! You are such an inspiration!!