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Apr 19, 2011

Sub 2 hour for a marathon?

5 freakin miles today.  This weather just sucks.  It's nice it was not raining but, come on, we need some Spring temperatures now!


Yesterday, the Detroit marathon announced what their new medal looks like.  Here it is:

Mustang for this years race

Now here is what last year's looked like:

Classic Car from last years race
See the difference?  The car.....that's it????  Ok, as you can see, I'm kind of disappointed with this.  You would think they would come up with something new?  I mean, come on.  There is so many creative people in Detroit and this is what they come up with.  The only good thing is that I'm running the half this year and I only did the relay this year.  It's still a great race but I'm just hoping laziness does not take over in other areas like it did for the medal.


Boston marathon - WOW - world record 2:03:02!(a 4:41 pace? WOW!)  How long do you think it will be before someone breaks the 2 hour mark for the full marathon.  I bet it will be sooner than we think.  Do you think it's possible?  I guess he had a tailwind to help him but still, that time is amazing!!!  Did you know that he technically does not get to have the world record because Boston is deemed too easy?  Too easy?  Yes, I said too easy.  Right!

Way to go Americans as well.  We had a really good showing for this year.  Ryan Hall - 2:04:58 for 4th place.  Desiree Davila 2:22:38 for 2nd female and Kara Goucher 2:24:52 for 5th female.  Yeah Desiree - thanks for representing Michigan and Hanson's!
Desiree Davila

Ryan Hall

Kara Goucher


Question of the day:  What's your marathon PR?

Have a great day and......Keep Running!!!!!!


  1. I was blown away by the winning time. Have you ever felt so proud to say you are from Michigan? Desiree is amazing! This weather really is the worst. Luckily it is supposed to warm up in the next few days and next week is supposed to be really nice!

  2. marathon PR simple answer is 2h32:02, and it was windy... I like to believe I would have gone under 2h30, but I didn't. I also have a 2h33:23 on a very hill forest marathon. If on either of those days I had lined up for Boston who knows...

    Really hope I'm watching the day they crack 2hours.
    What is your training saying you can run? I see you have 38 days and counting to go.

  3. I ran a 3:16 a few years back, but I've been doing the triathlon thing recently. One of these days I'll get back to marathons!

    I was blown away by the new world record, and it's only a matter of time before someone breaks 2 hours. The only issue I could see is that all marathon courses are not created equal; in fact some "downhill marathons" will have a huge net drop in altitude. That's all well and good if Joe Runner wants to go for a PR... but getting a world record that way seems a bit sketchy.

    Also glad to see the Americans doing so well! Can't wait for London 2012!!

  4. Oh I also want to say I like he medal, I would say they are going to have a whole bunch of old clasic cars over the next couple of years and you muct collect them to have a full set.


  5. No marathon PR, yet! Ask me again in October :)

  6. Boston was awesome this year! I can't wait til my coach gets back so she can give me all the juicy details.

    I am with you on the weather. I want warm weather!

  7. I astounds me that someone can run twice as fast as I can without falling over dead. Just amazing.

  8. First look at the medal and I thought... that is COOL! until I saw it was a repeat from last year. bummer.
    Boston race was amazing! I think it's crap that Boston is deemed "easy". I don't have a marathon PR yet but will this fall!!

  9. My marathon PR is 3:44 but I am hoping that will all change on May 28th! I am shooting for 3:37.

    I am still up in the air on which event I will run in Detroit. My fall calendar is revolving around how I finish the Bayshore marathon.

  10. The marathon was soooo awesome!

  11. Ya know, I kinda like that the medal stays more or less the same. That makes it easily recognizeable as the Detroit medal. Most of the medals I've gotten or seen stay pretty much the same each year. I thought changing the car was a clever thought - the medal is still recognizeable but you can tell at a glance what year it's from.

  12. Boston runners were great.
    I have only one marathon under my belt. My PR was 4.38. Would love to see 4 the next time.

  13. Awesome Boston but I see because of the route and tail wind it will not be official...? Not sure but that's what I saw. My marathon PR is 3:48. That was before I started concentrating on ultras.

  14. Johann is set a WR there are standards ..can't have too much downhill or tailwind. But it's still a 'fastests marathon' and a Boston course record. will be a long time before there is a sub 2 WR.

    My PR 4:06 (age 55).. SUB 4 THIS FALL!

  15. The Boston Marathon was great to watch yesterday! No marathon PR for me.

  16. The IAAF says that the elevation drop & point-to-point course are the reasons that disqualify the Boston Marathon from being World-Record eligible. But either way, it's still amazing to be so close to 2 hours!

    No marathon PR for me, but I just got my 5k under 30 minutes and I'm working to do 10 miles in under 100 minutes!

  17. I got my current PR on Saturday in the SLC marathon with a time of 3:57:29. I hope to just keep getting faster (I have been running for almost two years).

    I do think that eventually someone will beat two hours. The times yesterday were awesome. Such a great race!!

  18. Meg - Yes, proud to be from Michigan!

    Coach Dion - Incredible time!!! My hope is for just under 4 hours(but Finish is #1)

    Jonathon - Great time too. This is why even though it's a world record, it does not count in the eyes of the running authority for this Boston record. They say because of the downhills involved.

    JWF and Jess - where are you running yours?

    Stephanie - super fast either way!!!

    Johann - Yes, you are right. He still gets the bonus money for the record though.

    Paul - I think 4:05 at any age is respectable.

    Supermom - great time for only running 2 years. That is about how long I have been running as well.

  19. Either way, I like the medals from Detroit! :)

    Boston was amazing... wind or no wind... they are FAST!

    My PR is a 4:09. I just can't seem to get under that 4 hour mark. Maybe this year!

  20. I like the medal. My PR is 4:28.

  21. I like the medal, but I agree that such a minor change from last year's design is a bit disappointing.

    No marathons yet for me!