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Apr 7, 2011

Warmer today...

Good run today.  8 miles on the schedule and finished feeling pretty good overall.  Next week is a cut back week.  I'm ready! :)  Rest day tomorrow too!


Today, I got about 3 miles into my run when I saw something really strange.  This has been an early week for me.  I've been up at 4:30am this whole week so I'm basically out there by 5am running.  So, I get about three miles into my run, when I see this shadow coming towards me.  It keeps getting bigger and bigger and then I saw him.  It was another runner!  Haha!  I think it's safe for me to say that I have not seen another runner running outside since October.  Let me qualify that.  I have not seen any other runner during the week in the morning.  I have been finishing a little after 6am this week and it's rare to see someone that early but even when I'm later than that, I still do not see anyone out there.

Maybe most  people in my area run after work?  Maybe they run at the gym?  Maybe they go to the Metropark every morning?  All I know is that I don't see people in the morning often so it gives you a little boost when you see someone else out in the dark and cold working out.  Actually, it was a little warmer today(in the mid 30's) so perhaps that is why and I'll start seeing more runners.  However, even in the mid summer when it's 70 degrees outside in the morning, it's still rare to see anyone else out there running.

Saturday I have an 18 miler planned and the weather is supposed to be perfect.  High of 50 so that means it will probably be around 40 degrees when I run.  I'm really looking forward to it.  I'm even saying this as I just finished today's run so that is saying a lot about how I'm feeling.  I really need a change of scenery.  I'm not sure I want to run three loops again at Stoney Creek even though I do love it out there.  My alternative for that long is to run the Paint Creek Trail not much further than Stoney Creek.  Here's a little information about it.  Hopefully you also take advantage of the trails and parks you have in your area.

From their website at

Owned and managed by the Paint Creek Trailways Commission (PCTC), the Paint Creek Trail is an 8.9 mile linear park, located in northeast Oakland County. It was the first Rail-to-Trail in the State of Michigan, as it was converted to a trail from the former Penn Central Railroad. Open to the public since 1983, the Paint Creek Trail receives over 100,000 visitors annually. The non-motorized Trail is 8 feet wide, and traverses through Rochester, Rochester Hills, Oakland Township, Orion Township and the Village of Lake Orion.

Here's a look at the map and a few pictures of the trail:
Trail map - 8.9 out and 8.9 back

Trail map sign

Trail bridge


Mounted police on trail


Not that I want this!
Here a breakdown of the mileage on the trail.  Just about perfect for an 18 miler:


Question of the day?  Do you mix up your weekly run or is it same old, same old?

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. It is warmer here too! We are going to see 70! We have been in the 40s and 50s : ( I know its not as cold as it is there but it is suppose to me SPRING.

    My weekly run is the same old run on the treadmill everynight : ( 2 year old and a hubby that works out of town will do that for ya! The only thing that changes is the channel.

  2. I mix it up as much as possible...6 or 7 set routes but I'm alweays open to a new route depending on the wind!

    Have a good 18 miler...I will be doing 16 sometime Saturday...

  3. I try to mix up the routes to avoid burnout - but I do have my fav's. KC Royals at Detroit tomorrow ... lookout Jeff, the Royals are in first place (I gotta enjoy it while I can)

  4. I love to see other runners out, but where I run is not a typical running spot, so I usually only see people when I go down by the water.

    Those trails look great. Good luck on your long run!

  5. Have a great long run this weekend!

    My runs right now are on the elliptical so yes it is the same ole same ole!

  6. I have to mix up my run. Not only do I have to mix up routes, but I have to mix up what each run will be (i.e. tempo, speed, hills, etc...).

    Have fun on your 18 miler! My dad and I are running our 18 miler on a trail too. The Potowatomi Trail in Pinckney, got to get ready for the trail half!

  7. The routes are the same - the runs are progressively harder / faster / longer.

  8. That looks like a gorgeous running trail!

    I try to mix up my weekly runs between a few different parks and street routes. I get too bored and complacent with the same path all the time. And bored Tiina = unmotivated Tiina.

  9. That trail looks so nice. I like to mix it up otherwise I get bored and the path becomes too predictable. Like you know you have 2.7 miles left when you ass that tree that has fallen sort of thing. On weekdays though I run around the neighborhood due to lack of time.

  10. That looks like an awesome trail!! Definitely go for it. I haven't run outside lately. Everything has been on the TM. Hopefully that can change soon. My schedule just doesn't allow for much else right now!

  11. Thanks everyone! Jim - We suck so it's likely you will beat us! I won't be down there but opening day tends to be cold and/or wet and it's supposed to rain tomorrow(70%)