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Welcome to my Blog, Detroit Runner.  The original purpose of the blog was to discuss my training, however, it's evolved into much more including Race Reviews, Gear reviews, training, and daily life.  I hope you enjoy it and learn a little something about running and exercise while visiting.  Please be sure to consult with your doctor before starting any exercise program.  I started exercising for the first time in my life in June 2009. Eventually I got into running and have been improving ever since. I lost 65 pounds running and have completely changed my lifestyle for the better.

The blog was founded by me, Jeff W.

You can contact me anytime at jeff@detroitrunner(dot)com
Disclosure: The FTC requires bloggers to disclose any type of advertising revenue received from my blog. As such, please note I could make money from in-text affiliate links as well as some of the banner ads placed on this blog.  Some(most) banner ads I have up just because I love the products and do not get paid for them.  I also review products in exchange for complementary samples of that product to help provide a true runner's perspective on the product.  Not all product reviews I do were provided to me free of charge and if they are given in exchange for a review, I'll be sure to disclose that on the post as well.  Occasionally, I also do race reviews in exchange for race entries(which I call being a Race Ambassador) but many of the race reviews I do are just to help runners decide what's good and bad about a particular race.  All opinions, on gear and races, are my own and I am never required, nor have I ever been asked by any company, to give a particular opinion other than my own.  Thank you for the support on the blog.