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Jan 31, 2012

Weekly run in pictures

6 miles on the schedule today.....done!


I have pretty much been a regular weekend runner over at Stony Creek Metropark for the past couple years with my running buddy T.  Courtesy of my running buddy, T, who not only happens to be a fast runner but also a great photographer, here is where I usually run on the weekends.

The story in pictures.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  These are.  Enjoy.

I hope you have as beautiful place to run.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Jan 30, 2012

Hyland Post #5: high mileage=foam roller

Rest day on the schedule today.  A well deserved rest day given the last week of training.
Here's a recap of week #5 of 18 weeks of marathon training:

Miles Run:  29.31
Days Run:  5
Cross Training:  10 miles on the bike and one weights session
Time Training:  5 hours 24 minutes
As discussed last week, this past week I started upping the milage.  It takes a little getting used to running 6 or more miles before work.  I'm usually Ok up to about eight miles before work.  Anything over that is a struggle keeping me awake at work!  Haha!  I also had a double digit run on the weekend.  Most of the rest of marathon training will now be over 10 miles on the weekend.  I actually feel really accomplished after finishing a run like this.

While many of you may have not used one, I use a foam roller on a regular basis.  I have had IT Band issues in the past and the foam roller really seems to work the muscle to relax it so I don't experience pain when running.  If you have not tried it, get one.  They are well worth the time to use it.  

I foam roll before every run and also after every run plus an additional time just before bed.  It keeps my legs feeling fresh.  I do about six-ten exercises on it so it gives my legs a complete massage.  

I started out using a regular foam roller(see picture below - white)  Unfortunately, this kind of foam roller breaks down very quickly.  I think I used mine for 2 months and it was no longer good so I would not recommend this.  So I switched. I now use the Trigger Point Therapy Grid(in black below), but I'm also testing another brand currently that I will do a complete review on this week.  The Grid does not break down over time and neither does the other one I'm currently testing.  They are worth the price so if you plan to use a foam roller regularly, spend the money on it.

Do you use a foam roller?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Jan 29, 2012

2Toms Blister Shield review and giveaway

11 miles on the schedule today.  Had a great run at Stony Creek today.  Ran hills up to the Nature Center and also ran the short trail of the nature center too.  Did a little stint into a parking lot so we could get to our 11 miles.  Stony was pretty quiet today.  Probably quiet since there was an event yesterday there.


Awhile ago I contact 2toms to see if I could do a review on their Blister Shield.  They sent me three sample packs to try out.  Essentially this stuff is put into your socks.  It coats the inside of your socks so that you don't get blisters when running/exercise.  The product is a powdery substance so you can shake it around in your sock to get it fully covered.


1) It was very simple to use - pour, shake, go
2) It's fairly clean since you don't have to put it on your feet directly
3) Will not stain you socks


1)  I did not like that I can't tell it's in there.  Not that I want a really greasy foot but other products go directly on your feet and I know that I have coverage this way.  This is my personal preference and not the fault of the manufacturer.

While I think it's a product that works and does what it promises, I went back to something that goes directly on my feet so I know I have great coverage.  Considering I've used the "other" product through a couple marathons, I believe I will stick with what I'm comfortable.

I do appreciate 2toms sending me the samples to try out but I'm just not that excited about the product.  If you check out their website, it looks like they have a product that might fit better for me personally which is the Sport Shield since it goes directly where you want it.  I have not tried it yet though.

I've got one of the samples still left and will send it out to whoever would like to try it.  The first person to tell me they want to try it, it's theirs.

To find out more information about 2toms:

Click HERE for their website

Click HERE for their Facebook page

Click HERE for their Twitter page

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!!

Jan 28, 2012

Treadmill season? NO!

Cross Training on the schedule today.  I did 10 miles on the exercise bike and also lifted weights as well.  If any of you received the latest Runner's World, they talk about muscle and aging and how you need to do more weights after 40.  Considering I never lifted weights before I was 40, this should be an easy task for me.  Frankly, though, I hate lifting weights and only do it once a week but know that I should probably do it more.


Do you have a treadmill season?  It's funny because I read many other blogs and follow many people on DM and some seem to get on the mill if there's a mist in the air.  Haha!  Seriously though, I've made an extra effort to NOT run on the treadmill.  I know there will be some days but my last day on the mill was March 24th, 2011.  I know many have not run on the mill for years - see Coach Dion for that!

I think most of you from the midwest would agree that this winter, so far, has been an unbelievable winter to run outside.  The weather has really be fantastic - little snow, little rain - so that has helped keep me outside but I have been so accustomed to running outside in any weather that I can't see to brave the treadmill anymore.  No way could I do what EMZ does on her's - I'd kill myself!

Speaking of treadmills, has anyone ever tried an Alter-G treamill?  This thing apparently helps you still run when you are recovering from an injury or to get in loads of miles.  I've not tried one but I would love to see what it's like.  Since I'm neither injured or run high miles, I'd probably only use to just to see what it's like.

So where'd you run today?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Jan 27, 2012

11 things....

3 miles today...done!


I was tagged by Adena over at She said I need a goal and Michelle over at Running with Attitude

For what, you say?  For 11 random things, of course.  I'm probably one of the last people that has done this.  Wow - I'm not sure I can think of eleven but here goes:

Rules first are:

1.  Post these rules.
2.  You must post 11 random things about yourself.
3.  Answer the questions set for you in their post.
4.  Create 11 new questions for people you tag to answer.
5.  Go to their blog and tell them you've tagged them.
6.  No stuff in the tagging section about you are tagged if you are reading this.  You legitimately have to tag 11 people!

Here's my random stuff:

1)  I like to run - imagine that.
2)  While I love the change of season, I wish I lived somewhere warm all year.
3)  I rarely vote except for the Presidential race.
4)  My favorite food is Mediterranean.
6)  I got married at 23 and I'm still married(20 years this year) - rare, I know.
7)  I have never rented an apartment/home(except in college); home ownership - the way to go!
8)  I don't actually live in the City of Detroit even though I'm Detroit Runner.
9)  I could race once a month every month of the year if there were races I liked locally.
10)  I've been in the same career since college.
11)  My biggest pet peeve is people who throw cigarettes out their car window.

Answer to Michelle questions:

1)  Favorite quote or saying?  Sorry, don't have one!
2)  Favorite movie quote?  Hu-wa!  From Scent of a Woman
3)  3 dinner guest - who would they be?  Dalia Lama, President George Washington,  My Grandpa on my Mom's side(died before I was born)
4)  Favorite Indulgence?  Snickers!
5)  Favorite Cocktail?  No favorites, rarely drink; Blue Moon beer is good.
6)  Favorite Book from Childhood?  A light in the attic, Shel Silverstein
7)  Have you traveled abroad?  Where?  Never unless you count Mexico or Canada
8)  Beyond running, what's your favorite hobby?  Sorry, I have a one track mind.
9)  What 3 things do you have to have in the morning?  Foam rolling, cereal, coffee
10) What 3 things do you have to have when you head to bed?  An alarm clock, pillow, good night sleep
11)  What's your biggest pet peeve?  See #11 above.

Answer to Adena's questions:

1)  What is your favorite 'weird' food to eat?  Can't think of any.
2)  Is you could have any job/career at all, what would it be?  A professional Philanthropist
3)  Do you know how I can get my safari bar back permanently?  Ask Apple
4)  What is your best race memory?  Sub 1:40 half marathon in Lansing, MI
5)  What is your favorite song right now?  Don't have one really
6)  What is your favorite training/racing gadget?  Garmin
7)  Do you prefer to train with a team, or alone?  Why?  Mostly alone so I'm at my own pace.
8)  What is in your fridge right now?  Milk, fruit, condiments, yogurt
9)  Favorite TV show?  Don't have one right now.
10)  Favorite Book?  A race like no other(the reason I want to run NYC)
11)  Do you have any pets?  No

My questions:

1)  What's the longest you have run at one time?
2)  How long have you been running?
3)  What made you start running?
4)  What is your next time goal for your next race?
5)  Treadmill or outside?  Why?
6)  What's one thing you thing runners need but is not out there?
7)  Who developed your blog?
8)  Have you ever done back to back races within 24 hours
9)  Do you run with your spouse/significant other?
10)  Have you ever organized a race?
11)  What's the one race you want to do but just cannot afford to do it?

See, I have a one track mind.

Who am I tagging?  Ok, I'm breaking the rules.

Who ever reads this.  I'm pretty sure most have seen/done this.  You haven't?  Go for it.  I'm tired!

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Jan 26, 2012

King James.....and 1BandID

3 miles on the schedule today....Done!  Except for being a little tired...I went to the Detroit Pistons Game last night.  While our basketball record has not been good(we stink), it was a good game last night even though we lost.  I had awesome seats on the floor.  We were sitting right next to the Miami Heat team.  I was 5 feet from Lebron James.  Cool!  Matt Stafford(for you non-football folks, he's the Detroit Lions QB) and also Denard Robinson(U of M QB) was also at the game.  Each of them even threw footballs into the stadium. half time, Tpain sang some if his songs.  Some of you may run to his songs - I love "Best Love Song".  It was a fun game but I was not looking forward to waking up this morning to run. Ha!  Here's some pictures.  Sorry, they are taken with a Blackberry so quality is not great.  Had I known all this was going to happen, I would have brought my camera.
King James resting on the bench at timeout
Me in the corner.  Haha!
A little blurry but Matt Stafford near us!
He's in the Detroit Tigers hat.
Here's one of James playing
Tpain half time concert.  Cool!

So first I wanted to remind everyone to sign up for the 2nd annual "I just felt like running" Virtual race.  We have 16 participants(including myself) so far.  COME ON PEOPLE, please spread the word on this.  I had four times this amount last year.

I also secured our first prize for the Virtual race.  A brand new custom 1BandID.  This thing is really awesome.  One lucky person is going to win this.  Of course, once it's on your watch/shoe, you will forget it's there!  Haha!  See my previous full review HERE and visit their website HERE.  Joe over at 1BandID has been very generous in the running community since starting his company and this is a product you just cannot live without!  I use mine one a daily basis.
Get one even if you don't win
Worth every penny!
In case you missed it, here are some details.
Right now we have one signed up for the Full, six signed up for the half, eight signed up for the 10k(including three at the ShamRock race live!) and one signed up for the 5k!  Wow, way to go everyone.  Nice going after the longer races.  I guess I picked a great day to coincide with other races you are doing that day as well.  Nice!

As you know, I'll be running the ShamRock 'n' Roll Run 10k race in Plymouth, Michigan with several family members and it looks like some of you as well.  We must get a picture together at the race!!!  I'd love to also get a picture with Alan, the race director as well assuming he will be able to find a couple minutes on a likely very crazy day for him(and if I can find him in the thousands of people Haha!).

Anyone that will be in Michigan on 3/18, this is going to be a great race and look at that sweet medal you get!  Click on my blog sidebar to sign up and join the fun!
Have a great day and...Keep Running!!!!

Jan 25, 2012

Winner - Allied Medal Display!

3 miles on the schedule today....did 7 since it was nice out and I was feeling good.


First, I want to thank Joel over at Allied Medal Display.  I believe that their giveaway was one of the most popular giveaways I have done on the site.  I really liked the medal display they did for me and I can't wait to fill it so I can order another one.

Ok, with that being said.  Purely at random(I use Random(dot)org), the winner of the Allied Medal Display is..........

Megan.... over at Watch MeGo Run!!!!

Congratulations Megan!  I'll get you an e-mail so you can contact Joel at Allied Medal Displays directly.  If you have not been to Megan's Blog, check it out.  It's a great blog with many interesting posts.  I can't want to see the zillion medals(because she races like twice as much as I do) hanging from your new medal display from Allied!

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!

Jan 24, 2012

Love UPS deliveries!!!

6 miles on the schedule today....... oops, only did 5 and winter is back! We had almost 50 degree weather yesterday. Crazy!  Back to 30's.  I was on auto pilot this morning and did my regular 5 mile route.  I guess I'll just add a mile on tomorrow's run.
Yesterday I got a couple Running Warehouse packages in the mail.  I ordered a new pair of shoes - Saucony Ride 4's.  They are SO comfortable and lighter than the Ride 2's & 3's I have been wearing. These are 10.9 oz-I know much heavier than many shoes today but I'm not fully into the minimal craze yet and I love the feel of these.  I have some minimal shoes but just cannot wear them full time.  Perhaps if Saucony comes out with an 8mm drop for the Ride, I would probably try them.  Take a look:

I decided to get a different color this time and I really like them. They are the ViZipro orange but my wife says they look pink.  I disagree.  They match my 1BandID and Garmin!
Saucony still continues to be my "go to" shoes for running.  I have tried many other brands but still keep coming back to them.

I also ordered a pair of CEP Compression sleeve for my calves.  I can't wait to try these out after my long run this weekend.  First impressions? Now these are compression sleeves!!!!  Nice and tight on my legs but not too tight.  I may even run with them to see how that goes.  Look for a complete review in the next month.
Running Warehouse also offered some warming sleeves with my order for only $5 so I figured I would try them out. They are made by Fitsok. I have a pair of their socks and they are super comfortable. The sleeves are also comfortable and should keep me warm.
In addition to this, I also got a great deal on a UnderArmour Coldgear mock turtleneck shirt.  If any of you wear these, you know that they rarelynever go on sale.  I picked this up for $30 with the Facebook discount and their sale and it's normal $50 so I was really happy with that.  They are still on sale if you are interested.

All this new stuff.... I'm convinced this will make be a better runner... Yeah, right!

How about you? What have you got new for running? Don't you just love when packages come to the door for you?

Have a great day and.....keep running!!!!

Jan 23, 2012

Hyland Post #4: Marathon and the pacing strategy

Rest day on the schedule today......


Here's a recap of week #4 of 18 weeks of marathon training:

Miles Run:  19.16(this week was a cutback week)
Days Run:  4(missed one day)
Cross Training:  10 miles on the bike and one weights session
Time Training:  3 hours 53 minutes


So this week I start to up the mileage again.  My expected miles jumps to 29 miles for the week.  While it seems like a big jump(since you really should stay within 10% increase per week), I did miss a day of running last week since I pulled my calf muscle.  It's all better and the extra day off really helped it.  I even got in my cross training as well last week.

This week starts week #4 of 18 weeks of training.  I will start by increasing two of my weekday runs to 6 miles(or just one mile more per run).  The plan also includes a long run of 11 miles.  I would have to say that I normally run my weekday runs pretty fast but I'm really trying to make a conscious effort to keep these easy runs except maybe for some speed work once a week.  Also, I am really going to try to keep my long run at least 1 minute per mile slower than marathon pace as least for the first 7 miles and move to just under marathon pace for the last four miles.  This helps you learn how to speed up when you are tired and I've tried it in the past and really gives you a great workout - physically and mentally.

Running at a much slower pace has been a struggle for me.  Why?

1) I really am comfortable at a quicker pace that say 10 minute pace per mile
2) My running buddy that I run with on the weekend has once speed - fast!  Well, not really too fast but faster than what we should run long runs in.
3) Usually we are training in winter, like now, the faster I'm done, the faster I'm in a warm place(haha!)

There's really no benefit to going at a 9-9:10 minute pace or faster(marathon pace for me) during these training runs and really you should not do it either.  My worry is that I get burnt out much too quickly and then my marathon time will suffer because of it.

Let me give you an example....On my first marathon that I ever did(Bayshore Marathon in Traverse City, Michigan), I went out way too fast!  I was feeling good!  I trained hard for this!  I wanted my sub four hour time dammit!  Things were going awesome.  I was really pushing things and was feeling great all the way through about mile 22.  Then it hit me....the wall.  I crashed and crashed bad.  I ended up finishing in 4:12:17.  Not a bad time by any means but had I just listened to my training and did a steady slow run from the start, it would have helped me get to that sub four hour time instead of walking as much as I did at the end.

On my second marathon(Detroit Marathon), I did much better with pacing(probably since I ran with a pace group) but mostly because I slowed it down in the beginning.  Not that I was not hurting at the end but I really did not feel it until I got to about 24 miles and I was able to push through those last few miles to get the sub four hour time I wanted(3:58:45).  In my opinion, the pacing made a huge difference!
You don't want to feel like this at the end, do you?

So that is my #1 goal as I start to run double digit miles again for my long run - keep the pace slow and steady.  Try it sometime, you will be amazed at the results.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Jan 22, 2012

Don't forget these...

Had a good 6 miler today over at Stony Creek.  I love running there.  We really have some of the best parks in Michigan.  They do an awesome job keeping the snow off the trail so us crazy runners can still run outside there.


Just a reminder, if you have not signed up already, please consider running the 2nd annual "I just felt like running" Virtual race.  It looks like many of you are in for the longer runs this year that coincide with your other actual races out there.  That's great to see!  I really need more participation so please sign up HERE.

Speaking of this, if you are going to be in Michigan, you can join me for the ShamRock N Roll Race that will be on the same day - March 18th.  Check them out.  See my sidebar on the blog for more information or click HERE.


Also, if you have not signed up for a chance to win an awesome "Allied Medal Display", click to sign up for this as well.  This is one of the best giveaway's I have done on the blog and you will enjoy picking/making your own and will be proud to display your medals on it.  Click HERE to see the review and sign up for a chance to win yours!


I have some more reviews coming on things such as sunglasses by Tifosi, Stuffitts for your shoes, 2Toms Blister Shield and more!  I just need more time to use these things so I can give them the proper reviews they deserve so look for these in the near future.  In the meantime, you can visit their websites for more information if interested.


Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!!

Jan 21, 2012

A little help?

Cross Training today....yeah!  I actually did weights and I biked 10 miles too!


So I need a little help.  First, I see that blogger has the new feature to be able to reply to comments.  That's a great feature but I can't seem to get it on my blog.  I've checked all the things that blogger has said needs to be done but no success.  Anyone have any ideas?  Frustration is setting in.  Perhaps it has to do with my theme not being a blogger theme?

Second, I've been thinking of changing the blog theme.  While I like it, I really need something more original that fits me and "Detroit Runner"  I also need to come up with a logo.  Speaking of that, what programs have you used in order to improve your blog, make logos, buttons, etc.  I have not learned how to use Photoshop which sounds like that's the program to use.  Not sure I even want to take the time to do it.

Also, I would love to have someone customize my blog for me but I just can't justify spending the money on it.  Perhaps if I did advertising on the blog, that might get me some money but I really don't like the ads on the site, most people don't click them and it would be lots of time before any real money would be made on them.  Anyone out there want to customize my blog for me and I'll give you credit for it on my blog?

I've also heard that Google is planning on changing the way things are done to follow a blog.  Sounds like they want us to have people follow through Google+ instead of Friend Finder.  I don't even have Google+ set up.  Am I missing out on something here?  I'm not sure right now how that will effect me but it seems many more of you are moving to Wordpress and getting out of the reaches of Google.  I know you can make a blog for free on wordpress but what if you already have a custom domain name(you know, without the .blogspot or .wordpress on the URL)  Do you have to pay someone monthly to host it?  Oh, I'm confused.    Can't life just be easier?

So do you make your blog changes all yourself or have someone do it for you?

Just a quick reminder that I have a great giveaway going on for an Allied Medal Display.  Go HERE to sign up for it!

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Jan 20, 2012

A new low....

5 miles on the schedule today.....done!  Man, it's freaking cold outside!  I'm over my limit.  10 degrees is my limit and I usually run on the treadmill.  It was 5 degrees today.  I ran outside.  It's cold.  It's dark. But......I'm running!

I know most of you have seen this from MP3running(dot) com but thought I would share this.  Some interesting things to note in comparing myself:

1)  Average Men's age is 43.6; I'm almost average.  Jeez, I'm getting old.
2)  I'm in the majority when it comes to race distance - Love the half!  I ask myself why I signed up for two more marathons this year.  To prove I'm not average?  I never could be a one and done kind of runner.  Unfortunately, I won't be able to race any of my half mary's this year, just training runs.  Bummer.
3)  I spend more on clothes and running shoes than the average but rarely spent over $90 for shoes.  My average was probably $60(last years model typically) There is a pair of NB($100) that I'm considering but I just ordered a new pair of Saucony Ride 4's from Running Warehouse for about $70 and those are a current model.
4)  I started running to run for weight loss but kept doing it for fun.  Yea, I'm sick.

Running Music for a better running experience!

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Jan 19, 2012

2nd annual "I just felt like Running" Virtual race

3 miles on the schedule today....done!!


It's that time of year again.  It's the second annual "I just felt like Running" Virtual race!!! Yeah!  This year I've opened up the race to not only a 5k but 10k, half marathon, full marathon.  You decide what you want to run and sign up for that race.  Here are the details:
Click to see larger
All I need from you is the following:

Leave me a comment here that your in.  I'll also need your First Name, Blog Name(if you have one), State you live in and the distance you plan to run.  Be careful on this because if you don't run it all, you will have a DNF.

I'll keep track of all the runners up until the race time.  My goal is to have a runner from every State and more Countries.  Last year we had 63 runners sign up in 45 different States and 3 Countries.

There WILL be prizes but I have not had time to get anything yet but will have things announced as I get them.

I hope you will join me in another fun race this year!  The countdown begins - 59 days!

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!