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Apr 12, 2011

The Boston countdown!

Five miles on the schedule today and that's what I did.  Boy, it is really nice to "only" run five miles!!!  I love cutback weeks.  I know many of you don't like cutback weeks but they really are helpful for me.

Here's a look at my training schedule that's been done(bolded) and what is still left until May's marathon.  I have another training schedule that I will share with you later that follows me through mid October for the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon.  I can't wait to run that race either!  Where can you run across a bridge to another country(Canada) and back to the USA through a tunnel?  Simply awesome!!


So --- for everyone running in Boston --- 7 DAYS!!!!!  Wow.  I am so excited for all of you that were lucky enough to be fast enough to qualify and fast enough to register for the race!!!

I'd be proud to wear anything with boston on my running gear(assuming I could actually qualify for it!)  I can't wait to hear all the race reports for it.  I wish I lived closer to the race.  I would come out to cheer you all on.  Here's the new qualifying standards, just click to see it:

I figure I'll be able to qualify when I'm about 65 so I've got 23 years to go and then I can run it!!  Haha!  Ok, perhaps if it was a 5k to qualify, I could do that but 26.2 miles at 7:26 pace - NO, not going to happen.  Seriously, though, you guys(and ladies) that can qualify, that's awesome!!!!

My only complaint of the entire thing is that the race is not on TV - at least not in Detroit!  I know it's on near Boston but, jeez, this is the Boston Marathon.  If the New York Marathon is on TV nationwide, so should this one.  I guess it's on Universal Sports but I don't get it otherwise I'd be glued to the TV  :(

Question of the day:  Would you wear something with Boston on it even if you did not qualify and/or run in it?

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!


  1. oh no no no. I don't think I could wear a Boston shirt or anything like that unless I qualified and RAN it. I am superstitious about stuff like that. I don't like to wear race shirts to that race either. When I see people wearing a Boston jacket (especially I saw a lot this past weekend in Chicago) to me it's like a special club. As it should be, the best of the best.

  2. I would and have. They give out Boston Marathaon volunteer jackets when you are a volunteer for the race and I still have mine. The year I did it, they looked like the regular jackets but had volunteer on the back (although I don't think that is exactly what you meant....)

    But no, I wouldn't represent myself as having run the race if I hadn't actually run it.

  3. I would never wear anything with Boston on it. That is bad luck!

  4. I would agree with the others--never wear something from a race you haven't actually done! And I'm pretty sure the only people who would be impressed would be people who run. Seriously, I don't even think my family and friends would even know about the Boston Marathon. None of them run or really care about it.

  5. Wow, that is quite a chart!! I rarely wear things from races I'm in so I doubt I'd wear anything from Boston. I'll have to check if it is on TV here...I'm not in Boston, but it is mighty close compared to the rest of the US.

  6. If I was a volunteer and given an item to wear, then yes. But if I did not run the event or work the event, then no.

  7. I agree with Stephanie, if I was a race volunteer I'd wear gear, but otherwise no.

    Your comment about qualifying when you're 65 cracks me up!

  8. I will possibly qualify at that age too!! Ha! Too funny! I don't think I would wear the gear unless I qualified for it. I have seen ADIDAS Boston Marathon Gear for cheap though at the outlets and have thought about getting a pair of the shorts. But obviously no one will be reading my running shorts.

  9. The race will be broadcast live online at

  10. I prefer not to wear things I haven't "earned". That goes back to when I was rowing. A lot of my friends were national team competitors. A few of them gave me some extra gear they had or had traded for, but I wouldn't wear it until I made a national team myself. Just didn't feel "right."

  11. You're training is coming along great! :) It'll be here before you know it!

    I wouldn't wear anything Boston related unless I qualified and ran it. Just like I wouldn't wear anything Ironman related until I was an Ironman! :) There are some things you have to earn...

  12. Jeff, I hear ya, I've looked but haven't found anything about it on TV. That would be cool!

  13. I forgot to answer my question. I would not wear it unless I have raced/volunteered in the race before. This goes for any race, not just boston.

    Thanks Scott - wish I could watch it live online but will be working that day. Was hoping to DVR it on TV.

    Jim - you'll be there to experience it first hand! A little better than watching it on TV, I'm pretty sure.