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Apr 9, 2011

Surprise on 18 miler

Today I had 18 miles on the schedule - done!  My running buddy and I went out to the Paint Creek Trail(see post couple days ago) and ran from Rochester to Lake Orion and back.  18 miles on the trail was perfect plus it's crushed limestone so it's really nice on the legs.  Legs feel really good right now.

I figured why not go out and run something that was flat.  I mean, we have been putting in some good miles at Stoney Creek and it's not exactly flat.  It would be a nice change of pace.  The funny thing is when I got home and plugged in the Garmin, the elevation was far from flat but it sure felt flat running it.  Take a look at the elevation for the run:

Surprise!!!!  Not a flat run at all.  I suppose because it was spread over about 9 miles, it did not seem like there was an elevation but it was deceiving us!

We actually finished the run at a pretty decent pace as seen below:

Just about my marathon goal pace.

Here's a couple of "bird's eye view" pictures of the run we did as well.

Start at the park!
A nice little pond we ran past twice!

Nice run past the Wyndgate Golf Course(private!)
The turnaround in Lake Orion
And there you have it.  How I spend my Saturday morning.  We started at 7:30am so there was really nobody out there on the way out except maybe a person or two but on the way back we saw many people.  We saw a guy training for the Boston Marathon too.  I'm glad we did an out and back run today since the marathon in May is an out and back so it gives you a flavor for it.  One thing on this run is that there is not many turns so you can see for miles in front of you and mile in back of you.  That makes the run a little harder since you see how far you still need to run but it was still nice to have different route to run.

Question of the day:  What is the surface you like to run on most?  Cement, Asphalt, crushed limestone, trail, heavy trail? I like the crushed limeston - still harder but better on the legs.

Have a great day and......Keep Running!!!!!


  1. Well done! I love the maps and overhead pics... really cool to see where you did it :)

    I like trail/dirt path... but not lots of rocks and tree roots and pits... groomed trail, I guess.

  2. awesome job on the 18 miles! man, you are doing so well at this marathon training!!! pretty soon you'll have a 20 miler done and done. and that's the hardest part

  3. Nice run! The trail I run on is sorta like that too. Its also pretty straight. Asphalt.:)

  4. Sweet trail! Good job. Today's 14 miler had a few miles of dirts roads. I liked the softer surface but the rocks were annoying. You are gonna love Bayshore. I predict this will not be your last marathon :o)

  5. Nice job Jeff!! I don't really care what I'm running on except while barefoot..then I like new paved roads or paved bike paths.

  6. Great job on the run Jeff! I love running on anything other than concrete!

  7. Great job - 18 miles! And for your legs to feel good afterward - that's amazing!

    I don't think I've been running long enough, or on enough terrain, to have a preference, I just love anything without traffic at this point :)

  8. Great job on the run! A friend of mine does all her running on The Paint Creek Trail and absolutely loves it!

  9. Thanks everyone. I enjoyed it.

    runningthedawn - yes, 2 - 20's to go and it's downhill from there!

  10. Congratulations on your 18 mile run. The aerial view of the golf course is so cool with the perfectly mowed grass!

  11. Great job on the 18 mile run!!! You rock!!!