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Apr 23, 2011

Rest Day...

Rest day today.  My legs feel great.  My foot - not so good.  Not a good sign when your foot bothers you when you are only walking.  I'm hoping that when I warm up tomorrow, my foot will feel better as well.  I've got three tough weekends coming up 20, half, 20 and I really don't want to be in pain while running.  Not fun.  It's actually going to be 70 today here.  Finally.  Of course, I'm not running but still in the 50's tomorrow as well so great for a long run.

I was going to just take off one day of running on Friday this coming week for my half marathon but I think it would be better to take off two days.  If my foot is better, then I'll only take one otherwise two it is! I'd like to think it's my mind playing games with me just trying to get past another benchmark, but I'm thinking not this time.  You know those little pains that always come up before a new long run or a race?  My biggest fear --- training all this time and then NOT running the marathon.

Since the long run is planned on a new route, I'm hoping that takes my mind off things. :)

Question of the day:  What do you think about when running?  I think about all kinds of things in life or sometimes I don't think and just veg and listen to music.

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!!


  1. Coming from someone who had to miss her first full, I'd take off more than one or two days. But I'm paranoid.

    What do I think about? Hey, there's a rock. Don't step on rock. I wonder if that kid is making fun of me. What was that? What is that? OMG, what is that? (If I have any sort of twinge in my legs.)

    Just a little sample. I'm usually not very deep. But I have my moments.

  2. I hope your foot feels better too. Those are some intense weekends coming up!

    I think about all kinds of stuff while I'm running, but sometimes it's more like "ok, I don't want to run THAT hill, so how can I avoid it?" and map out runs in my head.

  3. I think a lot about....nothing. Sometimes my mind wanders towards something I am stressed about, but I force myself to go back in the zone otherwise it will make for a hard run. I don't listen to music. I focus a lot on my breathing and where the next water jug is. :o)

  4. Take care of that foot!

    I think of everything under the sun and why the hell can't it be sunning more often lately?

  5. Isn't there a book about running less and running better? Or something like that? Maybe your body likes a little more recovery time than your schedule allows... maybe 4 days a week would be good for you for a bit? Take care of that foot, man.

    I try not to think too much when I run :P I tend toward over-thinking everything anyway, so I try to use it as a time to just NOT. lol

    Do take care of yourself... I want you to be in that marathon!

  6. Might want to ice the foot a bit.

    I would be very sure to run the first 20 slowly..say 45s-60s slower than your MP. The 2nd one I would do faster.meyybe 15s off MP...and run full MP for the last 6 miles.

    But it all depends on your foot. I would ease up on the paces if it gets worse. "Better to toe the line 10% undertrained than not toe the line at all".

    When I'm running I spin out and think about any and everything as well asthe sights on trail runs. I do pay attention to form quite a bit. I never listen to music when running.

  7. Oh no! I'm in the same situation with my foot. No fun. As for thoughts on the run? Sometimes I head out the door with a problem and it rolls around & around in my head. My thoughts never seem to be linear on the run. They touch on one thing, then the next... Other days, it's "turn-up-the-music-so-I-can't-hear-myself-think" mode. Automatic pilot all the way.

  8. I hope your foot feels better!! When I'm running I think about various things but I play games when I'm on the treadmill, especially if it's going slow. I will think about a separate thing each .25 miles. Like an upcoming race, my favorite episode of friends, the funny things my nephew does... stuff like that. It makes the time go by really fast!

  9. I usually think about what's going on in my life - the immediate. And then my mind will wander from there.

  10. I hope your rest day helped! I rarely run with music so I have lots of time to think. I always have great posts planned out and then forget them once I sit down at the computer back at home.