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Apr 15, 2011


TGIF - That God it's Fun.  Running, that is.  How could you do it daily if you did not like it?  5 miles today checked off my training list.  Rest day tomorrow!  This was a great cutback week overall.


I read an article yesterday that I think you will find amazing.  An 80 year old with a world record marathon time.  I'm jealous of his time and I'm half his age!  Here the article:

He's from Canada but has run in one of Michigan's most famous races, The Crim.  Yours truly has already signed up for this race.  It's an unbelievable 10 miles race with hills.  Tough course at a tough time(Aug. 28).  It could be very hot.  Last year we lucked out and the weather was really mild.

Will you be the first picture or the second when you are 80?

Question of the day:  Do you think you will be running when you are 80 years old?  I can only hope!

Have a great day and......Keep Running!!!!!


  1. Thanks for the link, I'll definitely be reading that story! I think the older men and women who still run are so incredibly inspirational! Like you, I definitely hope that I'm still running in my 80's!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I hope I'm at least still active in my 80s if I'm not running!

  3. I definitely plan to be running at 80. I've actually been actively trying to listen to my body more so that I CAN run for longer. I'd rather run slower and easier and do it forever than push myself harder than my body is able to accomodate.

  4. My hope is to still be doing triathlons in my 80s and beyond!

  5. Yeah baby.... Gonna be rocking my walker when I'm 80!

  6. I hope I'm alive when I'm 80. If I'm running, that's just a bonus.

  7. I hope I'm healthy when I'm 80!

  8. A 3:25 at age 80 age grades to an equivalent of 2:07!

    I'll be happy to be able to walk a marathon at that age.

  9. Indeed, running is fun!

    I can only hope I am the first picture when/if I am 80.

  10. I would love to be able to run in my 80s. Actually that is my long term goal :)