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Mar 31, 2011

Knocked it out....

Four miles on the schedule = four miles running.  Today's run seemed really easy.  I don't have many of those runs but it just felt good.  My pace was slower and that probably has something to do with it feeling easier but I like when I finish running and my legs don't even feel like I ran.


So I don't know about  you, but I am convinced that if it is before 6am, this:

actually means:

People just do not drive properly before 6am.  I cannot tell you the number of times that I have come close to being hit.  I really don't know what else to do.  I have my road ID firefly(which is flashing):

I have my Black Diamond headlamp on:
I have my Northface jacket with reflective stripes on:

I mean, look at how reflective that jacket is!  I've been thinking of getting this especially when I don't have my jacket on anymore.

I guess that is all I really can do.  Either that or start running after work(which will not happen).  I am always very, very careful and much of my running is on the sidewalks but it's those street crossing that scare me.  I run opposite of traffic and I've even had people get as close as a foot away from me when running on the street in the subdivision.  By the way, the reason I run on the street in the subdivision is that I am running on blacktop on the street but it's cement on the sidewalk so it's easier on my legs.  I guess the best defense is still paying close attention to every car anywhere close to you.  That is what I do.  I'm ready at a moments notice to jump off the street if I need to.


Question of the day?  IF you run in the dark, what do you run with so you get noticed?

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. I know what you mean about bad driving! I run occationally in the morning (and walk the dog every other morning) outside and when I do I wear light colors, reflective gear and a headlamp, but it's still bad news!

  2. The only time I came close to getting hit was in the middle of the day!! People just don't pay attention....does't really matter what time of day. Run defensive and hope for the best..all you can do friend.

    I wear reflective striping on the clothes and a flashing light

  3. How about a flare pistol?

    ....somebody mucks with you and "blam"...."whooosh"....BRIGHT LIGHTS ON THEIR STUPIDITY.


  4. When i run in the mornings I ran at 05h00 before anyone is on the roads... (I only do it once a week)

  5. People do not pay attention. I usually run in the morning (around 9) and people are equally bad drivers. It's like they don't pay attention at driveways. Stay safe.

  6. You are right, the driving is bad but sometimes cars just genuinely don't see you. I was at a stop trying to cross a busy two lane road one morning glanced to my left (nothing) watched to my right and just as I was getting ready to pull out there was a runner right in front of my car. When I glanced left, he must have been in my blind spot. So scary that I almost hit him! Granted, in my opinion, it would have been safer for him to run around the back of my car. He assumed I had seen him which I had not. I find that you have to run as if you are invisible and no one can see you even with all the lights and reflective gear. Be ready to react at any moment.

  7. If drivers haven't sucked down 6 shots of espresso before driver they are very dangerous. It's one reason I don't listen to music on most runs. I look like a blinking Christmas tree when I run in the dark.

  8. That's awful! I agree with people not really obeying traffic signs before 6am. I've run outside at that time before and had to be very alert. I find that running in neighborhoods definitely helps. I do wear reflective ankle straps when I run at that time. They are like $7 at Dick's Sporting Goods.