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Oct 25, 2014

Up next - Kona Wicked Double

Up next for me is the Kona Wicked Double.  A 10k AND a 5k.  Who's with me?  Still plenty of space left for runners so come on out - run the 5k, 10k or both!  You can sign up today at packet pickup and late registration.

I'll also be volunteering this afternoon with my daughter at packet pickup.  If you see me, introduce yourself and say hello.

A full review coming up next week.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Oct 24, 2014

Winner of Detroit Mustache Dache entry!

Woohoo! Congrats to Crystal Aho, winner of the Mustache Dache race entry!

Contact me and I'll get your information to Justin at RUNdetroit to get you set up. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Thanks to RUNdetroit for sponsoring this giveaway!

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Detroit Runner

Guest Blog Post by local runner and author, Mark Matthews

Hey all, I met Mark a couple years back from blogging and local events here in the Detroit area.  I did a review of his book(HERE), "On the Lips of Children" and he's offered to do a guest blog post for me.  His specialty is fear and running so here you go, this is a great time of the season for it.  Enjoy!


It’s October. Fear is in the air. And not just because of Halloween, but because of all those fall marathons. (Or, in the case of Detroit Runner, Fall 50ks)

Marathon and fears go hand in hand, and facing these fears is part of what makes the run so triumphant.  

Just to show up marathon morning is to face the fear. Dreams of thousands hang on the precipice of the starting line. Doesn’t matter how many you’ve run. There's fear that you won't run your goal, fear of that little injury you have and if it will flare up.  Fear of not finishing, fear of embarrassment; fear your dreams will be squashed. Did you wear the right thing? you have to pee, you may throw up, you ate too much, not enough, will you curl up into your safe ball of comfort when that gargantuan test is put before you? Can you hack it when the heat of the event starts to boil all of your fears and truths to the surface? If you can’t finish this thing, doesn’t it make your whole existence a bit less powerful than it was before?

It’s primordial and filthy stuff, and you won't come away unchanged. 

“The scariest part is always just before you start,” said Stephen King, and this holds true in the starting chute of a marathon. But once you are on the course, fear fades and you can finally fight. That fight is about much more than just the run. It’s about proving you are up for the challenge.

When I wrote “On the Lips of Children” I had these fears in mind. In the story, the stakes of not succeeding become much more than just the race. The race, in fact, never happens. Instead, it all becomes something much more horrific due to some strange circumstances that appear during a Saturday shake-out run. The question becomes, as one reviewer puts it; “How far would you go to save your family from hell?”

Check out On the Lips of Children, from Books of the Dead Press. A 2014 Best Kindle Book Awards semi-finalist.  The running trail in the story actually exists. I know, because I ran it one dark morning at 4:30 am on vacation. 

Randy Step from Running Fit: "A very dark read that will haunt you on your next dark run! Not for everyone ... but I could not put it down! Mark nails the runner's mentality and how a hard run at a time you should be tapering can lead to more trouble than ruining your race"  Randy Step, co-owner of Running Fit

“Any urban runner can attest to the flighty, nervous feeling one gets when running under an ‘occupied’ underpass or down a poorly lit trail. Author Mark Matthews does an excellent job of juxtaposing the process of painful struggle, growth, and rebirth associated with distance running and body art with the real life fight for survival in this book.”
Mark Matthews running the Boston Marathon
Mark Matthews is a 13 time marathoner and  blogs at Writing, Running, and Chasing the Dragon. Besides On the Lips of Children, he is also the author of MILK-BLOOD, Chasing the Dragon: Running to Get High, The Jade Rabbit, and STRAY.


Hope you enjoyed Mark's post!  Check out his book.  You'll never run in the dark the same way again.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Oct 23, 2014

Panasonic HGS10 Bone Conduction Headphone review

Several weeks ago I received a pair of new Panasonic headphones for review.  Full disclosure - these were provided to me at no cost through their #OpenYourEars challenge in exchange for my review.  Check out what I received.  They sent a nice little runner's package with the headphones as well.  Very cool!

Panasonic Headphones
The headphones are different that your typical headphone in that these use Bone Conduction.  Bone conduction means that the headphones sit on your cheek bones.  The sound is transmitted through the upper cheek bones of the face to the cochlea of the inner ear.  This allows for listening to music while also still being able to hear sounds around you.
Bone Conduction(borrowed from Panasonic's website)
The headphones are wired and sit on your cheek bones just in front of your ears.  The headset itself is very comfortable and goes around your head.  This keeps them sitting somewhat on the back of your neck but you really don't notice it much when you are running.  They also don't bounce around and stay in place in front of your ears.
Great style and comfort
The sides are very smooth as well and I didn't experience any type of chafing on my head.

Of course, the biggest advantage is that the headphones don't actually go in your ear so you are able to hear cars around you.  As a runner who runs in the dark mid week, I have primarily two things I worry about while wearing headphones then.  The first is that I worry I won't hear a car coming up on me even though I run against traffic.  You really need to be on the defensive when running in the dark mornings and this helps you do that.  A disadvantage to these, however, is that you don't hear the music as well on a busy street.  It takes a little getting used to not hearing it like it is when you have them actually in your ear but safety is a priority for me so I will sacrifice a little sound quality.  I did tend to turn them up a little louder but could still hear the cars coming.

The second issue I worry about is that someone would come up to me from behind that I didn't hear. These headphones also really help with that too since they're not in your ear.  Not that I see that many people at 5am when out running but I like to be more alert to my surroundings.
Cannot even feel them on
These are also sweat and splash proof.  I've only run in them once when it was raining in a mist, but they worked just fine then.  I also like how the end of the cable cord is and the fact that the cable is only on one side.  For me, I tend to go through many pairs of headphones and the end(connected to my ipod) as well as the entire cable really takes a beating.  I like the larger, better quality end to help it from wearing the wire connection out too quickly.  For me, that's the part that wears out the fastest while running.
Quality product
Overall, I have enjoyed running in these and they make me feel safer when running which is the point of the product.

Interested in learning more about them?

Go to the Panasonic website to check them out.

They retail for $79.99.  They also feature them in wireless for $199.99.  I want to thank Panasonic for the opportunity to test these out.  If you are looking for Safety but still want your music, this is the way to go.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Disclosure:  I received a pair of Panasonic Headphones in exchange for this review.  All opinions are my own and I was not required to give a particular opinion except an honest one.

Oct 22, 2014

Wordless Wednesday 10/22/14

At this time of year, when you can't see the trail, that blue dot on the tree is a lifesaver
Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


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