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Apr 9, 2015

Gone for a Run - Log Off. Shut Down. Go Run Virtual 10k

As most of you know, I'm an ambassador for Gone for A Run website.  They have an awesome website that has really cool runner gifts for yourself or for a runner you know.  You can check our their website HERE.

They have a new Inaugural Gone For A Run Virtual 10k.  I can't say that I've done many Virtual races but I've done a few over the years.  This one looked fun and you get an awesome medal for it as well so I thought I'd participate to tell you guys about it.

Here's the deal -

  • Run(or walk) a 10k anytime, anywhere from April 24-26 this year. 
  • Post your running photos, a picture of your GPS, or running app showing the time and distance and share it on GoneForaRUN Facebook page.  You can also share it with them on Instagram and Twitter using hashtag #logoffrace
  • Have fun!
Here's what you get for running the race:

A nice shirt.  The shirt is 60% cotton/40% polyester.  You can also choose an athletic tank top instead of the shirt.
A nice shirt!
I wear a Medium and it fits to size and is really soft and comfortable.
I'll be hanging my Gone For A Run medal with my other medals
You get a custom race bib!
Cool race bib - sans Detroit Runner logo - ha!
 You get a Gone for a Run magnet for your car.
A car magnet for your car
Also, medals will be mailed in a separate package closer to the race.  Check out what it looks like.  Pretty sweet design.  I have nothing like it with a 10k in the medal which is cool.
Sweet medal
You can register on the Gone For A Run website HERE.  Cost to run this is $30.00 and you get all of the above plus you are also eligible for entry into some raffle prizes which you can also see on their website.

Who wants to join me?  I'll be actually running my first half marathon of 2015 the same weekend as this virtual race so I get a two for one bonus.  I'll post back after the weekend of this event with a report and some pictures.

Hope you can join me.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Disclosure:  I received an entry into the virtual race in exchange for this post.  All opinions are my own.

Apr 6, 2015

Week two of marathon training

Well I'm still on track for marathon training.  We have had a pretty crummy week for weather.  A few inches of snow on Tuesday led to running in snow Tuesday and Wednesday.  I forgot my headlamp the first time ever and it was dark but fortunately, the snow helped brighten things up.  I did end us sticking to the wide trails and not single track as I didn't think I could find my way without a headlamp.  It was a fun run!

I am happy that Stony Creek is now open at 6am so I can go into the park.

I also ran a 3 miler on Thursday to test my legs on cement again.  It went pretty good although I still favor running on the trails - even if they were frozen this week.

Today's run on Easter was at the Clinton River trail and Bloomer Park.  It was a nice run because the surface was not frozen today.  I even got to run in a little mud!

26.2 miles for the week.  I didn't even try to do that either.  Only 22 miles for next week.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Mar 29, 2015

Week one of marathon training

Well I got through week one of marathon training.  I'm coming back from an injury and I'm still not 100% so it was a slow go this week and I ran only trails.  It's one of the reasons I have not been posting as much.  It's hard to think about running when you are not actually running.  For those that don't know it, the plan is to run the Grand Island trail full at the end of July - if I can make it through training that is.

I had a couple good runs midweek as the temperatures rose and made for soft trails.  Even though they were muddy, it was heaven running on the softness and the extra 50% effort I had to use to get the miles in was worth it.
After my muddy run Tuesday night
All the miles were at the trails at Stony Creek at West Branch.  Mid week I have been coming into the park from the back entrance since the park does not open until 7am and I've been starting at 6am.  This week, however, I ran after work all days which is a big change for me.  I much prefer getting the run completed before work versus after.  I will say it's nice to not have to run with a headlamp and I can see where I'm going.  Of course, I'm not sure that's a good thing.  Who wants to see the hills you need to climb?
Woohoo hill at Stony
This week, April 1, the part will open up at 6am so I can get into the park now through October midweek which is nice.  It will still be dark when I start but it's starting to get light out when I finish.  Another month or so and I'll have some daylight midweek.  The weather also took a turn for the weekend and we even got snow for my run on Saturday.  I could have really done without that!  It did melt pretty quick though and was gone by the time I went back outside in the afternoon.
Westbranch trailhead with snow on 3/28/15
I'll be following the Hal Higdon Intermediate I schedule this time around.  Hal has not steered me wrong yet as I've had much success with his plans.  Regardless of what happens, I'll just be happy to run on Grand Island.
There's no place like home
I ended up running a few more that I should have this week and ended with 26 miles this week.  This coming week I have 25 miles planned.  Here's to Marathon #7!

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!


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