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Apr 13, 2011

Next half....

Another five on the schedule today and that's exactly what I did.  It was a great morning out there.  No wind and starting to be a little warmer.  I can't wait to start running in shorts though.  It was also a speedy morning too - I really felt good this morning so I cranked out some speed.  I have not really been doing any speed work.  I think having off Sunday and biking on Monday really helped give my legs some time to rest nicely.


Two weeks from Saturday, I'm running in the first annual Let's Move Festival of Races Half Marathon The event starts and ends in downtown Mt. Clemens Michigan and should be a great race.  I for one am not going for a PR.  This will be four weeks out from my marathon and I'm not going to hurt myself by killing myself to try to PR for this race.  The race is to combat childhood obesity.  What a great cause!

Helen Phillips, winner of Season 7 of the Biggest Loser will be out there to start things off.  I don't really watch much of the Biggest Loser so I would not know her if I walked by her but I know there are many fans of the show.  Here's a look at the route below.  It is difficult to tell from this but it really looks like a nice run.  The little circle about half way through takes you through Metro Park so we will see water(Lake St. Clair) on this run along with the Clinton river as well.  It's also nice that it starts and ends in Downtown Mt. Clemens.  I worked downtown there for awhile and it will be a great place to start the race.

There is also an expo the Thursday and Friday before and an after race party.  For it's first race, it's shaping up to be a really good race.  Latest I saw, there were over 1,550 runners as of yesterday.  Amazing turnout for a first race.  They also have runners from nine States and Canada!  I also heard there is talk of a marathon possibly next year.


Hey, anyone out there have any discount codes for Running Times Magazine?  Mine is due to run out next month.  I got an incredible deal when I signed up for it - $3 for the ENTIRE year!!!!  I'm not sure I can find that deal anymore but I'm looking!  I also subscribe to Runner's World as well.  They are really geared towards two different types of runners but I enjoy both of them each month.

How about you?  Do you have a favorite running/fitness magazine?

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!


  1. I read Runners World and Fitness magazine, but to be honest, the running blogs I read are way more informative :)

  2. I read RW and RT. My dad renews my membership each year as part of my christmas gift!

  3. I used to read Runners World and Running Times cover to cover the day the arrived in my mailbox. Now I never get to them. I think it is because I enjoy blogs more now.

  4. The Let's Move Half will be my first, and I am very excited for it!

    As for your question, I read RW but I prefer to keep up with blogs for the most part.

  5. Good luck on that half. I'm sure you'll do great even if you don't attempt a PR.

    I love Runner's World. But I also get Women's Running and need to sign up for Triathlete....

  6. Good luck on the race. That's a great cause!!!

    I love Runner's World. Never have been able to get into Running Times.

  7. I always check out the Runner's World website, but haven't subscribed to it yet. Good luck with the coupon code!

    Also, that half looks great! Running along Lake St Clair will be beautiful. I wonder if there are any races in the Grosse Pointe area along Jefferson and the lake. That would be a great course too!

  8. Don't need any running magazines, as I have all your great blogs to read...

  9. On Amazon, you can get a renewal for $10/year. Not a bad deal!!