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Apr 20, 2011

Ryan Hall Garmin recording for Boston

5 miles today(I actually did 8 miles yesterday but said I did 5-oops) Today I really did only 5.  Still cold outside.


Saw something posted in Facebook about Ryan Hall's time on his Garmin. Very interesting!  Here is his crazy ass fast splits!

Here is the elevation.  This looks easy(NOT!):

Here is the map of the route:

Very cool.  I wish it were downloaded from my Garmin(even with slow times).  By the way, I love my Garmin watch.  I HATE their software.


Question of the day?  Anyone here ever run under a 5 minute mile(even just for one?)  That's a big fat no for me.  Best I've done is 6:58 - I know not very fast.

Have a great day and......Keep Running!!!!!!


  1. Yeah, back in '09...J/K!! I wish! Closest I've come is averaging 4:45 on 400s or so, and thought the legs may detach!

    Those splits are a-mazing!!

  2. snort* oh like never. I was wondering why my Garmin display is never like that? Is it depending on your Garmin?

  3. Crazy ass splits!
    I'm happy just to see a mile time in the 8's!

  4. That is seriously nuts! I was actually talking to my husband about doing a timed mile just to see how fast we could run one, but, no, I've never come close to those times!

  5. What's up with Mile 21, Ryan? A 5:02?? Slacker.

    Yeah, right. If I was fresh enough to run a five-minute mile at that stage of a marathon, I'd have a smile on my face for days.

    My mile PR is 6:45. I did that twice, and both times I had maybe 10 more steps in me when I finished. I could barely keep that ridiculous (for me) pace up for one mile.

  6. Amazing splits!!!! That's insane!! I've never run a mile nearly that fast. I actually haven't done a mile time trial in a long time. I should think about doing one sometime. Perhaps after my half!

  7. Ha, in my dreams! lol

    I've never done a 1 mile time run though. My fastest race was a 6:59 pace for a 5K in May of last year.

  8. Umm, I can't even run a 9 minute mile, people!

  9. maybe i should start posting my half mile splits then I could compete!

  10. i haven't ever timed my mile, but i know it's nowhere close to 5 or even 6. wow, it's amazing what the elites can do...

  11. Holy moly that's FAST! He's a beast!! :0)

    I honestly have no clue what my fastest mile is! I guess I should find out! lol

  12. There's never really many 1 mile races around, that I know of at least. Like some of you suggested, probably have to time it on the track.

  13. It is so fun to look at Hall's Garmin data! Thanks for posting it.

    I haven't run a timed mile since school and I have no idea how fast I ran one then. I'm thinking it was probably not under 5 minutes. Haha. I'd love to try a timed mile this summer.