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Apr 29, 2011

Race shirt....

Today was a good day --- a rest day!!!!


Less than 30 days until my Marathon.  I'm feeling really confident right now and only a 20 miler to worry about.  I feel I recovered pretty well from last weeks 20 miler and only took off one day after running that 20 miler and have felt great running all this past week. I think my foot hurt because of my old shoes so they have been retired with about 400 miles on them.


Here's a couple pictures of my race shirt/bib for my next half marathon on Saturday.  I am going to stick to my plan and run this as a training run.  Now, I know I will likely run it a little faster than a training run but my goal is to finish under 2 hours which should be a comfortable run for me.  No PR for this race as I want to keep my legs strong for the 20 next weekend.  I really could use some more short sleeve tech shirts but I do use all my long sleeve ones and I do like having a white one.

Brooks Race Shirt

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Free drink, free Pizza, and gear check

Cinch Bag - not bad.
Not that I'm complaining(ok maybe I am) but it would be nice to get something besides a shirt.  The bag is nice.  I know at least I'll use it sometimes and I do use the shirts but need something different. I'd like to see a nice big coffee mug(because I would use that daily), a key chain, socks, shorts, a hat, themed road id? ---- anything besides a shirt would be nice.  I'm going to buy myself a mug at the Detroit Half Marathon this year.  You've got to really love it though since they're like $25 bucks!!!


Question of the day?  What have you received from a race that you actually use all the time?

Have a great day and......Keep Running!!!!!


  1. I didn't know we were getting a bag, too! That's exciting. The only race shirt I have ever worn is my long sleeve from the Detroit Half last year. In fact, I'm bringing it for tomorrow if it's cold :) Other than that, all of my race shirts are in a drawer, never worn. I'll probably make them into a quilt someday or something, who knows. But I definitely can't get rid of them! I've never gotten anything else from a race that was fun, but I think socks is a great idea!

    I'll look out for you tomorrow morning! Good luck and have a great training run - don't push it!

  2. oooh a coffee mug would be cool! I do love the shirts, but only if they're technical shirts. The cotton ones I just donate because I'll never wear them.

    Good luck on your race!

  3. The bag is cool, I didn't know we were getting those for this race. That will definitely get some use. I for one though, love race shirts and wear them. Kind of bummed this one is a white tech shirt though. Not to be gross, but it'll probably get dingy/sweat stained. I probably won't actually run in mine to keep it in good shape.

    To answer your question, the Big Bird 10k in Roseville gives out gloves. I use them all the time!

  4. I wear my Chicago marathon tech shirt all the time. It's a great fit on me. In fact, if the weather cooperates, I am wearing it on Sunday for the trail half!

    I've received a few coffee mugs that I use too. I gave my Martian cinch bag to my son. :-)

  5. oh, and good luck at your half!!

  6. I recevied a cinch bag from my 1/2 Ironman and I use it all the time. Of course, with bike rides they always give you water bottles and those are great because they also get used.

    Good luck at your 1/2 training run!

  7. I got a mug at a 5k in December and love it. I think gloves, headband, other stuff would be great to receive.
    So does this race you're doing really have a "child check?" !!!

  8. That's a cool shirt. Have fun at the race! I've received running gloves, beer mugs and beer glasses, wine glasses, caps, hats, bottle openers and even a small tree that I planted in my garden. The gloves I used until they fell apart.

  9. It is very wise to run a half before the whole marathon. I have always followed this plan and it worked all the times. But take it easy.
    Good luck at the race.
    Here the "loots" are always rich so I often got interesting items. Have a look at the last one

  10. A coffee mug would actually be really cool! :-)

    I love the "child check" slip on the bottom of your bib. Haven't run too many races myself...and that's the first time I've ever noticed one with that on it. (Also not a parent, so it's not something I have to worry about.)

  11. I'm with you on a nice mug but$25? wow. Enjoy your race!

  12. Hope the half goes according to plan :) and smart to save the legs for that 20. I use one race item... a long-sleeved tee from a race in 1996... lol. I wear it at the beginning of all chilly runs.

  13. Do you get to choose to check the child or the gear?