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Apr 27, 2011

28 times....

8 miles on the schedule today.  I was able to get it done before the rain comes in.  We were supposed to have thunderstorms all night too but must be coming in later for today and tomorrow.  I can hear the thunder as I type this.  I did see a few flashes of lightning and that helped keep my pace up at the end.  Haha!  I'm hoping for my last run(before my next half) tomorrow will be outside.


28.  That's the amount of times I used the treadmill from November 1st through today.  I was actually surprised that I used it that much.  This winter sure sucked!  While I know it's a necessary tool, I hate using it!  Here she is - reliable but hate it!  Last run on the treadmill was March 24th.  Next run on it - hopefully never!

I've also got a TV in front of the mill so at least I can pass the time while on it.


I read some great signs for anyone that is going to be a spectator at a marathon.  Here are some of them and some pictures too:

"Humpty Dumpty had wall issues too."
"Run faster, I just farted!"
"You can do it "name here", Don't die!"
"This marathon would be fun if not for all the running."
"In our minds, you're all Kenyans."
"Your legs will forgive you....eventually"
"Don't stop -- people are watching."
"If it was easy, I would do it."
"This is easier than labor and delivery."
"Stop reading this and keep running!"
"Beat Oprah!"
"Mortuary ahead....look alive!"
"Pain is nothing compared to what it feels like to quit."
"Your place in history is almost secure"
"You are no longer a runner, YOU are a marathoner." - seen at mile 26
"Trust your training"
"Forget everything you've done.  It's just a Sunday 10k left to do!" - at mile 20
"If you walk, you'll still be hurting"
"On this day, you're my hero."
"Pain is temporary, pride is forever."
"Pain is just weakness leaving your body."
"It's no 26.2 miles....It's 10 water stops"
"If it was easy, everyone would do it."
"This 26.2 is for all the girls picked last in gym class."
"There is beer at the finish line."

Great card!


Question of the day?  Do you thing runners should be required to pick up their own race  packets at the expo?  My half on Saturday thinks so.

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. that's annoying, I guess I semi-understand, but's just a race packet. I think someone else should be able to pick it up for you if needed. Congrats on only using the mill 28 times since November. I've been far too dependent on it! Those quotes and pics made me laugh!

  2. I dont' know what should be done about race packets. I'm starting to look at races that have morning of pickup because I don't want to drive to the race site the day before just to pick it up. 28 times on your treadmill this winter? Kudos to you. I live on mine and love it.

  3. Congrats on winning over on Steve in a Speedo's blog!

  4. I don't even want to calculate how many times I used the treadmill over the winter. I managed to beat the rain for my run yesterday too. Too bad I didn't miss the humidity!

  5. I can understand the race packet pickup with ID - it is required in all triathlons (USAT sanctioned - ID and membership card).

    I'm just glad I don't have to buy a membership card to do running races!

  6. Those are great signs! I can't believe you remembered so many of them!

  7. I love those signs!! So funny!!! I do think that runners should have to pick up their own packets!

  8. Zero times! That's how many times I've ever been on a treadmill. I'm very lucky for sure. Lightning always ups my pace as well.

  9. have run on a Mill once in 15 years...

  10. I am running that same half, and work long hours. My husband always picks up my race packets for me, and this time I have to take off work not only for the race, but to pick up my packet. I get why they do it, but I still find it a pain!

  11. LOVE the signs! I'm always looking for new ideas! Here's another one for you:

  12. Next TM run ..... "hopefully never"?!?! Come on!! ;)

    LOVE the quotes.

  13. If you walk, you'll still be hurting. So true!

    I can't believe they care who picks up the race packet! but I guess they must have had some issues with people stealing them or something. People do that, you know.

    Wishing you the best with this race!

  14. I love those signs! There was one at the Martian races that said "PR that shit!".

  15. Suzy - thanks for letting me know!!! Awesome!!!

    Tri-James - The tri's do have different rules; more sanctioned stuff.

    Christi - I didn't - some were on the internet.

    Mallory - I'm Ok with it but when work is a priority, work comes first and they need to understand that.

    Johann and Coach Dion - you Ultra guys are different though. Haha!

    Amy - exactly, you should not have to take off work for it.

    EMZ - I can wish?

    XLMIC - who would want it? Steal them, I mean?

    Run Jess - good one too! Funny!

  16. I love signs at a race! That make it bearable for a few seconds : )

    28 times is how many times I run on the treadmill in a month. I am super jealous

  17. I love reading signs at races... I just wish I could remember them after the race! :)

    I think race directors should let other people pick up your packet. I don't know why they enforce the rule that you have to be there - something about someone else getting your packet without you knowing. Maybe have a "note" policy - write a note saying "so-and-so" can pick it up?