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Nov 30, 2011

Happy Blogaversary to me!

3 miles on the schedule today.  It was cold.  It was wet.  It was windy.  It was snowy.......Good run!  Haha!


Just a reminder that today is the last day to enter the Sprigs Banjees Wrist Wallet Giveaway.  Click HERE to read the review and enter.

So I almost forgot that it's the one year anniversary of Detroit Runner Blog(November 28th).  Wow!  I can't believe I've been doing this for a year.  Actually a year and two days to be exact.  In that year, I:
  • Posted 364 times; more than I probably should have
  • Gained 218 followers
  • Did 24 reviews on running related items(click HERE to see them)
  • Did 13 giveaways with some awesome sponsors!
  • Had over 41,000 views of my blog including people from the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, China, Argentina, Spain and South Africa.
  • Had one post that was viewed over 1,000 times(It happened to be a running product review) In fact, my top three viewed posts were all running product reviews.
  • Ran a total of 21 times on the treadmill(that sounds like a lot!)
  • Ran 1,558 miles including 11 races and two marathons

Hope you all have enjoyed my blog in this first year!

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!

Nov 29, 2011

Reviews of running gear...worth it?

Rest day today.  As I woke up to driving rain, I'm glad that I ran yesterday in anticipation of today's weather.  Sometimes it's just not fun to run outside.


As you may have noticed, I have done numerous reviews on running related items.  I'm really curious why I get none or very few comments when I post those review.  Not that I require any but the reason I ask is that some of these reviews take me hours to put together.  Whenever I am purchasing something, I like to do research on it first and the internet usually has many reviews(good or bad).  It's very difficult to tell whether a product is good or bad based on a two sentence review on a website which is why I do an extensive review here.  Sometimes, I feel like people say something is bad on a quick review on websites just because they like the competitors product better even though they have not tried what they reviewed.  Maybe I'm crazy.  I do enjoy putting these together, not just to get free stuff(which is nice) or to give you free stuff but to let all of you know whether this is something you should spend your hard earned money on.  I know you are reading them.  I have numerous review that are read but not commented on.  I even have one that was looked at 1,000 times but only have a couple comments.  Of course, I don't even have 1,000 followers so others from the internet are reading my reviews as well.  I'd be curious to hear your thoughts.


Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Nov 28, 2011

Columbia Peak 2 Peak Jacket review

Rest day today but decided I would run so I did 4 miles today.


Back in May, I was given the opportunity to review the Columbia Peak 2 Peak jacket.  I know a few of you have also done a review of the jacket as well.  It's taken me some time to do this one because the weather was warm and I have not had lots of chances to try it out.  Here a look at what I was sent:

Waterproof zipper

Zippered vents by arms

Zippered pockets near the chest
Columbia, as you all know, makes incredible jackets and this one is also a really great jacket.  I have owned Columbia jackets in the past and have been really happy with them.  However, the idea was to wear this as a running jacket.  Unfortunately, there are some issues with the jacket when it comes to running in it.

While Columbia claims this to be a running jacket, in my opinion, it's not made for that.  This is basically a really well made rain/hiking jacket.  Can you use it for running....sure.  You will not see me using it though.  While there are zippered vents to help keep you cool when running, it's just too bulky a jacket to use for this purpose.  As a runner, I also would not want a bulky hood like this jacket has on it.  If I go on a hike in the woods or mountains though, this would be an incredible jacket to have with you.

As you can see from the pictures above, the zipper on this is made to keep out water.  I used it when it was raining out and it kept me nice and dry.
Great for the rain
It also has two pockets near your chest for you to be able put things in but it did not have two pockets for your hands.  Really?  I don't get that?  I suppose the idea is that you don't need pockets for a running jacket but it would have been nice to include them for comfort when you were not running.

The other issue is that this jacket is very loud whether you are walking or running in it.  I know that it really bothered others who reviewed this.  It was not that big of deal to me since I'm going to be wearing this when it's raining and would not notice it as much.

The jacket also has a really nice "storm hood" for when it's really raining and/or snowing out.  You could definitely use this jacket in cold weather.  I think it's actually a perfect jacket to go hiking in when the weather turns.  Unfortunately, it just will not be in my arsenal for running in the winter.

If the thought is to make a running jacket, I'm sure that Columbia can put their heads together and really make an awesome running jacket.  Back to the drawing board for that.

* I was given a complementary Peak 2 Peak jacket from Columbia in exchange for a review.  I was not required to give a positive review.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!!

Nov 27, 2011

Ecco Biom B Leather running show review

The people over at Ecco USA sent me a pair of their Biom B leather running shoes to do a review.  I received these a couple months ago.  I really wanted to put them through the test that they deserved.

First, a few facts about Ecco:
  • Ecco started about 40 years ago in Denmark.
  • They build shoes from the inside out so you always get comfort in the shoe.
  • They are socially responsible when it comes to the environment - I love that!
  • Ecco makes all kinds of very comfortable shoes for daily wear, walking, running, trails, golf, etc.
They have several types of shoes in their Biom line including shoes for walkers, golfers, casual runners(C), fitness runners(B) and competitive runners(A).  Now before you get all hung up on the categories, because of course, I consider myself competitive, I opted to have them send me the Biom B because of the speed(or lack thereof) I run.

What this means is that if you are going to wear a Biom A, you should be a runner that is typically a fast runner(running 7 minute pace or less), the Biom B is best for a slower or more typical(fitness they say-not sure I like the reference to fitness) runner(7+ minute pace) and the Biom C is for "casual" runners.

I want to first address the price of the shoes which retails from $175 to $225.  These are certainly not inexpensive shoes.  The difference in cost depends on whether you choose leather or a textile upper.  Of course, the leather is more but, in my opinion, if you are spending this kind of money on a shoe, you should go for the leather version for the little extra that it is.  Price is probably the largest drawback to the shoes itself.  I could buy at least two pair of shoes for the cost of these pair and that alone might deter many people from even trying these.  There is more to the price than appears(can run longer on them) and I will get into that later.  Given the cost though, performance would be especially important.

Keep in mind that these are a shoe designed to allow your foot to run naturally.  Everyone is getting on this recent craze but Ecco actually started the Biom line back in 2007.  Because of this style, you need to adjust your feet to them if you have not been wearing this type of shoe.  You need to start slowly and build up to longer runs.  These are NOT barefoot shoes and should not be considered if you are looking for a barefoot shoe.  They just help your feet run naturally and do give you cushion.  I was able to run 3 miles in my first run with them but it may take you longer to get used to them.  According to Ecco, if you build up over a 6-8 week period, you should be ok to run in them regularly.  Just make sure you listen to your legs - if you don't feel you're ready, then build up slower.

The fit of these is really nice and super comfortable but for the price you really want to make sure that the fit on these is perfect.  I would suggest that if you are going to try a pair that you go to the local Ecco dealer and try them on there before buying.  These are not shoes you want to purchase over the internet until you know they are right for you.

In regards to size, my opinion is that the shoes run big.  I really debated about sending back the 8.5(really 8 - 8.5) that they sent me but opted not to because I felt that the next size down would probably be too small.  Here's a picture of what they look like:
Great looking shoes!
The quality of the shoe box is even nice with a zippered material shoe box(shoes are on top of it).  The look of them is incredible as well, in my opinion, and you can also choose a yellow pair if you like.  I almost didn't want to wear them they look so nice.  Haha!  Here's the yellow one's from their website:
The upper of the shoe is made with Yak leather.  It is still eco friendly because Yak leather has really be discarded(or very hard to produce something) in the past but Ecco has found a way to use the leather in their shoes.  Who would have thought that USING leather would be environmental friendly?  The feel of the leather is incredible and so soft to the touch.  When you put the shoe on it hugs your feet throughout the arch and heel but the toe box is very wide to allow your feet to move naturally.  At first, I thought the toe box was too wide but after running in them for the last couple months, I think they are perfect.

Also, one of the best things about the leather is that it molds to your foot over time so the shoe actually gets more comfortable the more you use them.  In addition, the leather is perforated so it breaths well.  While I did not get a chance to wear these in really warm weather, I suspect they will perform just fine.  In cooler weather, they worked great and because there is no mesh like other running shoes, it does help to keep your feet more comfortable(not so cold).  Of course, if you opt for the textile version, they will have mesh like typical running shoes.

In regards to the bottom of the shoes, it's made from an all day dual density support(PU) that is flexible but also durable and comfortable.  The PU is supposed to be a much more durable material than EVA(which is used in other running shoes) allowing you to run in these at least 1.5 times the distance of other running shoes without breaking down.  This will help offset the cost if you were able to get 600-700 miles out of them.  And for you people that get 600-700 on your regular running shoes, you are going to be in heaven with these.  Here's a picture:

Here are a few other pictures from different angles.  Where you see the red is the PU material:
So I have worn these shoes for the last couple months and I think the fit is super comfortable.  They are probably the most comfortable shoes I have worn coming right out of the box.  I always feel like I need to get at least 50 miles on my shoes for them to feel really good.  Not for these!  It feels like they are already broken in.  They were comfortable from the first run that I did in them.  
Great reflective tongue on the shoes for night running!
I also love how the heel hugs your foot.  Some may not like it but the heel of the shoe goes around your foot, perhaps a little higher than normal but I like it because it  made it feel like some of the other shoes that I have worn in the past and that my heel is not going to slip out.  The cushioning on these is also comfortable and would be more than acceptable to run as much as a marathon in them.  While I have a few pair of barefoot shoes, I can't seem to wear those much more than three miles since there is no cushioning.  With the cushion that these provide, I'm able to do my regular runs in these.

Here's the pro's and con's in my opinion:

  • Made by Ecco, a company known for very comfortable shoes
  • Very high quality made shoe throughout
  • Great fit - the leather molds to your foot like no shoe I have worn - good arch support
  • Attractive design
  • Price - these would probably be the most expensive shoe most people would ever own(although they should last longer than your typical running shoe too)
So there you have it, I really liked the shoes.  My biggest issue is price.  Personally, I just cannot justify spending almost $200(or more) for a pair of shoes when there are competitors out there that sell for much less.  I think if Ecco could bring the shoes down $50 that many more people would try them.  Will that happen?  Not likely, Ecco is a company that built it's reputation for a high quality shoe and it certainly shows in the Biom B.  

The bottom line:  you will not be disappointed in the performance of these shoes.

* I was given a pair of Ecco Biom B shoes courtesy of Ecco to test in exchange for this review.  I was not required to give a positive review.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Nov 26, 2011

Winner of the Headsweats Beanie!!!!

And the winner(by of the Headsweats Thermal Reversible Beanie is......
Jose from the blog And So It Burns.......check his blog out if you looking for another running blog to follow.

Congratulations Jose!!!!

Send me your e-mail address and I will have Headsweats contact you directly so you can pick the color.

Enjoy it!

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!!

Tarma Designs runner jewelry review

Cross train day on the schedule today but I did 8 miles instead.  I'll be doing my cross training tomorrow instead.


Well, I know that all you ladies really enjoy your jewelry and if you also happen to be a runner too,  Tarma Designs will make you very happy.    Guys too!

Sky over at Tarma Designs sent me one of their pieces of runner jewelry to review.  He send me a running man pendant on a 26" ball chain.  One thing I can say is that it's very difficult to find jewelry for men(at least that I would wear) and also find it in a running theme.  Tarma Designs is your answer!

Tarma Designs is a maker of earth friendly jewelry.  This was made from "at least" 60% recycled steel.  The finish is a durable black vacuum plate finish over sand blast.  You can cut the chain to the size you want.  I left mine just the way it is.  This would make a fantastic gift for a runner as it's so unique.

Here's a couple pictures:

The design of the runner has amazing detail given the size of this which is about the size of a dime.  I don't even know how they get their name on the pendant.  It's really a very classic look and something that any runner that is a man would certainly feel comfortable wearing on a regular basis.  I personally can say that I only wear my wedding band and that's about it so it's really saying a lot that I will be wearing this on a regular basis to show off my passion.

The packaging is also made from recycled paper and also the shipping container it's sent in is recycled paper.  As you all know, I really like to see when a company does what it can to help keep the environment clean and Tarma Designs certainly does not disappoint.

Tarma Designs has numerous products to choose from including nice charms to cycling pendants, running pendants to yoga and soccer pendants.  In addition, they sell rings, earrings, necklaces and paintings.

They even make some jewelry that helps support the Appalachian National Scenic Trail(also known as the Appalachian Trail)!  Now that would be a fun run 2,175 miles - Check it out:

Tarma is actually a Peruvian town in the Andes mountains located at 10,000 feet.  The town is known for it's textile and leather industries and it's flower trade.  What a great name for a company!

Please go check them out to learn more and see their awesome jewelry.  They have some incredible and very reasonably priced jewelry for the active person(especially for women):

Website:  Click HERE

Facebook:  Click HERE

Thanks again to Sky and Tarma Designs for allowing me to do this review!  I'll be spreading the word about their very classy runner jewelry.

* I received a complementary Running Man Pendant in exchange for a review of the jewelry.  I was not required to give a positive review.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Nov 25, 2011

Black Friday

3 miles on the schedule today....done!


Since I have to work today, I figured I might as well get up and run.  Fortunately, I get off a little early which is really nice of my work to allow that.  We actually close at 3pm today.  How nice!

I have not worked the day after Thanksgiving since I don't know when --- at least 10 years!!!

Oh well, I figure I'm not really missing much.  I don't really shop and I certainly don't shop on Black Friday.  You people who shop on this day are crazy!!!  If it were up to me, I'd probably do all my shopping online.  Actually, besides clothes, I pretty much do most of my shopping online.

I guess it doesn't really matter if I'm working today anyway considering many stores are opening on Thanksgiving Day night this year.  Who's bright idea was that?  Now the poor retail employees can't even get the holiday off.  Give em' a break.  Even if stores don't open then, many of them are open at 4am today.  I could go before work if I really wanted to - NOT!

I did go out one year about 15 years ago to buy a computer.  Boy that was a mess.  First 1.5 hours in line.  Then the store opened.  Then 1.5 hours in line again once I had what I wanted.  At the time you had to sign up for internet when you bought the computer and that took an hour too.  What a mess - I vowed I would never do that again unless it was a deal on something I just could not pass up.  It's likely I won't see a deal good enough to get me there again.

On our way home yesterday, we passed Target at about 8:30pm and there was a large line forming.  Target did not open until 12am.  Is is really worth waiting 3.5 hours to buy something discounted?  Insane.

Question of the day:  So, are you heading out into the retail madness today?

Have a great day and...Keep Running!!!!!

Nov 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Runners!!!!!

6 miles on the schedule today.....done!!!!!  Nothing like a nice run the morning of Thanksgiving so you can pig out today!!!! Haha!  I skipped the local turkey trot this year.  Easier to just go out the door and run.  No crowd and I got to sleep in a little too.


Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!

Nov 23, 2011

Sprigs Banjees Wrist Wallet review and GIVEAWAY!!!!

3 miles on the schedule today - done!


Julie over at Sprigs was kind enough to send me one of their Banjees Wrist Wallet.  Here's a couple pictures of what it looks like:
Nice packaging

Here it is; outside the package!
I'm always looking for great ways to hold things when I run.  I have several running belts that work great but sometimes you don't want to wear the belt and/or you don't have much to carry.  So what do you use?

The Banjees Wrist Wallet!

Essentially, this is a wallet that you wear on your wrist in order to carry things when running.  Now, this really is not going to be something you can use to carry your phone in but it is a great way to carry several things.  Most common things would be money, car key/remote, credit card, ID. and a gel.  It's also big enough to hold your ipod too.  The essentials.  It's perfect for a shorter run or even a longer run if you don't need your cell phone with you.

I tried all of the items in the Banjees and it worked perfect.  As you can see from the picture, there is a little zipper at the top that opens to hold things.  While I wore mine with the zipper closer to my wrist, I also had my running buddy try it out as well and he felt it was better to wear it with the zipper opposite the wrist.  Either way, we both felt that it worked well.  The biggest thing I wanted was not to feel anything when I was running.  It's made similar to a tech shirt material.  You can barely notice you are wearing this(especially if you have it on over your shirt sleeve.)  I also washed it in the washing machine a couple of times once I was finished with my run and it stood up well in the washer and dryer.

The Banjees I was sent has a reflective strip on it so it's visible at night.  It's nice to have one more thing to reflect since I run in the dark.  Also, if you don't like the reflective side for during the day, you can reverse it and wear it with the black side out as well.  Plus, if you don't like this color, there were 29 other options to pick from so I'm sure you could find one that you like wearing.

Here's a couple pictures of what it looks like when wearing it:

So please go check them out.  Sprigs also sells ear warmers, apparel, hats, beanies, scarfs and laptop bags.

Website:  Click HERE

Facebook:  Click HERE

Twitter:  Click HERE

Sprigs was also nice enough to offer an additional Banjees Wrist wallet as a giveaway so you could win one as well.

Here's the rules:

1) Become a follower of Detroit Runner Blog or let me know you already follow(1 entry)MANDATORY

2) Post this contest on your blog, Facebook page, tweet about the contest and let me know here(1 entry)
3) Go to Sprigs Facebook page, "like them" and tell them "Detroit Runner Sent me" and let me know you did(1 entry)
4) Go to Sprigs Twitter page, follow them and mention "Detroit Runner Sent me"(1 entry)
5) Go to the Sprigs website and tell me which Banjees you would choose(1 entry)

Only two items are mandatory but feel free to do the others for additional entries to the contest.

This contest will run through Wednesday, November 30th.

** I was sent one complimentary Banjees Wrist Wallet in exchange for a review.  All opinions here are my own and I was not required to give a positive review.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Nov 22, 2011

Veteran's day race packet in the mail...

5 miles on the schedule today - done!


As you might recall, I signed up for a virtual race for Veteran's Day on 11/11/11.  I finally received my race packet - haha!  I signed up kind of late for it but here's what it included:

A race bib and a cool race pin:

A cotton T-shirt(which I really don't mind since I wear the tech shirts only to run and it's nice to have some to wear other than running).  I really like the shirt too because it has an American flag on the front and back too.

A sweet medal.  How many medals are you going to have with 11-11-11 on it?  And really how many races are you going to do that are 11k?  This is it!

The medal is really a high quality medal and I'm glad I opted to purchase the medal with the race packet. I hear the same company is doing a 12-12-12 race as well.  Hopefully it won't be called an end of the world race.  Haha!

Count me in!

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Nov 21, 2011


Rest day today...


We all know the importance of rest days.  I'm not sure everyone embraces them the way I do but since I only "rest" one day per week, I look forward to it each Monday.  For me, it usually means:

1.  Recovering from Sunday's long run
2.  Having the chance to recover from the rest of the week
3.  Sleeping a little more on Sunday night/Monday morning

Usually I feel it's not only needed but well deserved each week.  I have rarely taken more than two days off in the last couple years(with the exception of after a marathon when I take four days rest).  When I need more rest, I take it.  I just feel that I have not needed more.

I just read Hal Higdon's Marathon book.  He talks about rest in there quite frequently throughout the book. The key, take it when you need it so you don't get hurt, otherwise, you will be resting with an injury.

Question of the day:  Do you rest during the week?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Nov 20, 2011

A new way to Blog....

8 miles on the schedule today.  We went out to the Paint Creek trail.  It sure does look like a different place when there is no leaves.  I can't complain though because it was in the mid 40's.  Can ask for better than that a week before Thanksgiving in Michigan.


For those of you in Blogland, I'm sure many of you use your computer, laptop, tablet, ipad2, whatever to do posts and/or read the blogs you follow.  I recently picked up this:

This thing really does so much but most important, it does what I want it to do.  This is the Vizio Tablet and I got one from Costco for $189.  That's less than the ipod touch!  Essentially it's a competitor for the ipad.  What I do want to say is that it's NOT an ipad so if you decide to buy one, I'm warning you that it's not as good as the ipad but it's also over $300 less than the ipad too.  I also love Apple products - I use an iMac at home and love it.  I'm going to upgrade next year to the iphone as well.  But....$300 is BIG difference!

There has been a lot of hype coming out about the new Amazon Kindle Fire.  I did consider the Kindle - it's actually pretty nice - you can go see it at a local Best Buy.

It's about an inch smaller than the Vizio.  It does have some features that the Vizio does not have which is a faster processor and more memory(although I can add up to 32 mb of memory to mine and you can't add anything to the Kindle).  It also has a Cloud feature to save things off the tablet itself.

The main reasons I wanted a tablet included:

1) Nice to sit in living room and watch TV and surf the web
2) Can send e-mail from it for both my SBC and Gmail accounts
3) Can post blogs posts through either the Android app for Google or just through the web.
4) Can use Google reader to read the blogs I follow
5) Easy to check the current weather before going out to run
6) Read and occasional book on it.

The Vizio does everything on my list.  Of course, you can also watch movies, tv shows, play games, listen to music etc but I don't use it much for that especially since the videos do not really come in very good.  I would say the Kindle has much better videos, is faster, but is also smaller by 1".  While one inch does not seem that much, it really does make a big difference.  I don't want to have to pinch the screen larger and smaller all the time.  Frankly, I could live with a smaller screen but the Kindle is so tied to Amazon that you must order things through their app store and I prefer to have access to the Android Market app store since it has so many more options to choose from.

I have 90 days to keep the Vizio and make sure it's what I want before I would have to return it to the store.  I may do that after I do more research on the Kindle and after I see more reviews from people that purchased it and are using it regularly.

Either way, it looks like there are some great options besides the ipad2 to choose from if you are looking for a tablet.  While I would love to have the ipad2, I just can't see an additional $300 cost for it.  Frankly, I would not be surprised to see Apple reduce their prices by $100 in the near future to be more competitive on price.  We'll see.  In the meantime, I'm perfectly happy with what other choices are out there.

Question of the day:  Do you have a tablet?  Which one and why do you like it?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Nov 19, 2011

Headsweats Thermal Reversible Beanie review and GIVEAWAY!

Cross training today - I did 10 miles on the bike and weights as well.


The kind folks over at Headsweats sent me their Thermal Reversible Beanie so I could do a review.  I figured if I'm going to do a review on a hat, why not do it on something that I know I'll be using over the next several months.  While some of you live in an area what will never need a beanie of this weight(you can get ones for hot weather too), many of us will have to use a beanie if they don't want to freeze!

Here's a picture of what I was sent:
Coolmax side 
Tag I removed
fleece side
One can see right from the time you open it that the quality is there.  This is a well made beanie.  I have some other beanies that are just not made as well.  One was even falling apart at the stitching.  You can tell from this, it will continue to give you years of performance.

So as the name says, it's reversible.  On the one side is a nice comfortable fleece fabric(black).  On the other side is a moisture wicking Coolmax knit(blue).  I like the color blue because it matches much of what I wear on a daily basis but you can also purchase this in pink and grey as well.

Because it is reversible, you can basically wear the hat with the fleece side out for when you want a little more moisture wicking against your head(say if the temps were a little on the higher range).  If you wanted a little more warmth, you could wear it with the fleece inside to help keep your ears warm.  For me(and probably most runners), if you can keep your head, hands and feet warm, you can run outside as long as you want.

I used this running in temps between the 20's and the 40's.  Yes, in Michigan, we actually have had weather that different all in the last couple weeks.  It's like someone knew I was going to be doing a review on this.  Haha!

This beanie did not disappoint.  When wearing it in the 40's, the moisture wicking feature was really nice.  It pulled the sweat from my head so that I did not get too cold when I started to sweat.  Yesterday I ran in temps in the 20's with it.  Dang, it was cold.  I wore the Headsweats beanie with the fleece inside.  It kept my head and ears nice and toasty.  I also wear headphones when running and the beanie helps keep them in place.   Headsweats also sells another style called their Winter Dome which would likely be better for when it get's below the 20's(for all your die hard runners).

The beanie is also easy to care for.  Simply wash it in the washing machine and set it out to dry.  By the next time you need it, it's ready to go.  I have washed the beanie at least four times since I received it and it still looks as new as I got it.

There is one minor complaint that I had with the hat.  As you can see from the picture above, there is a white tag on the beanie.  Because the hat is reversible, you are going to be wearing this on both sides.  The tag looks ridiculous so I cut it off with scissors.  It would be nice if they could make the tag easier to remove.  I had to really be careful with trying to remove it so I didn't end up ruining the beanie.  The tag was sewn into the stitching of the hat.  This was the only issue that I had with it.  I was able to get it off and now the hat looks great!

Here's a couple pictures of me wearing it getting ready to go out and run in the dark:
Before run! 
After run!
Overall, well worth the $22 price for the beanie!

Headsweats also sells all kinds of other hats for throughout the year including semi-custom and custom hats if you so choose.  They work with the Tour de France and Ironman as well for their branding.  Please go check them out:

Website:  Click HERE

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Headsweats was also kind enough to offer an additional beanie as a giveaway for one of my lucky readers.  Here's the rules and please read them carefully because I check everything has been done.  My thoughts are that if a company is willing to support us in the blog world, we should support them as well:

1) Become a follow of my blog or let me know you already are(1 entry)(MANDATORY)

2) Go to Headsweats Facebook page, "like" them, and tell them "Detroit Runner sent me" on their wall; come back and leave a comment that you did it(along with your name if it's different on Facebook than the post you leave here)(1 entry)

3) Go to Headsweats Twitter page, follow them and tell them "Detroit Runner sent me" and come back and let me know that you follow them on Twitter(along with your name if it's different that the post you leave here)(1 entry)

* #2 OR #3 are also mandatory - you must follow them on Facebook AND/OR Twitter.

So that's it!  Three entries to win this great beanie that you will get lots of use out of throughout winter.

A winner will be picked at random on Saturday, November 26th and a beanie will be sent directly from the company.

* I received on complimentary Headsweats Thermal Reversible Beanie in exchange for this review.  All opinions of this beanie are my own and I was not required to leave a positive review.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!