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Apr 26, 2011

Bumpy Cake!!!

Ok, 5 miles today and my legs are feeling good and my foot no longer hurts!  Yeah!  Am I back on schedule?  I'm not really sure.  My plan was to take off two days before the half marathon but I may only take off one day.  We'll see how I'm feeling.  As far as today's run, I'm feeling pretty good.  It would have been nice if it was not misting the entire way but it sure beats having to use the treadmill.  Looks like I might have to use the treadmill this week since we are expecting storms.  I'm not sure if I even know how to turn the treadmill on.  The last time I used it was March 24th.


Yesterday, Kovas from Midwest Multisport Life asked what a bumpy cake(poured chocolate) was.  For those of you that don't know,  here's a picture of what we ate for desert yesterday for Easter:

Now, this is not exactly what the inside looks like below, but you get the idea.  Sorry, it went fast so no pictures of the inside.  The white frosting was lined around the entire part of the cake instead of just two bumps(get it, bumpy cake?) so there was much more of it:

I only had a very thin piece so I can't imagine I gained two pounds after all that running but who knows. Actually, I'm up another pound today(with no change in diet) so my guess is muscle growth??

Question of the day:  What's the perfect time to start a Half Marathon?  My half on Saturday does not start until 8:55am!!!  That is pretty late.  I would prefer 7-8am. How about you?

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. I had a half marathon that started at ten and it seemed like such an odd time. Made fuelling tricky!

    That cake looks awesome!

  2. Earlier the better for any activity - I like to see the sun come up!

  3. I'd say 8am. My half last summer started at 6:30 am which I thought seemed so early, but once the Chicago heat settled in, I was thankful it started that early!

  4. I don't think I have ever started a 1/2 marathon that late. I am with everyone else on this the earlier the better for the start.

  5. i like the early long as i'm staying close to the start line. the earliest race i've run was san diego RnR. we started at 6:15, but it was no big deal because i was less than a mile to the start, so i could just walk there while eating my breakfast.

  6. Depends on the weather. If the weather is beautiful & cool, I don't mind later starts. But in hot weather? Get it over before things get too awful. I just ran the Crescent City Classic in New Orleans last weekend and it didn't start until 8:30... WAY too hot for that. Alternatively, the Tupelo Marathon in MS starts at 5:00am to avoid the heat. That's a bit earlier than I'd prefer but it was a fun quirk to do once.

  7. Bumpy cake is a household favorite! My son and husband (my mom too!) love bumpy cake. My son requests one every year for his birthday.

    I prefer 7-7:30, maybe even 8am, start. 8:30am is even a bit late for my liking.

  8. From a temperature standpoint, 8:55 is probably Ok for Michigan in April but still very late. Stephanie - you MUST make the drive for their Bumpy cake cupcakes - worth it!!

  9. Yum - that cake look delish!

    That's weird that your race starts at 8:55. We started two weeks ago at 7 and that seemed early. I think 8 is perfect! :)

  10. I agree...I prefer an earlier time of day! YAY for no more foot pain...hope that keeps up! Also, that cake looks super yummy! :0)