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Apr 6, 2011


5 miles today on the schedule.....Done!  Another early morning 4:30am. Long drive to work today for some training so I had to start early.  Today's run was much better since there was no wind.  It felt really easy today.


I want to thank all the new followers....174 people.  That's awesome!! I hope most of you really are following.

I have been thinking about fueling for the marathon and need some opinions on what YOU do.  I know it might not work for me but I need to start trying out some things.  After my last long run, I know I was fine without any food beforehand.  Usually for the half, I have a half banana and a granola bar.  It seems to work really well for me.  While I have tried GU, I don't particularly like it and one time I took one for a half marathon and felt sick for two miles so I am resisting these.  I also don't want to drink gatorade until AFTER the race.  I like gatorade but not during the race so I stick to just water.  I was actually thinking of trying gummy bears - a nice small treat that you can chew on.  Perhaps I should try the GU Chomp?  Anyone try these?

What else have you tried that you like?  I like to re-fuel after the race and keep thing minimal during the race but I'm not sure I can do that for the marathon.
My favorite brand gummy bears!
How about these?
My running buddy doesn't like to drink water while running.  Can you believe that?  He goes the full half marathon without any water!!! Amazing!  He says that it makes him shut down because he's not used to taking water in during running but he's going to try running with a small bottle for the marathon.

I run with a Nathan 22 oz. water bottle.  Most people think it's crazy to run with this for so long but I'm so used to it, I don't even notice its there.  I also have a 10 oz. fuel belt water bottle and I'm going to let him use it during the marathon.  It's actually really good for a short run or a marathon since you can re-fill at the water stations.  I don't like that much weight on my waist so I carry it and just use my spibelt for other things.
Just bought myself another black Nathan!
I have the black Fuelbelt holder with red top!

Question of the day?  How many of you are Daily Milers too?

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. I tried Gu Chomps last week! I had the strawberry ones. They tasted like fruit snacks. They def gave me a boost but chewing them while running will certainly take some practice. My dad ran the NYC marathon a few years ago, so I asked him what he used to "fuel" he said someone handed him an orange at a water stop and that was it! crazy.

  2. I am a GU girl - I just can't get the hang of chewing while running. I also drink gatorade or nuun. Maybe you could try salt caps if you don't like anything but water while running?

    LOVE daily mile :)

  3. I have a super sensitive stomach... her is what has worked for me for my marathons.

    3 1/2 hours before start time I eat a small bowl of oatmeal sweetened with honey and drink 8oz of Hammer Perpetuem drink.

    At the start line I take a Hammer Gel. Then I take a Hammer gel every four miles. I also carry a Nathan 22 ounce bottle (Love it!!! I hate the ones around my waist) and I have that filled with Hammer Perpetuem. I drink that and alternate with water from the aid stations. I have run two marathons with this plan so far (and have my next in 10 days!) and have not yet hit the wall and have finished strong.

  4. GU Chomps tend to make me do that really unpleasant burp + a little bit of vomit thing any time I eat them after the 10 mile mark, but I have had a lot of luck with Cliff Shot Bloks for non-gu race fuel. Also, I know that you said that you don't like Gu and I was right there with you up until about 3 months ago. Then I tried the non-fruity flavors (chocolate, coffee, etc.) and liked them so much more! I'm totally hooked now! I also find that Gu is easier to take and gives more of a boost during races, so maybe try the more "savory" Gu flavors...worked for me at least!


  5. I like GU chomps, but only for like before/after or rest breaks. I find it really hard to chew while I'm running. I usually just use the gels.

    I'm a daily miler!

  6. Before the race I will eat oatmeal and maybe a granola bar. Drink a lot of water and usually a 1/2 can of Mountain Dew. I don't daily mile.

  7. I am not a Gu brand fan however, I do like Hammer gels. I also prefer to drink hammer heed instead of gatorade.

    Some other fuel options I are Sport Beans, Powerbar Gel Blasts, Clif Bloks and Clif Shots.

  8. I like the GU chomps but I stay away from things I have to chew when running. I am somewhat of a clutz and I can't chew and walk let alone run!

  9. I don't mind the gu chomps or the the gu gel's at least so far. The jelly beans I didn't like doing. I don't like the cytomax drink they've used at races. YUCK. Ugh So I might brink something to have Nuun in.

  10. Bonk Breaker Bars are really good.

  11. I like the watermelon, blueberry and strawberry chomps. I have't had any problems with them but dont have any with th regular gu either. i
    carried my hand held go-lite water bottle for my half last fall. i used the gu brew in it. i took water at every station and used what was in my bottle for inbetween stations.

  12. I've tried the Chomps and they are good... kind of sticky to me, but dissolve fast. WE use the Sports Beans by Jelly Belly. And I really like the Powerbar Energy Gel Blasts (Raspberry and Strawberry/Banana are both great).

  13. Pre race is a basic english muffin or toast with almond butter. Add banana if there is one in the kitchen.

    I've tried GU, Shot Blocks, etc and my favorite is Sport Beans. Little jelly beans full of energy. The Fruit Punch is my favorite flavor.

    Yes, I am on the Daily Mile. Love it.

  14. I've heard that people enjoy Sharkies, too. Haven't tried them myself because I don't like eating when I run.

    I'm a Daily Miler!

  15. GU chomps are gross, in my opinion! I do like gummy bears. I am okay with GU and I actually do like "Jet Blackberry." The consistency really screwed me up at first but I can stomach that one pretty well. I'm not a daily miler. Should I be??? :)

  16. I ran with my Nathan 22 oz water bottle during the half marathon. Quite a few people looked at me like I was nuts, but I was used to carrying it during my training runs, so I didn't think anything about it.

    I actually drank very little water while running last year...but can already tell that this year is different. Not sure why. Curious to see what happens when the heat of summer arrives.

    I'm a Daily Miler!! :-)

  17. I've been experimenting with stuff too lately. I have a fuel belt and like watered down Gatorade. I've been trying Nuun lately. I don't like GU or Chomps. The Chomps are too big and hard to chew. I'd like to try the Jelly Belly sport beans, they seem more manageable in size.

    I'm on Daily Mile. Obsessive tracker, here.

  18. I've never had Gu Chomps. I tried a sample pack of some Nutrilite chews that I got from an expo, but they weren't my thing. I'm interested in trying the Honey Stinger items. Good luck figuring out your nutrition!

  19. You have some good choices listed. I've never done a full, so who knows how my idea of fuel will change when I do. I choke on chomps and things of the like...big piece of gel stuff + deep breath = me on the side of the road coughing. Not pretty. GU gels upset my stomach but Hammer Nutrition gels don't because they don't have the sugar. Jelly beans work well for a lot of people (sports beans??). I love running with my 20oz water bottle too!



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