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Apr 11, 2011

Cross Train

10 miles on the bike today and my bowflex workout as well.  Back to the regular schedule.  As I said yesterday, this week is s cut back week so it should be easier on me.  Yesterday, WHEN I WAS RESTING, my left foot started to hurt for no reason.  It still hurt this morning.  It's just a bothersome kind of hurt but I hate those kind because they play with my mind.  You know.  You start thinking, oh, am I going to be able to run tomorrow?  What if it hurts like this all week?  What if I can't get my workouts in?  Is this going to mess up my half marathon in a couple weeks?  Hopefully tomorrow I will run and all will be better again!  Haha!


46 days until my first marathon!!  Holy cow!  That's less than 7 weeks away.  It seems like I just started training for this.  Where did the time go?  I've been juggling a new job, training and regular family life.  One thing my running partner and I were discussing was how much harder a full marathon is to train for than a half marathon.  This sure makes the half marathon training look easy even though I know it's not.  He's also going to be doing his first marathon with me AND a second one this fall.  I chickened out and only went with half marathon's the rest of the year.  I'm glad I did.  I can't see training for another marathon in the same year.  There's always next year.  Yes, I'm already thinking of doing another one next year!

If I have the money, my next full will be New York.  Anyone want to put me up for the weekend?  Jeez, hotels are expensive in New York!  I'm adding up what this weekend would cost me so I better start saving now even if it takes 3 years to get in.  Wow!
The Start!
The finish!


Question of the day:  Did you have awesome weather like Detroit - over 80 degrees yesterday!!!!!

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!


  1. 46 days is a long time, and more than enough time to train for a marathon. I would say that is when you start training for your marathon. up till now you have been trying to get fit enough to do the training. So now is the time you have a look at your program and say: How fit am I? I've got 7 weeks training ahead what will my training let me do, then go out and do it...

    It is to late to say I missed this session or that one, it is now time to look ahead a work with what we have!

    Good luck

  2. We did not have awesome weather this weekend. We had a horrible wind on Sunday, the day I hhad to ride. It was a killer!

  3. We had a beautiful day in Albany, NY yesterday. But that super warm weather is moving in here today. 80 degrees predicted!! (and then back to 50 something tomorrow, haha)

  4. NYC would be an awesome marathon. Have you read the book about it? If not, I highly recommend it... ooo I just looked over to the right side of the screen and I see you have read it :) Awesome book. Training for a marathon sure takes a lot of time. I'm hoping to get a fall marathon in. We'll see!!! We had great weather this weekend. It was so nice and I got to spend a lot of time outside both days!

  5. It sounds like a beautiful day there; we're getting the warm weather today. A big reason why I haven't done a marathon is the time commitment. It sounds so daunting. You have plenty of time left before your marathon so take are of yourself.

  6. Coach Dion - I'm ready(I think) Never missed one schedule run but the miles are getting up there. Feeling pretty confident.

    Christi - hate the wind but at least it's a warmer wind!

    Mallory - That book is why I want to run NYC. Great book!

    Suzy - Just make sure you have the time because you will need it! Good luck if you decide to do one!

  7. I've observed it's hard for most people to stop at just one marathon.

    We had great weekend weather here in Kansas, 60º to start each day, 80º to end them. A little windy though, but go figure, that's normal.