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Apr 10, 2011

Rest day, mail and sweets...

Rest day today.  I'm very happy about that! :)  Back to my normal schedule tomorrow.  This week coming up is a step back week.  Thanks Mr. Higdon - I needed a rest(relatively speaking)


Look what I got in the mail yesterday!!!!!  More blogger stickers!!!  I love blogger stickers, don't you?  These are from Michelle over at Running with Attitude and Tall mom from Tall Mom on the Run.  Not only two great blogs but also two incredible runners as well! Check out their blogs!!!


I also thought I would leave you with some pictures of the sweets we have bought over the last month.  Both my kids birthday's are in February and March and we like to buy them little treats from our local bakery place, Christine's!  Yummy, huh?

I think that butterfly had two wings!!

Bunny frosting!

Question of the day:  What are your sweet indulgence?  Personally, I like skittles or Snickers but I gave up Snickers for Lent!

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. I am addicted to oreos and starburst jelly beans. However, I have not had any for a long time!

  2. I gave up all candy for Lent. My downfall is those things.

    That bakery does some amazing work!

  3. My favorite sweet indulgence is Medjool dates... very boring.

    Those cakes look amazing! I get a real kick out of your sticker collection :)

  4. OMG are those cupcakes!?!?! I may have just died a little of jealousy.

    Personally, I love swedish fish. They are my go to. And dark chocolate. Yum!!

  5. I would have to go with bourbons (biscuits) dipped in coffee. I can easily polish off a whole pack (but I resist). Nice looking cakes by the way. :-)

  6. Snickers are definitely a goodie! We have bakery here in Jackson called Hinkleys. BEST DONUTS EVER. The have a maple one that rocks my world!

  7. oh i can't pick just one...cupcakes of any sort though...

  8. I love rest days! I am sooo glad I have tomorrow off of running! :) I like cheese cake, chocolate cake...oh so many sweets. but I do like Dove Chocolate for something that I'd have in the house from time to time. :) Thanks for your comment on my Race Report!

  9. I am a sucker for sweets! I love chocolate, sour stuff, gummy candy, cake, cookies, etc...

    I gave up sweets after dinner for lent.

  10. Rest days are great! Hope you enjoyed it!!! My favorite sweets are skittles, twizzlers and swedish fish!!!

  11. Those cupcakes look amazing!

    I'm a sucker for chocolate and peanuts - Peanut M&M's are my favorite, followed closely behind by Reese Cups and Reese Pieces!