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Jun 1, 2011

A new contest and more marathon pictures...

Rest day today again!  Running tomorrow!!!  My legs are back to 90% so that's a good feeling.


Well in celebration for finishing the marathon, I'm going to do a small contest.  A little while back, I did a review on the GU Brew.  If you have not tried it, it's a tasty sports drink that you just drop the tablet into a glass of water and drink.  I'm going to give most of these packs away because 1) they were given to me from Outside PR 2) I think you all deserve them.

If you are interested in trying one, you just need to follow my blog.  I assume if you are reading this you probably do, so that makes it easy.  I'll pick 10 winners by June 10th 5pm and send them out(Sorry, but USA only).  I'll give an extra entry if you go to the Facebook page of GU Energy Labs and leave a comment that I sent you there and then leave a comment here that you left a comment on GU.

GU Brew; great sports drink
I did not use this drink as much as I should have in my training so I did not use it much in my marathon but I plan to change how I hydrate and eat during the marathon next time to help me get through it easier.  These will be an invaluable part of the training and should be for you too.


Review coming soon - Columbia Peak to Peak Jacket

The people over at Columbia offered to send me one of their new outdoor jackets in exchange for a review:

The review will be coming soon but it's 90 degrees right now, so not very fitting for the jacket right now.  As soon as we have some weather to use this, I'll get back to you with a review!  From the few minutes I looked at this, it's a very high quality jacket.


Here's some more marathon pictures that my Running Buddy T's wife took.  They turned out great!
At the start before the race

Before the race!

Waiting for lunch after the race and still smiling!

With my wife after!

Ice cream at the end!

I was dying here at 26.1 miles!

and here!

Dying but had to waive

Still dying!  Haha!

Unfortunately, all the race pictures from runmichigan are no good(of me) but we are still waiting for the professional photographer the race hired.  There were lots of photographers so there HAS to be at least one good picture of me during the race!

Question of the day:  Did you buy a photo from your first race/marathon?

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. I'm a follower! These pics are great, hope you get a good professional one too! I finally got a good race picture when I did bay to breakers in san francisco. I bought it because I loved the picture and because it was a historical event, being the 100th year, so I figured why not buy a good race pic AND a way to commemorate the 100th year??

  2. I'm a follower!

    I haven't run my first marathon yet, but I didn't buy any of my first half. I look like a disaster in all of the pictures, so I didn't bother :)

  3. following :) Love the pics - you are never too tired to wave for the camera :)

  4. I'm a follower!

    I bought all the picks from my first marathon. They were decent - I smiled a LOT - so I figured why not?

  5. You know I am a follower!

    I purchased a photo of my dad and I with our medals and the Detroit Marathon backdrop at the finish line after finishing the marathon in 2009.

  6. Congratulations on the marathon. WAY TO GO!

  7. I'm a follower and I'd love to try out the Gu Brew. ITA about the weather and trying the jacket (I got one too but it is too warm to even wear it for more than a few minutes).

  8. I'd run a marathon if it had ice cream at the finish, lol. Those Gu Brew's sound great.. I've been thinking about trying Zym. I saw an ad for them in a trail running magazine.

    Congrats on your finish! :)

  9. I'm a follower! I've never bought the race pics, but I've never had a great one, either. I debated it from my first half, feeling like I should do it, but I ended up not since it wasn't that great at all.

    Congrats again on accomplishing such an amazing feat; I'm starting my first marathon training plan in one more week!!!

  10. That's awesome that you get to review that jacket!!! I still don't know how y'all get to do stuff like that!!!!

  11. I'm a follower!! :)

    I haven't run a marathon yet, but I bought a picture from the 2nd HM (gave it to my parents to prove I had run a HM...LOL).

  12. Commented on Gu Energy Labs FB Page