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Jun 7, 2011

Got my plate!!!

3 miles today on the schedule.  That's what I did.  75 degrees already when I ran at 5:30am?  No, Michigan is not usually this warm at this hour.  Felt good but sweaty.


It's going to be a hot one over the next few days:

The above forecast makes me glad that at least I'm running in the morning when it will be 75 degrees.  Haha!  I'm not sure if I prefer this over 10 degrees in winter.  Actually winter running does not bug me that much as long as there is no snow to run in.  Here I am after the run all nice and sweaty.  One thing that is nice is not having to take the time to get all the clothes on for a winter run.
Not too bad outside

clearer over here.

My son got to be in his school's talent show last night.  He plays the piano and did a great job playing the Peanuts Theme song(Linus & Lucy) in front of about 80 people!!!
Doesn't he look good?

Well, I finally got my new Detroit Runner license plate!!!  If you see me around town, honk at me!!! Haha!  What do you think?  Do you think people will know its Detroit Runner?  Of course, if they do, they probably will not understand the relationship to my blog but will know I'm a runner especially since there's a 26.2 sticker on there too.

Question of the day?  Do you have a running sticker/magnet on your car?  What is it?

Have a great day and.......Keep Running!!!!!!


  1. I have lots of stickers, IRONMAN, Montrail, Buff, Hi Tec, can't think of the others...

    I ran this morning at 05h15 and it was 48...

  2. I just bought my first sticker in celebration of running my first half-marathon! It says, "13.1 'cause I'm only HALF crazy!" ;)
    I had no idea it was going to be so hot here in MI this week... not looking forward to the 90's.
    Your son looks adorable up there on that big stage!

  3. Running stickers and beer stickers. Surprised?

  4. That is a rockin' license plate. I don't have any running stickers on my car but I do have a tri sticker.

    Congrats to your son! What a brave kid!

  5. 75 that early in the morning?? Yikes, I'd be getting up early to run too!

    Congrats to your son! That's awesome.

    I don't have any stickers on my car, but I kind of want the 26.2 after I finish the marathon this year.

  6. Love the plate. If I see you on the road, expect to see some woman honking and waiving like crazy!! :-)

    I have a 26.2 sticker on my car.

  7. Love the plate. I don't have any stickers on my car, but am thinking about it after my first half. I love seeing the number stickers on cars.

    Congrats to your son, too.

  8. Your son looks really good. I like how they did the sign - it looks really nice!

  9. I have a 13.1 sticker, but you take that a step further with your plate. I love it!

  10. Great plates!! I do have a sticker...13.1. My husband just added a 13.1 to his car as well so we match.

  11. Kudos to your son for playing in the talent show. As a former piano teacher I love it when kids volunteer to play music in front of a group.

  12. @jamoosh - No, I'm not surprised. haha

    Steph - I'll be on the lookout for you. :)

    Suzy - He has a great Piano teacher.

  13. Running in this heat sucks the life out of ya, doesn't it? :(

    Congrats to your son! That's awesome!

    Love the plates! We have a 140.6 sticker and a RAAM (Race Across America) sticker.

  14. Nice! Love the plate. I've got a sticker on the back of my truck that says, plain and simple - 26.2. I love it.

    Sounds like your son rocked the house! Congrats!