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Jun 3, 2011


Here's a concept....walking....did over three miles today.  Just following Hal Higdon's advise.  I actually don't think I have walked in at least 18 months!  It was a nice change of pace being out there today.  One thing I do notice.  It's much cooler outside when you're walking than when you are running.


Seriously, how long does it take to post digital photo's to your website?  The marathon photos are supposed to be up by today.  The event was almost a week ago for crying out loud!!!  Give me my photos Action Sports Images.  Can't say I'm too impressed with this company.  I sure hope their photographer ability is better than their timing on getting photos on their website.


Well my next scheduled race was going to be in the end of July but I just can't wait that long.  So.......I'm going to sign up for just the 10k of the Solstice Run in Northville.  I would do the 10 miler like I did last year but it's a very hilly and challenging course and I'm really not ready for hill training yet.  One bonus - you even get a medal in the 10k!  Take a look.  They are doing a Hawaiian theme this year - cool!

I think the medal looks pretty cool.  The shirt is not bad either:

I read a lot of reviews of this last year and it got some pretty bad reviews.  I personally thought that overall the race was run fairly well.  They probably needed a few people to direct people getting there and perhaps have a few more port-o-potties but other than that, the race was nice, the course was challenging and the end on a track was good.  They also end with an expo right at the end of the race which I thought was also really nice.  So for me, I think I'll do this one.

Question of the day?  Do you feel you're missing out if you did a longer race last year than this year for the same race?  10 mile vs. 10k.  I kind of feel like I'm missing out but know I'm not ready for 10 hilly miles.

Have a great day and......Keep Running!!!!!


  1. That shirt is awesome! I used to walk/run the week after marathons, it really seemed to help get my legs back in shape.

  2. I'm always amazed when I walk places that I usually run. You see so much! It's like when you switch from driving somewhere to running.

    Loving the medal and shirt for your race. It's completely understandable that you're not ready for hill training!

  3. I enjoy walking too! I haven't done it too much though.

    The medal and shirt look so cool!!

  4. How hilly is the 10 mile? I am (was) really considering doing the 10 mile.....

  5. tahoegirl - I thought it was fairly hilly. Hilly enough to not run it after a marathon for my first race. It seemed to me everytime we turned a corner there was another hill. Good luck if you do it. I did it last year in about 1:25 so it didn't slow me down too much.

  6. Love the Hawaiian theme!! Too cute!
    Way to take it easy and do a little walking! It definitely makes a huge difference!! :0)

  7. I wanna say it took them a while last year to put up the photos, too.