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Jun 28, 2011

Solstice/Upnorth Pictures

5 miles on the schedule today....Done!  It was hot and it was humid!  I know anytime I see my temperature gage showing 70 or more, I'm in for a sweating run and this one surely did not disappoint.


The race pictures for the Solstice Run came out.  Here they are:

T and I near the beginning

Not sure what I'm doing with my mouth here?

T only

This girl helped pace me the whole way!

At the end and still smiling - that's a good sign.

Back to concentration
I guess I'm photogenic when it comes to race pictures.  Usually there's at least one that turns out Ok.  Notice my shirt - my marathon shirt!  I got lots of screams about the shirt.

I will be running up north shortly.  I love running up north near my cottage.  I always feel like I'm a million miles away from everyone when I'm running up there.  Don't you just love the change of scenery of a new run in a different place?  My plan is to run the 10k route that I'll be doing in a few weeks.  What better way to prepare for a race than to run the actual course.  I don't get many chances to do that since most of the races I run are not that close.  Here's a few pictures from a run I did up north last fall.  I can't wait to be up there.  Of course, whenever I'm up there, I'm on vacation so I get the added bonus of not having to work so you get to be very relaxed.

Otsego Lake Sunrise - Gaylord

Otsego Lake at Sunrise - Gaylord

Lakes course - Gaylord

Lakes Course - Gaylord



In my backyard
Ah, how I love up North in Michigan!!!  Especially when running!!!

Question of the day:  What's your favorite place to run?  Mine is between upnorth Michigan and Downtown Detroit.  Big difference, I know!

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!!


  1. Hey, if you get a good picture you are doing better than most! My favorite place to run is in NW WI. My favorite route is 5 miles with water on both sides for the better part of 4 miles. Beautiful.

  2. great race pictures and those up north pictures are gorgeous! I do love running in Michigan, I think there are a lot of beautiful places, but I loved running next to the bay in san francisco

  3. oh, your pictures make me miss my cottage!! It's not all that far from Gaylord, actually! My family will be up there this weekend for the holiday but we aren't able to get there. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, hopefully you'll have cool mornings to enjoy your runs!

  4. My favorite place to run is down by the water, it's flat and breezy and a nice view!

    You seriously are photogenic for races! I am the opposite.

  5. I love running out by my in-law's lake house. It's hilly yet provides water and beautiful homes to look at. and it's free of traffic!

    I also enjoy going down to Wildwood in Toledo, OH or out to the Poto trail in Pinckney to run.

  6. Great pictures! I notice that you don't run with an ipod either. My friends all think I'm crazy to run without music, but I love listening to the sounds of the race itself--the spectators cheering, other people talking and encouraging other runners, feet pounding the pavement :)

    The pictures of Gaylord look beautiful! My husband's family lives there, and we've been there a few times. I bet it's prettiest in the fall.

  7. I can't believe how photogenic you are in race pics. You've got the best I've seen!

    Great cabin pics - I always enjoy running in a new place - no matter the terrain or view. I just like exploring new avenues.