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Jun 20, 2011

This and that....

5 miles on the schedule today.  Done!


It actually was a really nice day today for a run.  Low 60's, sunny, nice!  I did a a little sprinkler dodging this morning.  I actually prefer to stay dry for my morning run unless it's really, really hot outside then it does not bother me.  So.  Today, I dodged them.  Sometimes that means going around them.  Sometimes that means running across the street and then back again.

I also saw something very unusual this morning when running.  I saw another runner and it was even at the  beginning of my run so it was pretty early out.  It still amazes me that I don't see many people out running in the area.  I see more people running on the treadmill of the gym I pass than I do out on the streets.  I realize these people are probably laughing at me when I pass there and it's 10 degrees and windy but when it's 60 and sunny, they should be out there enjoying this great weather we have here in Michigan.


How was your Father's day?  We just hung out mostly.  I got some Snickers(my favorite) bite size pieces and some jelly bellies from my kids.  I also got a coupon book from my son.  One of the coupons was good for a marathon!

I asked him, "Was he going to pay for me to run a marathon or was he going to run one with me?"  He said he was going to run one with me.  Haha!  I'll get him training so I have a permanent running buddy going forward - no offense T.

My daughter said that she was going to combine my Father's Day gift with my Birthday gift and give it to me on my birthday on Thursday.  She's supposed to be going to the local running shop to buy something there.  I actually need to get over there and see my running shop since they just more than doubled the size of their store.  I'm sure many of you have heard of them since they always have top runners at races.  Most recently was Desiree Davila, woman's runner up of the Boston Marathon.

I am fortunate to live about 2 miles from one of their locations which I think is now their largest location.

Do you have a local running store by you?

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. I actually usually run on the TM in the morning instead of outside because I never quite wake up. I feel like it's safer for me. You know, less cars to be aware of :).

    Sounds like a fun father's day!

    My local running store is great! It's where I found my running group!

  2. A marathon with your son--does he know what he's gotten himself into?
    The closest running store to me isn't great but there are some really good ones not too far away.

  3. Yes I do! The best:

  4. Ooo hopefully she gets you something cool!!! I have a running store about 30 minutes from me that I like to go to but on Thursday during an in-service at my work, our health insurance rep told us that we get a 15% discount at Marathon Sports in the Boston area so I might head up there because the discount will still be better than the extra gas money I spend!!!