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Jun 11, 2011

Boring Runner Virtual 5k....

Rest day today everyone.  I need it too.  Talk about boring though.


It's that time of year again.  Adam over a The boring Runner(Click here) is hosting another Virtual 5k.  This one will be on June 25th.  If you have not joined him at his Virtual 5k's before, then check his site out.  His blog is also great for a few laughs daily as well.....especially if you like talking about poop!  And come one, who doesn't like talking about poop!  Haha!

I, for one, will be joining the 5k again.  I also have a 10 miler to do that very day so it works into my schedule perfectly especially since Adam will allow you to run the 5k as part of your longer run.

Just a few things to think about when you do a virtual race:

1) If you have not raced an actual race before, this is a great way to see how you would do without feeling concerned about how you did.  Besides, we're all very supportive here so no matter how you did, you did great!

2) Be sure to thank the host after the race.  This is a simple one but keep in mind that these races, while virtual, still take time to put together.  ie - runners list, prizes to find/get donated, money spent to mail out prizes.  Several follow up post talking about the 5k coming up.  It really is more work that you think.

3)  Have fun with it.  This is an easy one!

4)  Take a picture, it will last longer!  It's always nice to see people from around the country get into your virtual race.  And really, think about the blogs you read.  Isn't it nice to see pictures?  I'm still trying to work more on this one for my blog posts.

5)  It's excuses to get out there and race now!

So there you have it....just a few of my thoughts about Virtual races.  So go over to Adam's blog and start with this one.  You will be glad you joined us!

Question of the day?  Virtual or actual, what's your next race?  Solstice Run 10 miler for me!

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. so far my next race is a 20k in september. I'm thinking I need to find some races in between!

  2. Looks fun. My next race isn't really a race, it is more of a run. Next Saturday I'm doing a Mud Race/Run. It is short and dirty so all is good.

  3. How interesting--I've never heard of a virtual race. I'm definitely going to go check it out!

  4. Great tips! I enjoyed running your virtual race. I wish I was doing Adam's race, but I'll be elbow deep in grad school at that point. Hopefully he'll do another one in the winter.

  5. I have my first triathlon of the season next Saturday. I love the whole idea of the virtual race thing. They are pretty fun. I will check this one out - thanks for posting. I don't follow that blog.

  6. I am going to do Adam's run... that's the next race on the agenda... also doing it as part of a longer run. Good of you to post the etiquette tips for a virtual race :)