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Jun 22, 2011

WTF Wednesday.......

4 miles on the schedule today.  Done.  They were slower than usual.  Probably the heat and the ride last night didn't help either.


WTF Wednesday.....

1) What's with this heat?  I get up a 5am each morning to avoid the heat, not run in it.  Another hot and humid run this morning - WTF.  I don't know how you Southerners do it.

2)  Took the bike out last night for it's first spin in about 20 years.  Wow.  It feels like I'm out of shape - WTF.  While I've been doing miles on an exercise bike, it's just not the same.  You know, kind of like when you run on a treadmill and then go outside and's much harder outside.

3)  Talked to someone from my work yesterday because I found out she runs marathons.  3:07 is her PR!  Over an hour fast than me - W.T.F.  Wow, that's awesome!

4)  Anyone else having problems adding pictures to blogger?  I can't even sign my name - WTF!!!!!

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!!

Detroit Runner


  1. Blogger has been nothing but problems annoying! Yes I was having some problems with it during my last post but finally got it to work

    Pretty much all summer we deal with the heat and humidity. By 5am here in KC it's usually already 80 degrees with 100% humidity. No matter how hard you try you can't escape the heat morning or evening.

    Good job on the biking. It's weird when you start doing something new and all of a sudden you feel like you are totally out of shape again.

  2. We have a lot of heat and a lot of humidity. You try to work around it as best you can but really, you tend to kind of get used to it at some point. You don't like it but you can endure... Isn't that funny when you hear other people's times? 3;07, that is insane!

  3. Blogger is the worst lately!

    It's so funny when you do new activities and you see how out of shape you are for that even though you're in top shape for running. The human body is a mystery lol.

  4. Blogger is a pain, but what can you do? move to a different host but that seems like a pain to me. Biking always makes me feel out of shape, so I just don't do it. Have a good one and try to stay cool.

  5. The heat can really make things suck. I use Windows Live Writer to post so I avoid the Blogger issues.

  6. Isn't it fun when you find another runner though? Even if her time is ridiculously faster than yours? I swear the running community is the nicest one I've ever been a part of.

    Yes, I'm doing the Solstice run in Northville on Saturday. It's our first race on the 501 running team. We should try to find each other before the start. I'm doing the 10K - why does it start at 715, before the 10milers and almost 2 hours before the 5k?

  7. My boss ran Boston in 2:45. I try not to get into running talk with him, haha.

  8. It's like riding a bike!!!! What's the problem?????????? LOL

  9. I totally agree with the WTF? In revards to the weather..... I just can't seem to tolerate it this year!