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Jun 17, 2011

six months to a year and 1/2....

4 miles on the schedule....Mr. Consistency....guess what I did?


Continuing from yesterday's post:

What I have done six months after I started being active to a year and a 1/2 later.

- I ran....a lot....I have not figured exactly but about 1,000 miles
- I ran my first 5k race ever - cold and rainy and I loved it!(and raced two others too)
My first 5k!
- I ran my first 10k race ever(and also one other) and raised some money for Autism.
My first 10k!
- I ran my first 10 mile race ever(and also one other)
My first 10 miler!
- I ran my first half marathon ever(and it was NOT flat)
First half!
- I raised $2,800 for Children's Hospital running in my half marathon
- I ran my first ever Marathon relay event that included running through an underwater tunnel
First marathon relay!
- I learned what overtraining is.  16 miles in one day was too much!!  Boo!!!
- I learned what an IT Band is and what an IT Band strap does
- I learned what foam rolling is and how do do it without pain
- I bought and learned how to use a Garmin
- I learned how to get faster at running
- I learned how to eat better when training(sort of a work in progress)
- I learned to hate the treadmill but appreciate it when I needed it.
- I found blogging and started Detroit Runner!
- I've met so many wonderful people at races and virtually through this blog.
- I signed up for my first Marathon - Bayshore in Traverse City!
- I lost an additional 15 pounds for 65 pounds total and reached my goal weight.

More to come...the last six months.....

Question of the day:  Full or half?  What do you prefer?  I still prefer the half distance.  It doesn't try to kill you!!!  Haha!

Have a great day and......Keep Running!!!!!


  1. seriously the things you've done in such a short amount of time are amazing! Plus what i really love is that you seem to be having fun!

    half marathons are definitely my preference, but I like throwing a full now and then to really push myself mentally..weird right?

  2. Jeff, that is truly amazing! Let's see what the next six months will bring....

  3. I have love for both. I love the half because I can actually "race" that distance. I also have love for marathon training! I love the high mileage and intense training I do for 26.2.

    By the way, expect a little something in the mail within th enext few days. :-)

  4. When you do something you go all or nothing, huh? That's so awesome!!

  5. Fantastic recap of your path to fitness! Keep up the good work..

    You know which distance I like 8)

    That said, I do plan to actually race some halfs this summer (!)

  6. That is so awesome!

    I like training for a half. Seems to leave a little time for other things in life :)

  7. Amanda - I would not do it if it was not fun. We all have our days where training sucks but overall I love it.

    Ken - one more post and I'm to today.

    Steph - I can't wait!!!

    RR - My wife hates this about me. Yes, it's all or nothing. Why do something if you can't do your best.

    Paul - Yes, I're crazy!!! Haha!! MManiac

    XLMIC - I like that about it too.

  8. You did a whole lot those second 6 months! Way to go. I have never done a full, but I really like the half distance. Long enough to be work but short enough so I can train for it and still have tons of time and energy for family time.