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May 31, 2011

More about the marathon...thank you's

Rest day first run will be Thursday this week.  An easy 2 miler.  I'm still following Hal Higdon's plan for four weeks after the marathon.  After that I'm lost but I'm sure I'll figure it out soon!


I first want to start off by thanking all the people that helped support me during my training and races:

My wife and kids - for supporting me through all my training, long runs, time away from family, running on vacations, talking about running, races and living and breathing running and really the only one that will continue to hear about it now and into the future.

My running buddy T. - for being there for the long runs and at races.  It's always nice to have someone at races that you know and keep you motivated.  I can't wait to get back into the long runs again with you (but only up to 16 miles for the rest of this year!) Haha!

My friend P. - She has always been very supportive of my running and even has gotten into it herself.

My brother in law - for helping me get into running even though he cannot run himself anymore.  He's now into biking which is perhaps my next pursuit. Du?

My parents - for helping babysit during the race, following races and coming to races.

Bloggers - of course, all the supportive running bloggers that are on here.  It is amazing what a wonderful support system it is for people who don't even know me personally.  I feel like I know some of you so well even though I have not met most of you!

Fellow marathoners - for helping push me to the limit.


Here's a couple pictures of the race shirt we got at the Bayshore Marathon.  I'll post a full set of pictures once the professional pictures are posted.  I also have many from my running buddy T. too:

Great blue color

only 2 sponsors!
I thought the shirt design was really nice and minimalistic.  Also, only two sponsors on the back of the shirt.  Finally, a race shirt that I don't feel like a walking billboard!  One is Brooks and the shirt is a brooks so almost really only one sponsor and it's a local running store!

We also got a great pair of running socks!  Again, finally something that I can USE after a race!  Sorry for the sock drawer pictures but you can see how nice these socks are and everyone will know I ran this marathon!  Haha!

Back of the sock!  Sweet!

Race logo on the front
The other thing I forgot to share is that my running buddy T. got me a new sticker for my car!  I had planned to get one so it was a really nice surprise!  I have the 13.1 magnet(which is still my favorite race) but I moved it to my wife's car.  Of course, I had to have this 26.2 on my car for bragging rights!  As you can see, I still don't have my license plates in yet.

Love to brag about it!

The other thing I did yesterday was finally put together a display for my running medals.  Now I know that I don't have that many like some of you but I continue to build my collection.  It's really great to have something to keep forever to remember about the race.  What do you think?
Displayed in my home office
A little closer!
Only $10 bucks to make this!!!  Not bad eh?  I know some of you have some great displays of your medals but I thought this would do for now.  Figures it would take me running a marathon to get around to putting this together.

Do you display your medals somewhere?

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. I really like that bayshore shirt! Also pretty cool that you guys got socks too. I think your medal hanger is still a great way to show them off. Nice, creative thinking there, I like it.

  2. That is some pretty good race swag. I only have one medal so far and I just have it hanging on a bookshelf in our workout room. :)

  3. I like the medal display! I don't have mine hanging anywhere. I may have to do that sometime this year, along with some pictures.

  4. Man, you got socks in your goody bag? That is AWESOME. I one time ran a race that had a goody bag that was only race flyers. And one single crayola marker. Weird.

  5. New to your blog, but WICKED congratulations! Look forward to following you : )

    Jessie Pants

  6. I really like your medal display. I would do the same (if my hubby hadn't bought me a display rack for a gift). The shirt is a great blue!

  7. I love your medal hanger! How clever!! Congrats again! :0)

  8. I have one of those carved heads on a shelf and I have a couple of my 'earned' medals hang around neck.
    Good to hear you have a plan for getting back into running after your marathon. So many people just get out there and start plodding, and wonder why you struggle to get running again. I hope your 'program' has something in it to get your legs turning over at a good pace.

    Now you don't need race to aim at to enjoy your training. And never limit yourself by saying 16mins and no farther this year. There are some training run out there that one just has to do. I see a mountain and have to run it, so if it's 5km or 35km I will run it.

    Good luck and keep training, even if it is just for the training runs to come...

  9. @coach dion - thanks for the input. It's funny because I'm not thinking of longer runs of 16 whether I'm training for a marathon or not. Scary.

  10. I bet if you made it a habbit to run 12-16 miles every weekend all your PR would fall and then when you decided to run another Marathon it would be easy to throw in 2/3 20's.

    Good luck

  11. Love the shirt!! I like when they are minimalistic like that!! Great idea to hang your medals. Mine are all on a corkboard in my closet. I've been wanting to get an Allied Metal display but haven't yet. Although I really do like your idea. Awesome sticker too. Can't wait to get mine!