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Jun 25, 2011

Solstice Run 2011

Unofficial time of 1:20:35 for the Solstice Run 10 mile race on the Garmin.  Official results coming soon.  Felt pretty good!  More details and pictures to follow soon.

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!


  1. Wow, just think if you had raced it! LOL

  2. I thought you were running it, I looked for you but never saw you!

  3. Great job! I stayed to cheer on the 10milers after I finished the 10K and looked for you. I saw someone in a blue (bayshore) shirt that looked like you, but when I yelled "Hey Jeff" he/you didn't look :)

    I also didn't see Megan or Ken. Someday though, we'll all catch up. It was a perfect day for racing!

  4. Ken - It seems I can't do a training run at races. Haha!

    Meg - next time maybe

    Rose - Sorry I did not see you.