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Jun 30, 2011

Fourth funeral in a year.....

Only 3 miles today....and that was on the schedule!  I love you Mr. Higdon.  Thank you for a little break!  Another great day to run!!!!!  High 50's, no humidity, sunny!  This is awesome!


So today was another funeral for me.  I've had so many over the last year.  This is my fourth in the last year to be exact  This post is in tribute to one of my faithful friends.  Here's her good qualities:

1)  I could always count on her to be there for me no matter the situation.
2)  I often came to her for support at least twice a week.
3)  She was never jealous of my other supports.
4)  I got to know her better than many people I know.
5)  We shared many hours of hard work together and trained through a marathon together.
6)  She was cheap!(It's good, trust me).

So I bid farewell to her.  Fortunately for me, I have a couple replacements in store so I can look forward to many more hours of hard work.


What else did you think?  That I would blog about a funeral?  My shoes!  Their toast!

Yep, another pair bites the dust.  400 miles and I'm out.  I keep track of every mile.  Is it low?  Probably.  Could I go more - of course.  But.  I always have problems with my legs after 400 miles so off they go to their next use.  I gladly trade them in for new ones to keep my legs running strong.  Next use?  I use them to cut grass(usually).  I'll be using this pair for a mud run in July(Warrior Dash) which will then get thrown out after the race.

Fortunately for me I have two more pairs of the same shoe on standby in my closet.  Then what to do?  These last two pairs are like 7th-8th pair of Saucony Ride 2's.  Only $50 bucks online!!!!  I've also tried Brooks Ghost(eh) and a cheap pair of NB(when I first started walking)  I guess I'll be going to the Ride 3's(also $50 or $60 online) or Ride 4's, the current version.  I've got a little over 500 miles until my next marathon so I know these(2) will get me through the season.  I have had much success with Saucony and so I'm likely to go that way again.  Here's the new Ride 4 colors - I'll probably get them all at some point!

What do you wear?  What do you like?  I only wear neutral shoes.  They work for me.

I have not gotten into minimalist shoes and probably will not yet.  If I could run in them all the time right away, perhaps I would get a pair but I know I can't do that.  I tried on a pair of Vibram 5 fingers.  They are NOT for me.  I don't like the toe things. They might be Ok to walk around in but thanks!  Maybe the Saucony Hattori with no separated toes?  I have not tried them on but I bet they are comfortable.  How about just regular cushioned neutral running shoes?

Question of the day?  How long do you run in your shoes?  Do you keep track of your miles on them?

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!!


  1. You had me going there for a minute. I usually run in my shoes for about 500 miles and then they become hiking or lawn mowing shoes...

  2. Haha I totally thought you were writing about a funeral and was kinda surprised because you don't seem like that kind of guy! Glad it's only shoes!! I have trouble after 400 miles too. I am really liking my Nike Free +2 shoes. I had some minor blister issues and such but I think they're great overall.

  3. I run in a stability shoe. I've gone to 3 different running stores and each one put me in the same shoe and size; Brooks Adrenaline GTS. I really want to try a ligth weight training shoe for short runs and speed work.

  4. I overpronate (sp?) so my shoes help me with that! I use the Saucony ProGuides (currently running the "4s") and I love them! Just found the ProGuide 2's on sale for $45 so I couldnt pass that up! Nothing like having a new pair waiting in the wings when you need them!

  5. I use my old running shoes for yard work, too! Then I feel like I really get my money's worth when they're stained green, grungy, and falling apart.

  6. That was funny... I literally was like "poor guy - 4 funerals is a lot!". :)



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