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Jun 21, 2011

Onto the second discipline.....

4 miles on the schedule for running.  Done.  It was really hot and humid today; 70's in the morning is too hot for me.


I got my bike back from the bike shop.  Here's what she looks like:

Nice and shiny(I did that), wheels are true, new tires and new aerobars - bike shop did those.  I really splurged on the aerobars.  Those things are not cheap but I really want to get used to using them.  Here's a little close up on the aerobars too:

I can't wait to try these out.  I hope I like them.  If anything, I figured it would give me a nice position change when on the bike.  I still have my old bike shoes but they are starting to fall apart---literally!
They are really comfortable so I really don't want to get new ones but I think once I start riding more, I'm probably going to have to get new ones.  I have my old clipless pedals which I love using.  I'd probably need some new cleats too with these.  You can see these pedals have seen some miles.  I had a small accident one year when coming around a curve too fast:

I don't remember what I paid for these but I do remember they were not cheap.  Looks like you can get a decent new set for about $100 which is not bad.  I probably paid at least half that over 20 years ago.

Of course, you can't ride your bike, new or old, without a helmet so this is the one I got.  It's comfortable which is what I wanted and really matches everything.  Since it's been so long since I've ridden, I didn't even have a helmet to wear.
While I was looking at the bike shop, I figured I might as well get a few other essentials.  Gloves are a must.  At least from what I remember when I used to ride.
Now these are new to me - Tri Shorts.  Not bike shorts but tri shorts so I can also run in these as well.  I got a pair of SUGOi.  I think they are a decent brand from what I read.  I really do feel clueless about most of this stuff.

It's going to take a little time to get used to running with this pad in the shorts but I don't see any other way?  Is there even a place to change at a triathlon if you wanted to wear bike shorts and a jersey and then change to running shorts and a running shirt?  I'm not sure? Clueless!!
 I also got a new water bottle.  Have to be hydrated.  This is the new Camelbak podium 21 oz. water bottle.  It has a Jet Valve to let the water out with a squeeze and will not leak.  I got the local bike shop's logo on it too.
So, that's my first trip to the bike shop in about 20 years.  Now, I can't retire for an additional year to pay for all this stuff.  Jeez --- if you guys thought running was expensive - it looks like triathlon tops that no problem.  All I'm doing is trying to get used to riding again.  No races(I think) until next year.  My thought is to build up to a Half Ironman if I can find the time to do all the training.  If not, eh, I'm always sure I have time for marathon training.

Anyone else ride?  I'm hoping I like it as much as I did years ago.

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!!


  1. Wait till you have to buy a new bike... I only ride my old mountain bike, and for both my IRONMEN I borrowed a bike. enjoy the riding, just get out there and explore...

  2. Sweet bike! I used to bike to and from work, but then I moved further away and now my bike just hangs out with flats in the garage...maybe I should remedy that.

  3. Awesome bike, Jeff!! Looks like you are ready to go!!! I enjoy riding my bike. I should get it out and ride soon. Hmm. Maybe I'll just start carrying it in my car...

  4. I just started triathlon a year ago so I feel your pain on it being expensive. But I love it so no turning back now! As for the shorts, I suggest you return the "bike" shorts and buy "tri" shorts. The pad is much thinner so you will have to get your sits used to riding but they are meant for running so they will be MUCH more comfortable. Also if you have a tri suit then you can swim in it and not feel like you have a wet diaper on. I love my tri bars but they were really scary at first, they do save my hands on long rides. I can't wait to hear what you think of triathlon!

  5. Running with the pad... so not fun.

    But you WILL have fun riding... I would bet you money on that!

  6. So I'll expect to see you on the bike at Stony Creek???

  7. Just a few tips...

    First, although your shoes look super great and match your bike, you'll probably end up wanting some with a velcro strap at some point. Easy on and off in transition. Second, you'll get used to running in the tri shorts. For anything shorter than an Ironman, there usually isn't a changing room (maybe at some half Ironman races, but not all). Most people run with their tri shorts and top. I know a few people who pop on a running top over their tri top. Just a thought. Oh... and you'll want a race belt for your number so you can just throw it on in transition 2. An SPI belt will work just fine. :)

    For now - just enjoy the biking though!

  8. Ken - you sure will!

    Colleen - Thanks for the tips!