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Jun 12, 2011

Dead bird day and contest results....

8 miles on the long run today.  It will be nice to get up to double digits soon.  I'll be back to 10 on the weekend in two weeks.  Today was perfect weather in the high 50's - felt good.  I saw three dead birds today on my run - jeez!  One was a goose - really, how often do you see a dead goose or three dead birds in one run for that matter.  Gross.

I had to do my long run today alone.  Usually I run my long run with my running buddy T on the weekend but he is busy this week and next week so I'll have to manage on my own for a little bit.  I'm also racing in two weeks and I don't think he's joining me for the 10 miler.  I really do enjoy running with someone on the weekend because it makes it go so much faster.


I did a little contest about a week back and sorry, I was supposed to pick the winners on Friday.  So here it is.  There were only 13 comments so instead of just giving out ten, I'll give out one GU Brew to everyone who commented to try it.  Congratulations!

So....Meg, Kari, Karen, Bobbi, Stephanie, Christi, Amy, Suzy, Heatie, Ms. Hacker, Mallory and Ozone3, please e-mail me an address and I'll send you out a GU brew.  You can give me your preferred flavor from below and I'll try to get you your first choice.

Yum!  Thanks GU Energy Labs!!!

Here's an inspiring video about weight loss.  No secrets - eat well and exercise.  She was asked what her secret was.  I have been asked this so many times it makes me sick.  As you all know, there's no healthy shortcuts to weight loss.  Check it out.

Here's a link to an article about a high school record being stopped in the middle of the race.  I guess rules are rules but jeez I don't think one more loop would have hurt since the race was allowed to start in the first place.

Question of the day?  How many blogs do you follow?  I think I need to do some clean up on my list.  It looks like some have not posted in a long time!

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Sweet!!! I love free stuff! Thanks Jeff :) I follow about 15 blogs pretty closely.

  2. I was thinking the same thing - so many that haven't updated in forever, have moved sites, etc. I'm so excited ot have won something!!

  3. That video brought tears to my eyes! People always seem disappointed when I tell them that I lost weight the old-fashioned way... like they were expecting the "magic bullet" answer. It's almost disheartening, because I worked my ASS off to lose the weight! ;)

    That's sad about the dead birds! Last summer, I went for a run one morning and counted something like 7 or 8 dead toads. It was weird! This morning, I ran 6 miles and counted bunnies--LIVE ones--and I saw 15 of them!

  4. Jeff, I count the number of dead birds this time of year. I just say that they didn't train hard enough!

  5. I have over 100 blogs on my follow list but only read about 15 or so all the time. I need to cut down as well.

  6. Thanks! As soon as I find your e-mail I'll get you my address. Blog following is tough. I go through every few months and get rid of those that haven't blogged in that time. I also have my blogs tiered so I always read and comment on certain ones, the next are as time allows and then there are local bloggers. We communicate more via e-mail/FB/twitter/phone, but I still try to read their blogs to keep up.

  7. I once hit a goose driving! It scared the crap out of me and then my aunt who was driving with me goes, "You just caught christmas dinner." I laughed so hard I cried. Way to take the sting out of it.

    I'm so excited for the GU brew! I'm going to email you now!

  8. suzy - e-mail is in the "about me" section. Congrats!

  9. Wow, I actually won something for a change! Thanks Jeff!!

  10. A dead goose! Nasty! I did a 5k on Belle Isle a couple months ago and there was a dead goose on the course. Blech!

    And I feel really awesome for winning, thank you!

  11. That's so weird about the dead birds. I literally commented about how many I saw yesterday on my 9 mile run... like a crazy amount!