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Jun 24, 2011

Weight training...

Rest day today....ready for my 10 mile race on Saturday.  I'm still planning on just running it as a training run.


I don't know if I ever told anyone but I hate weight training.  Not dislike.  HATE.  Unfortunately I also know that it's good for me and helps me keep my weight in check so I do it twice a week.  Or at least I try to do it twice a week.  I'm kind of hoping some of you know more about the subject than I do.  I'm using a Bowflex.  I do prefer this over free weights.
I try to get in a little Pac-Man between reps - Kidding!

This is what I do when I workout with it:

Bench Press - 2 sets - 15 reps - 160 pounds
Narrow Pulldown - 2 sets - 15 reps - 160 pounds
Leg Extensions - 2 sets - 15 reps - 160 pounds
Crossover High Rear Delts - 2 sets - 15 reps - 120 pounds
Standing Hip Extension - 2 sets - 15 reps - 120 pounds
Low Back extension - 2 sets - 15 reps - 120 pounds
Tricep Pulldowns - 2 sets - 15 reps - 120 pounds
Biceps - 2 sets - 15 reps - 120 pounds
Abs - 2 sets - 25 reps - 180 pounds

This gives me an overall body workout and has certainly made a difference in my muscle.  Now I'm not looking to be all bulky.  You can see from my pictures that I'm not but I would not mind being a little bigger on my upper body.  The thing is I don't want to do more than two weights workouts a week.  Frankly, I already run 5 times a week(and am marathon training again) and I bike once a week so I really don't want to take the time for even more working out!  That's 8 workouts a week already.

If I really wanted to get bigger, I would do four workouts per week with less reps and more weight.  I'm sure the Bowflex pounds are not equal to the free weights pounds.  My guess is they are more like 75% of free weights.

Any input?

What do you do for weight lifting, if any?

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!!


  1. I never find time to do wieghts, but I do run a lot and work a full day, so i don't really have time... But I do look at my core and focus on the way I sit on the motorbike and I take the stairs (I work on the 10th floor)it's all about time...

  2. I hate weights! My husband keeps talking about getting a Bowflex, but I fear it's going to sit in the room, unused after the novelty wears off.

  3. I hate weight training too and worse, i don't really do it anymore.

    Also, your basement looks nicer than my house!

  4. I've been trying to strength train about 2x's a week.

    Lately I've have supplemented lifting weights for doing push ups, yoga and any other form of exercise that still builds strength but doesn't involve lifting weights. I do take one day to do all upper body muscles and use free weights as well as the pulley system at the gym.

    I also make sure I do core work 3-4x's per week.

  5. Megan - that's always a worry with exercise equipment. We've always used everything we buy - bowflex, treadmill.

    RR - My basement is nicer than my upstairs too. Haha!

    Steph - yikes! Core work - I need to do that!

  6. I actually love to weight train, but HATE the extra time I have to invest. It really seems to help though. Now ab work ... yes I HATE IT!

  7. Dude, you have to hit the weights! It the topless running season......... LOL