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Jul 4, 2011

Tri Spectator....

Friday - 5 on the schedule; done!  Did 5 miles in my subdivision up north at the cottage

Saturday - Rest Day

Sunday - 6 miles on the schedule.  I decided to do 6.2 and run the Alpenfest 10k course so I could get an idea how I will do in two weeks.  Managed to pull out a 48:04.  Was hoping to be under 48 minutes but happy with that.  It would also have been a PR had the race been this day.

Cross Training on the Schedule today.  I did a little over 15 miles on the bike at Stoney Creek.  This has been a great holiday weekend weather wise.


We had a great holiday weekend in Up North Michigan at our cottage.  The kids enjoyed swimming each day and we also got to see my brother and his family since they were also up north.  The weather was great  overall and for the most part was sunny and warm.  I took off Friday so we actually got up there on Thursday evening.  We did this so that we could leave Sunday evening to miss all the holiday traffic.  At the fourth of July, it can add an ADDITIONAL 2-3 hours onto the drive home which is not fun so we opted to leave Sunday evening instead of Monday afternoon.  A wise choice, I'm sure.

My son doing a flip

Me and the kids

A frog that was stuck to our window

My brother and his family

My brothers son doing sparklers

My kids at Opal lake
There was also a triathlon going on Saturday morning over at Otsego Lake.  The triathlon was the Mark Mellon Triathlon which is the oldest triathlon in the State of Michigan according to their website.  They had an Olympic Tri, a Sprint Tri and a 5k going on.  Since my interest has grown in this type of event, I decided to go check it out to see what these were all about.  I had an awesome time and I wasn't even participating in the events!!!  I took a ton of pictures as you can see below.  I left there wishing I would have just signed up for the Sprint tri event.  The swim didn't look too bad - unless you were doing the Olympic!!!  Holy cow, 0.9 miles looks far to swim!  I also did some laps at the pool but it was pretty crowded so I was only able to get 6-7 laps in.
Transition area

Start of swim in water

That buoy is for the Olympic distance - far!

First swimmer out

Someone with Fraser Bike shirt where I get my bike fixed!
He just finished the swim and is headed to the transition.

Bike out!

Bike out!  Sweet bike and helmet!

Bike in!

Bike in!

Running out!

Overall, a very relaxing weekend!  Plus I learned a few things about the triathlon which I'll share in a future post.


Check back tomorrow too - I have a new giveaway coming and the prizes are really cool!!

How was your holiday weekend?

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!!


  1. Sounds like a great family weekend! Glad you enjoyed watching the tri! I'm doing my first Olympic tri in Sept, and I am still freaking out about that nearly 1 mile swim!! It IS far!

  2. Cool pics... and great-looking weekend! And beautiful kids :)

    So is Up North Michigan just before the U.P.? Are you a-scared of the youpers? lol

    My mom's a youper... from a long line of youpers :P I just love saying that word... and typing it.

  3. I am willing to bet you have a sub 48 in you - especially with other runners around to motivate you!