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Dec 1, 2010

A Snowy Run Today

Today called for a five mile run.  When I got outside, I had a small surprise today.  It was snowing.  Well, Ok, it was really just snow flurries but this would be my first run in the snow.  Here is what it looked like:

So I dressed in my normal winter running clothes as seen here:

Please bear in mind that it's 5am so that's why I look so tired!

I headed out and the wind was a little brisk but ok to run.  I really don't like the first mile of running because you're still getting used to the cold weather and the wind coming at you.  Once you get past that first mile, it gets much better because your hands, feet and body have all warmed up so it doesn't see that cold out until you actually stop running.

One of the new running things I got was running gloves/mittens from Manzella.  I ordered these online from Road Runner Sports(where I have been ordering most of my running items) and was wondering how these would work.  Well, I have to say that keep your hands nice and toasty.  I have gloves as well and the gloves just don't keep your hands warm when the temperature hits below 35 degrees.  I am really happy with this purchase and plus they were only about $16.  I'll probably get another pair for that price!  As you can see, you can use these as gloves as shown on the right or as a mitten as shown on the left.  There are two little magnets that keep the mitten back when you don't want to use that over your fingers.

Here's a couple pictures with them on my hands.  The first is with it worn as gloves.  I actually wore these for the turkey trot and did not use the mitten, although they were too warm that day and should have worn gloves.

 As you can see on this picture, there is a grip that is extra padded:
 There's even a little thumb hole so that you can change the mp3 player when you are running - a really nice feature.
 Here it is with the full mitten and how I usually wear them.
Given its getting colder and colder out, I'm really glad that I have these otherwise it would make it quite miserable outside.  What I have found is that if you are dressed properly for the weather, it does not bother you to run outside.  Most of my runs last year were inside on the treadmill.  I don't even know how I got through it since it's so boring!

Have a great day.....Keep running!


  1. I love running in the snow and cold - Dress as though it's 10 degrees warmer and you should be just fine! Nice mitts! They look to warm for my comfort level unless it was really cold!
    Great headlamp - I need to get one of those too!

  2. As long as my feet and hands are warm, I seem to be good outside. The headlamp was free from Moosejaw when I bought the jacket - bonus!