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Dec 18, 2010

2010 Medals

Today's run was a seven mile long run.  It was really cold out there.  My water bottle froze up at mile six so no water the last mile.  Not a bad run but much of the run was running on icy roads so I had to be careful but there were some spots that were clear.  What I really need is a good snow to cover the roads better and give me a little traction and then I can use my yaktrax or trail shoes.

You guys saw my race pictures for 2010 a couple days ago.  Here are the medals that I earned in 2010 for the races that gave medals.  Now I say earned not because I placed at top age group or overall, I just finished and for me that is earned.  What do you guys do with your medals?  I have mine hanging over my desk in my home office for daily motivation.  I really need to get something to hang them all together so they look nice on the wall or something.  I read someone's blog that actually made a case for her medals which was an awesome idea.  It looked great after it was completed.  These photos are my attempt at a little bit more professional photography too.  I made a homemade light tent from a photography website so that I could take better pictures of things that I show on the site. 

Homemade light tent
 Any suggestions to make the pictures better, please let me know.  Some of you have fantastic photography skills!  Keep in mind I'm only working with a Panasonic DMC-ZR1 digital camera so it's nothing fancy.  No DSLR's for me, sorry, can't afford one at this time but would love to have one.  I figured that I could learn a little about photography and use what I have.  I think the pictures turned out much better than what I have been taking.  It's amazing what a little change in lighting can do for the pictures.

Anyway, I did four races that gave medals:
1) The Solstice Run in Northville, MI - a 10 mile race(and my first ever medal)
2) The Crim in Flint, MI - also a 10 mile race
3) The Brooksie Way in Rochester, MI - a Half Marathon(and my first Half)
4) The Detroit Marathon Relay in Detroit, MI - my first marathon relay

Solstice Run Medal
Crim Medal
Brooksie Way Half Marathon Medal
Detroit Marathon Relay Medal

So that's it.  2010 medals.  While I like them all, they all have a different meaning for me and also bring back different memories of the races.  Hoping for more in 2011!

By the way, in regards to photography.  Here is a picture of the spibelt water bottle that I took the other day.   This is how I would have normally taken a picture of something:

Old way of taking picture
Now here is the new way taking a picture with the light tent I made.  total cost - $0:
New way of taking picture
What do you think?  Much better, IMHO.  It's a work in progress anyway.  I never thought that I was going to be learning photography when I started this blog.  Ah, life leads you in all kinds of directions.  Pick one and make it happen!

Have a good day and......Keep Running!


  1. Those medals are all awesome! The light tent is very cool, I love how the second pic looks. I am no photographer, most of my pics are taken with my laptop camera, not very good quality :/

  2. Nice Bling! AND better photo:-)

  3. Hi Jeff,
    I am loving those medals! I really like the Detroit one:) When I was a flight attendant I was based in Detroit for a few months. Detroit has some of the best jazz/blues clubs around....I miss that.

    Good luck with the is for sure a work in progress. We are always learning as we go:) Take care!

  4. Great job with those photos! I can learn from you. I hang my medals for the year throughout the house and pack them away at the end of the year. Then I start the same for the new year. I have too many to display them all.

  5. Nice medals and great job with the photography. I especially like the Detroit medal; the car relief is pretty cool. Keep up the good running work and you'll have tons of bling in no time!

  6. Thanks everyone -

    Julie - I think many people don't think highly of Detroit but there is much to do here.

    Johann - I'd love to see some of yours - post some of your favorites on your blog some day.

    You all need to come here and run the Detroit Marathon. It's very interesting.

  7. Great pictures!! I'm earning my last medal of the year tomorrow! Brr!

  8. I have a box with about 600 medals in it... I've given up taking the medal at the end of a race. I do take one if I have earned it, top 3, that doesn't happen any-more. I also take marathon medals. Love your light box, I take most of my pictures with my phone.

  9. I have a DSLR for my pictures, but that light box really did the trick. The medals look great!