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Dec 20, 2010

I've been tagged!

Well I've only been doing this blogging stuff since November and I've been tagged by Adam over at I am Boring.  Thanks Adam - I'm started to feel like part of the crowd.  By the way, if you didn't know it, he's doing a virtual race called the "Freeze your Thorns off Virtual 5k" so go to his site and sign up for it.  It should be lots of fun!

Here are the five questions that I was tagged with:

1) What are you most fond of accomplishing in 2010?
My most fond accomplishment for 2010 was completing my first Half Marathon in October.  Not only did I finish it in 1:45:55(which was 15 minutes faster than my goal), I also raised over $2,800 for Children's Hospital of Michigan for the Neurology Department.  There was a doctor that has helped my son over the years and I wanted to give back to them for their help.
Meeting Frank Shorter at my first Half!

Floating to the finish at my first half!
2) What are your running goals for 2011?
My main goal for 2011 will be to complete my first Full Marathon.  I'll be doing the Bayshore Marathon up in Traverse City, Michigan in May.  Since it's my first, I'm freaked out.  Fortunately, I'll be doing it with a running buddy who has a similar pace and goal so it will be nice to do our first marathon together.  My goals are 1) finish, 2) finish in 4:30, 3) finish in 4 hours if feeling good. Besides that, I usually try to do about a race per month and have added a few new races this year to the mix.  If anyone will be doing this marathon, please let me know.  It would be great to meet some of you.  Here's a map of the marathon course:

Out and back mostly by water!
3) What is your favorite race?
Well, I just started racing this year(and really just started running in 2009) so I'm not sure I have a favorite race yet but if I had to pick one that I have done, I would go with The Crim 10 mile race in Flint, MI.  This race was amazing because there were over 15,000 runners and was incredibly organized.  It was also not an easy course so the hills gave you quite a challenge but the crowds were awesome!  I also love the medal that came with it and the awesome shirt as well.
Crim tech shirt 2010

Me in Green!

Awesome Medal; the red,white & blue gets me every time

4) What is your favorite holiday guilty pleasure?
Wow, this is a hard one to nail down.  I love so many things and many of them are the reason I started running - to lose weight!  LOL.  Now I do it for fun(running that is).  Anyway, I'd have to say that my guilty pleasure is cookies!  I just love cookies.  My wife makes them, my daughter is now getting into them and my Mom makes tons of them every year.  I probably have 6-7 favorites.  I do my best to steer clear of them as much as I can so I don't get back into old bad habits.  I'm not going back to the old lifestyle ever!
5) What was your most embarrassing running moment?
Unfortunately I don't have any crazy stories that are embarrassing from running.  I guess the most embarrassing thing that I did this year was over do it at the Detroit Marathon Relay.  I ran my leg, walked a leg with my brother in law and ran a leg with my sister in law.  I was not prepared for that much running and ended up hurting my IT Band that took me from 14 mile long runs to starting over again.  Beginners stupidity I guess.

So that's it.  You know a little more about me and my running adventures.  Here are a few fellow bloggers that I have tagged to learn a little more about them.

1) Lee from Lee on the Run because she was one of my first followers
2) Stephanie from In Steph's Shoes because she is a fellow Michigander and can kick my butt!
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  1. Cookies! I want the cookies!

  2. These are always fun to read

    My cousins did the Bayshore, they liked it

  3. Great post - you have much to be proud of for 2010. Congrats on raising funds for such a great cause. I look forward to following your training for the marathon.

  4. Thanks for the tag! I am so jealous that you're running Bayshore. That's definitely one race I have to do one day, but unfortunately it doesn't fit in with our travel plans for this year. I LOVE Old Mission and Traverse City!

    You've really accomplished a lot for only starting to run in '09. I'm quite impressed!

  5. Nice post with some great running memories for you. I'm sitting here munching on some cookies as I read this. I love cookies and cake!

  6. I am gaining weight and eating badly right now, as I type. COOKIES. Anyway, great header photo, holy crap, that looks like the drop at the stream going by my house.

    Sounds like 2010 was full of huge accomplishments! Congrats.

  7. Wow - what a great accomplishment, raising $2800 for the Children's Hospital! :)

  8. Thank you for tagging me, Jeff! It was an opportune time for me to answer those questions. :)
    Wow, you ran a half in 1:45--you're amazing!!!

  9. My goodness we were at quite few of the same races this year! Was your Half the Brooksie? Spike ran that and the CRIM and I was spectating at both! We'll def have to meet up at a race this coming year, I'm definitely in for running the CRIM! Congrats on a most excellent year and looking forward to catching your training adventures as you head to Bayshore!!!

  10. I was so scared about my first marathon! I wanted until 11:59 on the last night to register "cheap" to register. Once I was there it was sort of an outer body experience but in the end I finally felt like a runner! Good luck!

  11. Holy cow! A 1:45 for your first half! You are amazing!

    Thanks for the follow, btw. :)

  12. i love q&a posts! wowza to that 1:45 first half! i can't wait to see what 2011 brings for you.

  13. BDD - good to hear. I'm committed now!

    Lisa - I'm not sure it compared to NY. I really wanted to do New York for my first but it is quite costly when you don't live there.

    Caratrunk Girl - they make that on purpose!

    Morgan - I'm definately in for Crim this year!

    Twila - Bayshore filled in like 10 days so I had to commit early. 2,000 runners and after one day, there was only 250 spaces left.

    Thanks everyone else for the comments. I did not realize how fast 1:45 was until after I did it and that was on a hilly course. I wished I had done a flat course. Really though I'm just happy to run.

  14. Run with your camera when you run the Bayshore Full (I ran the 10K to that race last year). You run right out on Old Mission Penninsula and are surrounded on both sides by Lake Michigan. Super pretty views!

  15. I couldn't stop staring at that ice tree!! It's gorgeous. How long will it take to thaw out next spring?
    Take it easy on the cookies or just run more but enjoy the next week and Happy Holidays!
    Do band kids really party that hard? Grrrr...I was in denial.

  16. Based on your 1/2 time, I'd bet the farm you will go sub 4:00 on your first full. However, you know the rules, no time goals for your first full :-)

  17. Great post with many information. I am with Chris K, based on your half time you can easily run a sub 4:OO if you follow a 3 months program before the marathon (I did it and if you want I can mail that program).
    Beautiful picture, also the ice-tree!

  18. Love it!! Great answers. I'm with Chris - if you can pull a 1:45, then you have a sub 4 in the bag. Get your 20 mile long run in and you've got it.

  19. Good luck with your training for your first marathon!

  20. Wow, you do look like you are floating in to the finish!

    I did Bayshore half last year and LOVED it!! You are totally gonna sub 4. There are a few rolling hills but nothing taxing. The course is beautiful. I wanted to do the full this year but didn't sign up in the 2 days it took to fill up. (PS: There is Cold Stone Creamery ice cream at the finish)

  21. Thanks everyone but I'll be happy to just finish my first marathon!