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Dec 31, 2010

New book - no running - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  No running for me today since it's my rest day.  I got a new book about running.  The best part about it was that it was free - I had a $10 off coupon and thanks to Border's Bucks($5), it ended up being free!  It's called Extreme Running.  It talks about extreme races that are throughout the world.  It looks very interesting and there are lots of colorful pictures of the areas as well.  The races discussed are:

Ultra-Trail Du Tour Du Mont-Blanc
Verdon Canyon Challenge

Marathon Des Sables
Comrades Marathon
Le Grand Raid De La Reunion
Trans 333

North America
Badwater Ultramarathon
Pikes Peak Marathon
Wasatch Front 100 miler
Yukon Arctic Ultra

South America
Jungle Marathon
Atacama Crossing
Inca Trail Marathon

Everest Marathon
Gobi March
Lake Baikal International Ice Marathon

Kepler Challenge
Te Koutaewa Challenge
Bogong To Hotham Trail Run

Antarctica Marathon
Antarctic Ice Marathon
North Pole Marathon

It should be a great read.  I'll let you know if there is one that I would actually consider after reading this book.  Seriously, though, I just bought it because it looked interesting to read about these crazy people!

Has anyone done one of these races or is going to?  I believe Johann was planning Comrades this year?

Have a great day and......Keep Running!


  1. Badwater has always fascinated me. I follow it every year. I could never do it - don't even know that I'd want to - but those people are AMAZING!! Especially Jamie Donaldson, one of my heroes!

  2. That back picture looks amazing! I don't know about doing any of them, but reading about them seems perfectly safe. LOL!

    Remember Eco-Challenge? It used to be on the Discovery Channel. I always thought that looked fun.

  3. I was toying with running the Traverse City half, but I decided not to this year. Maybe next year...I did run the 10K for that race last year and it was beautiful.

  4. I would love to read that! I read one in the summer "My first 100 Marathons" and it was neat to read about some of his crazy races. He did Antartica and some weird one in France where you drink the whole time.

    Might have to search that one out at the library.

  5. The photos look great, and how inspiring to read about even if you never did one of these races.
    I received a gift certificate from Chapters/Indigo. Maybe I should go check out the running section...

  6. Looks pretty cool, Jeff! Enjoy your rest day! I'm headed out now for my last run of the year!

  7. Very cool. I might have to pick that up to see what it has to say about the Atacama Desert Crossing.

  8. Looks like an interesting book. I live in Denver but I don't think I want to do Pikes Peak. I do want to volunteer at it next year so I can see the crazies up close =)

    Happy New Year!

  9. The book looks amazing. I can't wait for your review on it! The Antartica marathon is one that has always intrigued me.

  10. Enjoy the rest day!
    That book looks pretty interesting! Hope it inspires you!

    Thanks for your comment- I actually didn't look that closely at the jacket so I don't know 100% if it is Saucony but I kinda doubt it. It is probably the Running Room brand since they are hosting the race and it is nation-wide.

  11. Those are some epic races. Josh Cox and Bart Yasso ran Comrades this year. As I recall there was an article in Runner's World about Bart's race.

    Enjoy the book and dream BIG!

  12. looks like an awesome book! i just got "run less run faster" i'm really enjoying it so far! happy new year!

  13. You said this was a "picture" book? I am so in!

    Happy New Year!

  14. I've looked at this on Amazon several times, can't wait to hear if it's worth picking up. Happy New Year!

  15. Hooray for free books and holy cow - those pics are enough to make me shudder! :) Happy New Year!

  16. Looks like a great read! Happy New Year!!

  17. That looks like a book I am going to have to read!

  18. I'm not so sure about the ones in the dessert...but those cold weather runs would probably be "fun." :-)

  19. Thanks for checking out my blog. Looks like you have some great things planned for 2011. I know it sounds cheesy but I love running to the Glee Cast music. Something different to shake it up. Good luck.