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Dec 30, 2010

Last Run of 2010

Well today I ran my last run of the year.  Tomorrow is a rest day.  I did the 3 miles I had on my schedule so it was an easy run as well.  Today was very unusual weather - it was 35 degrees, which is warmer than it has been.  It was raining slightly but not enough to stop me from going.  Chris K would have been proud!  Well, probably not, it was really only a mist so I really can't compare it to his crazy run yesterday.  I'm a wimp(see my quote of the day) when it comes to rain AND cold but I was not going to have my last run of the year be on the treadmill.  That means I have only done 2 treadmill runs since winter started.  Now if I can just get through the next 3 months without the dreadmill, everything should be great.

I will also be signing up this weekend for the Detroit Half Marathon for Oct 2011.  This is the race that goes over the bridge into Canada and back through the tunnel into Michigan.  I ran the relay last year and it was fun but did not get to run the bridge so I'm doing the half this year.  It's amazing the price increases - $45 now or if you wait until after September 14 the price goes up gradually to $105.  I figured I'm running it so might as well get the best price.  Do you always sign up early to get the discount?

I started thinking about how much people run on these running blogs and its just amazing to me!  I ran/walked/biked the equivalent of going from Detroit, MI to Key Largo, FL but I know many of you have done much, much more and it's unbelievable.

How far did you run this year?

Have a great day and......Keep Running!


  1. I usually try and sign up early but in the past sometimes I've had the deadline for a cheaper price change on me! Very annoying. Great last run for 2010! Happy new year!

  2. I haven't totalled up my running miles yet this year but I am sure you had more running miles than me!

    I always try and sign up early for races for the discount. I just do to many of them to have to pay full price. Plus, 1/2 IMs are expensive!

  3. Nobody is quite as brave as Chris running in the rain, Jeff, don't beat yourself up about it.

  4. I've driven from Detroit to Cananda, but I bet it's cooler to run it. My mileage is at over 1300 for the year (well really since the end of march when I started tracking).

  5. Last one for the year, gives one cause to reflect. You've accomplished a lot! I've still got one more to go for this year, tomorrow's 10K Resolution Run

  6. yay for signing up for a race. i usually don't sign up early (unless i know it's going to be a sellout race) because i never plan things far in advance enough. or i want to do the race but i'm never sure if it's a real possibility or not

  7. Total for the year...I haven't run nearly as much as you have....but I've run 100% more than I ran the year before! :-)

    It was 48 DEGREES at 5 am this morning. CRAZINESS!!!!! Took my sister and ran around a local lake before work. Couldn't pass it up!!!! Now tonight the temp is supposed to drop and it's going to sleet with highs in the teens for the weekend. Figures. :-)

  8. Great year, Jeff!! Seriously!! A few months ago I measured how far I'd run by picking a place in the country... I should do that again. Detroit Free Press is on my list of marathons for someday. That's great that you're already signed up for the half. I try to sign up early for motivation and the price!

  9. That is a great way to put your mileage into perspective. I am going to have to try that when I do my review tomorrow. I have a swim coming up still.

    I always sign up early if I am committed for the price break plus the motivation and inspiration to keep training.

    Have a Happy and Safe New Year.

  10. Nice way to put your mileage into perspective!! I need to do that....Love it. I am an early signer-upper.

  11. I usually try to sign up early, especially for marathons.

    I've will have run 1429 miles this year (assuming I complete my 20 miler tomorrow).

    Happy New Year!

  12. I have heard about that race and would like to do it one day!

    I am thinking about kicking off 2011 with an 11 miler tomorrow; early because I might be hungover on Jan 1st : )

    I ALWAYS register early at least by the second increase.

  13. when do I register? If its a goal race 3-4 months ahead of time. If its a "seat of the pants" fun run a month, a week.

    My goal for this year is to actually log my runs for the ENTIRE year. I can log for a training cycle, but thats about it.

  14. Christi - anything IM is expensive. While I can understand there is more cost, $600 for one event? I won't spend that all year racing.

    Mallory - that's a great idea. I can't imagine getting much further than what I did this year but we'll see.

    Darrell - especially marathons because they tend to fill up quickly these days.

    Danny - me as well. I want to see what I can really do for a year.

  15. I always sign up early..not always for the discount..more to make sure I can't get out of it!

    Ran 1234.3 miles in 2010...actually a little more but I didn't get my Garmin till the second week of January.

    It was in the high 30's on this side of the pond as well....crazy eh?

  16. Yeah, what Kovas said :-) And for the record, you are no wimp, the crazy cold weather you run in is impressive.

  17. Nice way to finish the year. I complain about 50 degree weather and light wind, so I'll go ahead and steal the wimp title. Great job with the mileage, I have no idea what I did in 2010, but I think I'll keep track in 2011 now that I am using the Daily Mile website. Happy New Year!

  18. If only you were in Key Largo this time of year! Congrats on an excellent year of running.



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