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Dec 3, 2010

Rest Day today

Today was a rest day today for running.  And what do I do on rest day....I REST!  While some runners do other things to exercise(which I would call crosstrain), my body needs this day off.  I am hoping to do my long run tomorrow depending on how my legs are feeling otherwise I switch the long run to Sunday.  I also happen to have the day off from work as well which was a bonus so I got to sleep in until 7am!  Yes, that's sleeping in.  Didn't really do anything today either.  Actually, I bought a new microwave because ours broke.  This will be the third one we have.  I moved from a GE to a Maytag.  Hopefully that will help but the guy at the store said that they are all typically made at the same place with slight variations.  One unique thing is the interior is stainless steel which I have never seen in a microwave but it got good reviews so we will see if this one lasts longer - hopefully!

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