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Dec 21, 2010

Morning Run with Camera

Today a five miler was on the schedule for today.  I did not crosstrain yesterday because I had to give some blood for an insurance test and could not eat or workout that morning.  Today's run felt great.  While I don't like to skip crosstraining, the rest really helped my legs and so I felt very strong on today's run. I also added duct take to my shoes upon the suggestion of Lee at Lee On the Run.  Thanks for the suggestion - it kept my toes from falling off from being so cold!

Today I also brought my camera on my run.  I put it in my trusty SPIbelt and it worked great!  Instead of taking random pictures throughout the run, I decided I would take a picture at each mile split no matter where I was in the run.  As you will see, it's not too exciting of a run.  I try to stay on the cleared road so it has limited me somewhat of where I run, at least during the week.  I only ever see one guy walking his dog in the morning when I run and I happen to see him today but no picture of him.  I didn't want him to think I was a freak because really, who takes a camera on a run at 5:30am?  Actually, who really runs at 5:30am and in this weather.  By the way, it was 27 degrees this morning and I actually was very comfortable.  I guess I'm getting used to the weather now.  So here it is, my run in pictures:
Start in my garage with Duct Tape (+1 on uses for it)

Mile 1 split near drainage ditch

Split 2 in strip mall near the gym I pass

Split 3 on a nice lighted road coming up

Split 4 on the same lighted road coming back - I wish all roads were like this.

Split 5 - worried someone would think I'm stealing this car!

Back home!
So there you have it, my morning run.  Unfortunately, it does not get any more exciting than that.  Perhaps this weekend, I'll bring the camera on my run so you can actually see something!

Have a great day and .............Keep Running!


  1. Crazy, just crazy, but cool, {still crazy ;-) }

  2. great pictures. i keep telling myself to bring my camera on my runs but i hate carrying things. or stopping to take the pictures while running. oops hah!

    and duct tape is awesome. it fixes or makes anything better instantly

  3. I had totally thought about taping my shoes to keep the wind off my toes! Nice to know that it actually works....

  4. I love taking my Droid with me on my runs so I can take pics but right now its acting up! I am not liking that one bit!

    Congrats for finishing a run in those conditions!

  5. I am so impressed!! There is no way I could run in that weather!

    I lived in michigan for a job for 6 months. I actually really liked my first (and only) real winter but there was zero chance of any running happening. My southern instincts tell me to curl up into the fetal position at anything under 50*.

  6. WOW!!! Love the duct tape idea. And LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pic at the top of your blog.....OMG!

  7. Cold and dark!!! You're da man!!!! How well did the duct tape stick? I am thinking of using colored duct tape to make my shoes over for my Disney costume, but wonder how well it will hold up over the miles.

  8. That looks entirely too cold! Brrr! Good tip on the duck tape though. I probably won't need it in Florida but I'll pass along to my friends up North. :)

  9. You're intense. I do walk my dog at the crack of dawn, but I wear two pairs of pants, two sweatshirts, a jacket, scarf, mittens, hat, and boots...It's too cold to run outside!

  10. like the duct tape! curious on the purpose?
    improved water proofing? increase traction? increase reflective lighting? cover holes in old running shoes?

  11. I'm going to have to start taking my camera with me when I run. I have it with me all the rest of the day....running with it isn't a stretch. :-)

  12. Crafty Jogger - If I waited for 50 and above, I would only be running 3 months a year!

    BOB - maybe right now you might need it in FL

    jogging - I'd be way too hot with all that on and running though!

    Danny - keep out the wind/cold. Will not water proof, change traction(it's only on top), not reflective tape and no holes :)

    Nej - you should; makes for more interesting posts.

  13. Dude, that was awesome. Love the pics and the rawness of the post. I like that...a pic at every mile. I think I will steal that and say that it was my own idea.