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Dec 22, 2010

Daily Run and Detroit Marathon Pictures

Well today I had a five miler on the agenda for today - which I did.  Do you ever notice that sometimes you can feel so strong on a run and then sometimes you just feel so weak.  My times were so slow today compared to yesterday.  Yesterday, I felt like I could run five more miles.  Today, I had a hard time getting through five miles.  I'm not sure if it's my mind that gets in the way or my body?  Yesterday was the first day I ever took my camera on my daily run.  I was looking forward to seeing where I was and taking a picture at every split.  Perhaps I did not think about running as much as where I would be when I stopped to take a picture?  There was really nothing to look forward to today except the finish :).  I guess we all have those days.  I rarely have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning to run because I always feel better knowing I ran.  I still feel better today than if I had not done it too.

Today I thought I would leave you with some pictures of the Detroit Marathon Relay I did in October. We had a great time doing this.
Running buddy, me, brother-in-law, friend, sister-in-law

My leg started in Canada - great skyline picture of Detroit

Another skyline of Detroit

In USA/Canada Tunnel - sorry I was running!

Had to get a picture of the crossover back to USA!

This is coming out of the tunnel into Detroit - GM Headquarters

Cool sign showing the split - you can't miss that one!

This is Belle Isle

Belle Isle again with Detroit in the background

After we finished with our medals!
So if you are ever in the Detroit area, I personally would recommend doing the Detroit marathon.  My plan is to do the half marathon there in 2011.

Have a great day everyone and ..........Keep Running!


  1. it's the slow blahhh runs that make the good ones great. at least i keep telling myself that ;) love the pictures! i'm thinking of doing a marathon in each state so this one will be on my MI list...or be the only one so far as i'm just starting my list haha!

  2. I know I'm still a newbie, but what is a marathon relay?

  3. what a fun looking race, especially the part with the tunnel!

  4. I have ups and downs with my running all the time! That just makes the ups all that much better!

  5. In order to have "ups," you have to have something to compare them to. :-)

    My aunt wants to get a marathon rely team together for the Minneapolis Marathon this year. I can't wait!!!!!

  6. When I switched to time rather than distance, I found more of my runs were of the good variety.

  7. Great photos! Having a blah day here, too - maybe it's just the weather?

  8. Thanks for the trip down memory lane of downtown, I remember as a kid, we took the tunnel to canada and the bridge back home

  9. LOVIN all the photos.

  10. i'm glad you didn't, but knowing people I bet a half dozen folks went the wrong way at the Full/Half split!

  11. That race looks so fun! I love that it crosses the border!

    Sorry the run was tough. I'm sure your next run will be better! =)

  12. Great photos! I've definitely had my share of tough run days, but when you're finished, you definitely feel accomplished!

  13. marathonmaiden - sounds good. Let me know when you decide to do one in MI

    jennifer - It's when 5 people do a marathon and each do just a part(leg) of the race so you can join the marathon fun but not have to run 26.2 miles.

    kovas - maybe after my marathon, I might try that. I would think I'd be thinking, ok, I have 15 minutes left.

    Terry - always in winter!

    danny - you would hope they would not miss a sign like that!

    Crafty Jogger - crosses the bridge and the tunnel!

    jogging with fiction - you are right. That is why I never have a problem getting out of bed.

    Thanks everyone for your comments!

  14. Thats cool! Love the action tunnel shot!

  15. Great pictures - looks like a good marathon. I laughed at what you wrote on my post. Most of the time the kid who gave me the present is so not paying attention. I guess he was using his selective hearing! Got to love him anyways though!

  16. Oh my gosh! You start in Canada! I have to run that! That's fantastic!

  17. Oh, if I am ever if the area again I would totally run this marathon! Thanks for sharing the great is always so fun to look at different races across the nation:)

    Merry Christmas Jeff!

  18. Those are very nice pics of Detroit. It's been forever since I've been there. The one year I lived in MI, I had a hard time running in winter - SO COLD!

  19. I have those ups and downs too and wonder if it's mind or body sometimes.
    Great pics!

  20. Nice!! Looks like a great time. Love your pictures.

  21. Great pictures! I ran Detroit too. I thought it was a great course, except I was a little panicked in the tunnel.