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Dec 5, 2010

Training week in Review and Christmas decorations done - Yeah!

Here's a look at my training for the week:

Total miles:  33 miles(25 running; 8 bike) + 2 strength workout.  This is week 5 of a 30 week training program from Hal Higdon(Intermediate Program)  25 more weeks until the Bayshore Marathon!

Today I had 4 miles on my schedule for my daily run.  It was a good run but jeez was it cold out.  It was snowy, windy and cold.  This truly was my first real snow run as the last one was just some flurries.  Here a couple pictures of what it looked like outside when I was running:

After my run, the family put together the Christmas Tree.  Actually, I put the tree together which I really hate because it takes so long, but they helped with the ornaments.  I have to put each branch in separately which is a pain compared to the new trees out there but it beats spending the money on a new tree.  I'll just complain every year instead. :)  We also were watching the Rochester Hometown Christmas Parade on TV and "Christmas with the Kranks" movie.  Here are some pictures of all our hard work finishing the decorations.  The first is of the son and the daughter.

 Just the Christmas Tree done.  We only put on two of the four bins of ornaments!
 A couple of the garland up the stairs which really makes it feel like Christmas.

 And a few more various Christmas decorations

After doing all that plus my run today, I'm tired out and ready to just veg!

Have a good night and.......Keep Running!


  1. I love the photos! Christmas is very special to me. We have summer during Christmas so the whole experience is different. Have a great week!

  2. Johann - I think I could live with snow in Christmas day and then it could be like where you are! :)