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Dec 4, 2010

Long run/Cookies/Monthly Recap

Today I did my long run of eight miles(See Dailymile widget).  This is the longest run I have done since my IT Band started acting up in October.  Fortunately, no pain and I got through it.  I also made a concerted effort to slow down my pace.  I really need to get used to running slower if I'm going to be able to finish the Marathon with a good time.  Yes, the thinking seems backwards - slow down for a better time?  If you think about it though, I need to be consistent throughout the marathon.  In order to do this, I need to slow down so that I can maintain that pace instead of going out too fast and then falling apart in the last half of the marathon.  I'm still pretty nervous to do this but I'm sure after I've got my training completed, I will have more confident.

On another note, I have been using the Dailymile tracking consistently since before November so I can give my first monthly recap of miles and activities.  Here how it all shook out:

Total miles:  122 miles of running and biking.

Running:  88 miles(which happens to be the same mile for Sept & Oct)
Biking:  28 miles(keep in mind that I have just started to use the bike since it's new)
Strength Training:  7 workouts(should have been eight but I just couldn't do it on Thanksgiving)

I also did one race this month:  Detroit Turkey Trot 10k - finished 53:06; 149th out of 424 men age 40-44 and finished overall 1540 out of 6294, I also finished overall men with 1165 out of 3353.  Not my best race but I had a good time.

Finally, today my daughter and I(but mostly her) made cookies and I can't wait to eat one.  She's getting to be the real cook.  She made iced tea(yes I know it's cold out) and cookies.  Here are a few pictures making everything:

Have a great day and.......Keep Running!!!


  1. Those are some impressive stats - and you never exercised before last year - can you imagine going back to that now?
    The cookies looks yummy, a little cook in the making, she is very sweet!

  2. Sounds like a perfect plan to slow down to be able to go long. Have you looked at McMillan's calculator? You can key in your recent race times and it will give you appropriate training paces. It's a great tool that I use all of the time.

  3. Thanks Lee - Technically it's been since June 2009. Happy Feet - I have used McMillan's - it's amazing how close it comes to times for races. I have a hard time telling my legs to slow down.