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Dec 16, 2010

2010 Race pictures

Did my morning run this morning and felt good.  I tried to stay on the street which was cleared of snow but there was lots of ice to be careful of.  I'm beginning to felt like Randy in The Christmas Story movie all dressed up to go outside but at least I was warm.

Here's some pictures of my races over the past year in 2010.  This was my first year racing(and running for that matter) and I had a blast doing it.

Irish guy at Corktown 5k

I'm in the blue and black with white shoes!

after the race with the kids!

Healthy Heights 5k

After Autism 10k

During Autism 10k; great pic from co-worker

Dad at first 10 mile run - Solstice Run!

Finish of 10 mile run!

Brother in law for Alpenfest 10k Gaylord

Alpenfest 10k Gaylord

Medal from Crim 10 mile race in Flint

Crim 10 mile

Us with Frank Shorter - Cool; first Half; Brooksie Way

End of brooksie way!
Favorite race picture - I'm floating!

Relay team Detroit Marathon

Relay Team after Detroit Marathon

Detroit Turkey Trot 10k
As I said, I had a blast with racing this year and can't wait for next year to start.  First race in 2011 is February!!

Have a great Day everyone and......Keep Running!


  1. Looks like you had a solid year brother. Here's to another good year in 2011 (I just raised my glass of egg-nog).

  2. Congratulations on a wonderful year of racing! You had some great race pics and I really love the one of you floating in the air!

  3. Awesome flying picture!! I have yet to get one of those!!!

  4. such a great idea to put all your photos in one post.
    Awesome pictures.

    GREAT year!

  5. You have some great photos! I love the "floating" one!

  6. Great photos - I love that you look like you're having a great time in every one of them! :)

  7. Looks like a great year of running. Great things ahead for you in 2011. Good Luck!

  8. Great year. May 2011 be even better! Best wishes

  9. wow - you have been a running fool!!! AWESOME stuff - You have great form!! Love the pics - wish I looked that good mid stride:)

    Thanks for the follow - I'm following you right back:)

  10. Lovely recap of your 2010 races! 2011 will be fantastic!

  11. Thanks for the comments. The flying picture is the only one I have. I like it but I'm not paying $28 for a digital file - crazy!

    Amanda - I'm doing the Super 5k in Northville

  12. awesome race photos! awesome 2010 for you =)

  13. Looks like quite an exciting year! Here's to a great 2011!

  14. Looks to me like you have had a super year and are well on your way! Great pictures too and the best is that you look like you are having a blast in all the pictures! Cheers!

  15. Nice pics! Thanks for following me:)

    Run Happy!

  16. I love the floating picture! :0) That's too cool! Great photos!!! Congrats on all your 2010 running accomplishments!

  17. 2010 was nothing short of spectacular!! May 2011 bring you many happy and very healthy miles!!

  18. I hope you could put your arms down!!!

    The Crim was fantastic, wasn't it??

  19. Thanks again everyone!

    Jeff - The Crim was the best organized race I have been too and the largest! An incredible experience. Have you raced it many times?

  20. what an awesome year in racing! good work!

  21. Awesome post. Putting them all in one is genius.

    I will say though that there seem to be a lot more cold pics than warm pics....but I live in Texas so if there are long-sleeves involved then it must be cold even if it is 45-50.

    Thanks for sharing.