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Dec 15, 2010

Outside today!!!

Well, I did it!  I ran outside today.  Crazy, I know.  Now it was only 15 degrees with a feels like temperature of 5 degrees so it was not as bad as yesterday(at least not in negative wind chill) but still pretty chilly.  It probably took me an extra 5 minutes to get everything on that I was wearing which included the following:

1) Long sleeve base layer
2) Tights
3) Second long sleeve shirt
4) Running Jacket(windproof)
5) Fleece Jacket
6) Balaclava(Yes, I finally got one)
7) Winter Running Hat
8) Wind pants
9) ipod(Yes, its dark and I shouldn't wear it but you try being out there in this alone)
10) Headlamp
11) UA underwear(especially nice for cold weather!)
12) Wool socks
13) Regular running shoes
14) Running glove liners
15) Running mittens

Well with all that I was actually nice and warm.  The hardest part of the run was there were too many places I ran that did not have the snow cleared off.  Tomorrow when I run, I'm probably going to stick to the streets and the sidewalks that are cleared.  I also did not need my Yaxtrax today.  Although I could have used them in parts of the run,  I didn't feel like carrying them when I did not need them.  My run was much, much slower than usual trying to run through that snow.  It sure felt like my effort was 110% even though I was slower.

As far as the new Balaclava, it certainly helped keep me warmer on my face but I still can't have the thing over my mouth and nose.  I tried to run with it that way and, for me at least, it's just not breathable enough to be comfortable running.  I could get a short distance but then needed it off my mouth to I could breath easy through my mouth.  I'll still wear it but pulled it just under my lower lip and that seemed to work fine.  Another issue was that my water bottle is starting to freeze.  It wasn't too bad because I kept moving it(I hold it) but that could start to be an issue.  Oh, the joys of running in Winter.  Here's a picture of what I look like(an idiot but a warm idiot) with the balaclava on.

I look warm, right?
I really was nice and warm except my toes.  I just can't see running in more than one pair of socks.  My shoes fit good with one pair.  One thing I can say is that I was really satisfied that I got out there today and did it instead of staying in on the treadmill.  I hope everyone else's winter running is going well.  I'm counting the days for spring!!!

Have a great day and.........Keep Running!


  1. hahah that's a lot of layers! and to think i was bundled up in only tights, a longsleeve and a sweatshirt with earmuffs and mittens :)

  2. I really admire your dedication!! That's it, if you can get out there in that, then I'm definitely getting out there today too. It's time to work through the cold!

  3. Your layering reminds me of being a kid and layering up to play outdoors, but we looked like the stay puff marshmellow man, I hand it to you, manning up and running in this weather, my rule of thumb, anything below 32 keeps me indoors

  4. Feel free to send a little chill my way. 61 degrees for my run this morning. That's borderline obnoxious!

    Good for you for getting out there!

  5. Congratulations on conquering the cold weather! I don't like running with things over my mouth and nose either. Just really bugs me!

  6. Great job getting outdoors! We're slated to warm up a bit this weekend so I am hoping (hoping!) to get outdoors myself on Saturday. We'll see!

  7. You are diehard! Nice job getting out there despite the elements!!

  8. Wow, you are hard core! No way would I run outside if I didn't have to.

  9. Well done a theif in the night...

  10. I would have melted with all that clothing! It's so fun to see the wide variety of how people dress for different temps. I ran yesterday in 22 degrees with wind chill of 7. I had one pair of tights, two long sleeve shirts, and a shell. Took the shell off after 10 minutes!

  11. amazing.
    just reading about all that


  12. Waterproof trail shoes might help - I ran Saturday with no problem.

  13. Sounds like it might have taken you as long to get layered up as it did to actually run!

  14. I'll be outside this weekend.....we'll see how the weather cooperates. I've decided to run in the am, before work, inside....but outside on the weekends as much as possible. It's kinda fun trying to figure out what combination of clothing works for what degree in temperature. :-)

  15. You look VERY warm!! Glad you were able to run outside...even if it was 15 degrees...ouch that sounds painful!!

  16. Jamoosh - that is warm for a morning run.

    BDD - oh, come on, 32 is nothing!

    misszippy - I would not have worn that much for my weekend runs but since this was only 4 miles, it's hard to warm up at that temp. I pretty much warmed up at the end of my run. I will probably go one less shirt tomorrow though.

    Kovas - good thought.

    Danielle - almost

    Nej - that's not a bad plan Nej. At least you can see on the weekends since it's not dark but I've been running in the dark for so long it does not bother me.

  17. You're nothing if not dedicated to running! You could try getting some of those heat packs to throw in your shoes to keep your toes warm.

  18. Great job today! Nice to have another snowy/winter running blogger!!! I wear a BUFF (like survivor) around my neck and I find that I can still breathe with having it over my mouth/nose!

  19. wow, great job getting out there! I'm really impressed! I know I would also have a tough time running with something covering my mouth and nose, even if it did keep my face a little warmer.

  20. the only thing i don't like about winter running is the extra time it takes just to get out the door!!! so many layers....sounds like you've figured out the formula though. i just got a new balaclava that has openings for the nose and mouth. i'm hoping it works better than my last one. i just hate when the moisture gets trapped and then starts to freeze over my mouth.

  21. Good job getting out there! You look a little like a robber

  22. I'm impressed that you got out at 15 degrees. That was the temp here yesterday. I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill! Yes, I'm a wimp. Stay warm!

  23. Jog with Fiction - Heat packs? Do they make them for shoes?

    lish - I'll look into that as well!

    Lisa - Yup, mostly its around my chin and my face is cold

    dawn - me too, nice to just walk out even if it's 70 at 5am.

    Marie - LMC - no, not wimp(just smart really)