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Dec 19, 2010

Great dinner last night and good run today

The wife made a great dinner last night.  A new recipe from the American Heart Association cookbook.  It was tilapia fish with a lime marinade, asparagus and a baked potato.  Yum, it was good.  If you did not know it already, tilapia is a very inexpensive fish that is easy to prepare and you can find loads of recipes for it(or substitute it for more expensive fish in a recipe)  My wife says nobody cares about what we ate and perhaps she is right but if you are interested, let me know as I can start putting recipes with my posts if you are interested.  They also include all nutritional values so you know what you are eating.

A great meal!
This morning I also went for a five mile run.  It was the first time I used my Goretex trail running shoes.  I wanted to do a shorter run for my first run in them.  I have a pair of Salomon XA Comp 5's.   Based on only my first run, I can tell you they are comfortable AND warm.  Yes, my feet were not freezing and it was nice.  Not that my feet are always cold with my regular running shoes, but these keep your feet nice and comfy!  I'm not sure how these would be in the summertime because they might get a little warm so we'll have to wait and see in the summertime.  These shoes have the quick laces which I like but they take some getting used to

I started my run and about a mile into it the excess lace was coming out and bouncing everywhere.  There is a little lip on the shoe tongue to stuff it in there but it did not seem to stay there so I put it under one the lace near the front of my shoes.  That did the trick.  The laces also keep your feet snug without being too tight as I sometimes do with my other shoes and also not double knots - actually no knots at all.  Just pull the lace tight and push the plastic holder down and that's it - really easy.  I can certainly see the advantage to running in these in the winter and when it's wet.  Here's a few pictures to get an idea of what they look like.  I will let you know as I test them as winter conditions worsen.  Frankly, I did not need to wear them today but wanted to try them out.  I purposely went through sidewalks which were snow covered to see how they will stand up and they did a great job.  It also slowed me down since there was so much snow.
You can sort of see the Goretex lining on left inside

Great treads for trails/snow covered roads

Awesome lacing system - pull and tuck

Rear of shoe

Good toe kick for rocks
Not that I need all the functions on this shoe, I rarely run on trails but may start to do that more now.

What do you use in wintery conditions on your feet?  I'd be interested to hear what others do.

Have a great day and......Keep Running!


  1. nice shoes and i wish i could say i use something special for wintry conditions but i don't. i've found that the streets stay pretty well plowed and minimized ice. and i've just accepted that wet feet are going to happen hah!

  2. The harsh Houston winters really call for specialized running gear. So I typically just pull my shoe laces a bit tighter...

  3. I usually run indoors. I've heard about yaxtrax (sp) but haven't used them. That dinner looks so healthy and good!

  4. Your dinner looks good! And, most of us reading this are runners, and kind of obsessive about what we eat. I'm all for recipes!

    I do a lot of indoor running in the winter, too, so I guess that's my accommodation!

  5. Tilapia is excellent! Your dinner looks fabulous.

    Gortex shoes seem like the way to go...especially in detroit! I haven't figured out a way to keep my shoes protected in wintry conditions except for sidestepping snow piles! Oh, and dri-fit socks!

  6. First thanks for entering my virtual race!! To celebrate, I tagged you in my most recent post!

  7. let me know how you like them and if they are 'grippier' in slippery conditions.
    Duct tape over the mesh on regular shoes cuts the wind on really cold runs - Yay for duct tape!

  8. mmmm dinner looks yummy!

    This will be my first winter running outdoors and I have no idea what I'm gonna do about the sneaks yet, but thanks for this review!

  9. I have some cool Mizuno Thermal socks that I wear. They actually warm up as you run in them. I'm not sure how they work but they do! I wore them in my cold 5k today!

  10. marathonmaiden - I have not accepted wet feet yet but have gone there.

    Jamoosh - sounds really tough!

    ND & Terri - I have a treadmill as well but prefer outside.

    Jess - I try that too(sidestepping)

    Lee - sorry, not much better than regular running shoes but warmer and dryer. I'll have to try the ducttape thing too.

    Jen - better start looking especially with NJ weather.

    Mallory - I do use wool socks as well which I agree are great.

  11. Looks like a yummy dinner! My kids like tilapia made into fish sticks with panko bread crumbs.

    I just wear warmer socks in the winter. Generally, we have ice, not snow and I won't run on that. I did buy some yaktrak type things for snow, but I won't try that if my achilles is still acting up.

  12. I'm in Jamoosh's camp - although I win for more temperate climate. As for shoes, I'm a Newton lemming. That dinner does look good BTW.

  13. Nice meal and nice run...sounds like life is good. I like a good toe kick on a trail shoe. I've had some painful run-ins with rocks. We don't have snow or ice in winter so I run as I do in summer.

  14. Glad I just ate lunch, or your post would have made me hungry. :-)

    I usually just wear my normal running shoes with lightweight wool running rocks. Seems to be doing the trick. :-)