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Dec 7, 2010

Morning Run / old bike

Today I did my morning run........the temperature........25 degrees.

How do you describe how cold it is outside - you take a picture of the thermometer:

By the way, it was not 3:19am as shown in the picture; it was 5:10am.

Yes, I am crazy.  I did add an additional layer today so I had a long sleeve winter running shirt, a long sleeve running shirt and my running jacket along with wool socks, mittens, tights and a hat.  I also have a fleece thing(can remember what the name of it is) that I use to keep my face warmer.  Was I still cold......YES! but only my face because it does not cover it completely.  Everything else was surprisingly warm.  Here is picture of the extra fleece on had for my neck and face.  I tried wearing it over my nose and mouth but I couldn't seem to breath that well with it over but it still helped keep me a little warmer.

I have been thinking of buying this balaclava to help keep my face warm but I'm not sure I'll be able to breath right with this either.

I run right past a gym on my run and people there must look at me and think I'm crazy to be out in this weather.  I even used to think it last year when I used the treadmill mostly but I've made a commitment to stay outside if possible.  I also think it will help my marathon training because I will be used to running on the roads instead of the soft treadmill.  I'm not saying if we get a foot of snow, I'll be out there but we'll see.

I was also looking at my old bike.  I put a lot of miles on this bike(about 20 years ago) but it's still a good bike and I also have good locking pedals as well with shoes to go along with it.  I have not used it seriously anytime recently but plan to hopefully use it in the spring.  I'm ready for spring already!  I'm slightly considering a triathlon next summer but really want to get the Marathon past me first.

Here a picture.  Mine is the one in grey(not the pink one) Haha!

I also had a great dinner last night.  It's chicken with mushrooms and low fat cheese.  The wife always makes dinners out of the American Heart Association cookbook and they are excellent.  I highly recommend the book if you are looking for good tasting low fat meals.  It tastes MUCH better than it looks here!

Have a great day and.....Keep running!!!


  1. Thanks for the link to the mask, I have been wanting one for those chilly California mornings when it hits 50. Brrr...actually I just want to post the link on my blog next week! I hope that's okay, thanks :) ! I have a blog friend who wears one of these masks(Jenn, Running Sane)and I want to tease her.
    Your tree is great, I better get on that this weekend. Finally, what a yummy dinner. I need to check out that recipe book!

  2. No problem Meg, use what you want. 50 might be a little warm for the mask - LOL. I would like to have 50 degree weather again. I should have been from CA.

  3. That balaclava looks a little heavy to me. I bought one at the Running Room that is much thinner.It has mesh at the mouth. I only used it twice last winter on very cold runs -30C/-22F. Otherwise, if not cold enough, I had to remove it, too damp around them mouth. Here is the link

  4. If you end up getting that balaclava, or another like it...let us know. I'm looking at them, as well, and am curious. My neck gaitor (that fleece thingy) keeps my face warm...but I agree, I feel like I can't breathe as well.