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Nov 30, 2010

Today's workout

Today I had to run on the treadmill because it was cold and rainy out.  I can deal with the rain and I can deal with the cold but not both.  Tomorrow they are saying snow flurries so that would be ok.  Today's workout called for a five mile run.  For some reason, it always seems like the treadmill is much harder than running outside.  I also did the foam roller today which I do always before and after a run.  Here I am getting on the treadmill:

And this is me running on the treadmill.  I'm still trying to figure out how to take a clear picture while running but this is what I got:

Also here I am using the foam roller:

At least I have a smile on my face!  It helps keep my knee from hurting when I'm running and has been an excellent exercise.  I do 100 reps on each leg before and after my run.  If you ever get one, it hurts using it in the beginning but after you are used to it, you will love using it.

As I said, not too exciting.

Have a great day.....Keep running!!!


  1. Must get me one of those rollers - I have trouble sometimes with my IT band, but in the hip area.
    Yes, to me the treadmill seems harder too.

  2. This roller is from and I love it. It does not break down like regular foam(so far)